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Robot Programming

There are robot players active within the DominateGame community. Robot players are computerized players developed by normal users. The robots play agains each other and they play agains human players. A special rating page is maintained in which the relative strength of the robots is displayed.

Programming robots
The robots are programmed in the TCL script language. If you are a programmer you can make your own robot. All you have to do is write a TCL script and implement a number of special callback procedures. These procedures are called whenever your robot has to perform an action in the game.

Keep in mind that writing robots is not easy. Knowing how to work with the TCL language is one thing, making a strong and competitive robot is quiet another thing. You need to be a very skilled programmer to make a robot that is able to defeat human players!

Website about the TCL programming language.
The TCL procedures that are available to robot developers.

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