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Get in contact with DominateGame

Contact information
DominateGame is designed, created and maintained by Emiel Bruijntjes. To get in contact with me, use the contact addresses at the bottom of this page.

The administrators keep an eye on the website. They are the ones who kick cheating or cursing players out of the game. You can get in contact with the administrators by e-mail. The leader of the administrators is Aerobabe.

E-mailaddress of the administrators

Please use e-mail with care
Keep in mind that it is not my daytime job to maintain this website. I run this website in the weekends and evenings. There are times that I am unable or unwilling to answer e-mail.

I completely ignore e-mail about cheaters and complaints about the behaviour of other players. I am a programmer who made a website, not a schoolmaster who oversees the playground and punishes naughty children. You should use the forum or the address of the administrators.

Postal address of the webmaster
To: Emiel Bruijntjes
Wilhelminastraat 1
The Netherlands

E-mailaddress of the webmaster

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