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Become a Member

Why should you become a member?
Maintaining the website costs money and time. The game runs on dedicated hardware and there are high costs for hosting this game because the amount of datatraffic that the website generates is pretty impressive.

To make sure that the webmaster is not the only one who is working and paying for the pleasure of the players, some players pay a yearly fee to support the website. Without the support of these players, it would be impossible to run the site.

What does it cost?
A membership costs only 25 euros per year. You are of course welcome to pay more to support the website even more.

What do members get in return?
There are a number of benefits that the members get in return:
- Members can use the web based version of the game.
- Members can play the game without the need for a Windows computer.
- Members are not disturbed by a banner that pops up every couple of minutes.
- Members have access to a special members-only chatbox.
- Members see the full hostnames of other players.
- Members can maintain a friend- and enemylist.
- Members are not automatically removed from the database when they are inactive.
- Members are sexually more active.
- Members have a reversed aging process.
- And much more...

Referrer program
Tell all your friends to become a member. Every player that is brought in by you gets you one month membership for free. Thus you only have to introduce one new member per month to have a lifetime membership. You can introduce members even if you are not a member yourself.

Two ways to pay
There are two ways to pay for your membership. You can send money over the old fahioned non-electronic mail, or you can use PayPal to pay over the Internet.

Old fashioned non-electronic mail
Put 25 euro's (not dollars!) and a small letter in an envelope and send it to:
To: Emiel Bruijntjes
Wilhelminastraat 1
2011 VH Haarlem
The Netherlands
Write your nickname and the nickname of your referrer (if you have a referrer) in the letter. Your membership is activated as soon as the payment reaches me.

The fastest way to become a member: PayPal is a website that makes it possible to pay over the Internet. PayPal payments are automatically processed by the DominateGame website, so this is by far the fastest way to become a member. If you already have a PayPal account, you can become a member within a minute. If you do not yet have registered at PayPal, you will first have to create an account. In that case it will take a couple of minutes longer before your membership is activated. PayPal accepts a number of payment methods, including various creditcards. Click here to use PayPal to become a member.


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