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Get a PLUS account

What is a PLUS account?
Normally, you can have up to three different nicknames in your account. If you want to add more than three nicknames to your account you need a PLUS account. With a PLUS account, you can have an unlimited number of nicknames in your account.

When do you need this?
A PLUS account is especially handy if you are also a member. With a combination of a member and a PLUS account, all your nicknames get member privileges.

What does it cost?
A PLUS account costs 25 euro per year.

Two ways to pay
There are two ways to pay for a PLUS account. You can send money over the old fahioned non-electronic mail, or you can use PayPal to pay over the Internet.

Old fashioned non-electronic mail
Put 25 euro's (not dollars!) and a small letter in an envelope and send it to:
To: Emiel Bruijntjes
Wilhelminastraat 1
The Netherlands
Write your nickname and that you would like to have a PLUS account in the letter. Your PLUS account is activated as soon as the payment reaches me.

The fastest way to get a PLUS account: PayPal is a website that makes it possible to pay over the Internet. PayPal payments are automatically processed by the DominateGame website, so this is by far the fastest way to get a PLUS account. If you already have a PayPal account, you can get a PLUS account within a minute. If you do not yet have registered at PayPal, you will first have to create an account. In that case it will take a couple of minutes longer before your PLUS account is activated. PayPal accepts a number of payment methods, including various creditcards. Click here to use PayPal to get a PLUS account.


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