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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
X2k5 1376 1757 1227 4 487

Game started Pos Game result
2*ljubae, x2k5, robin, laker, Aer0babe, pizzagate
6*B_O_X_E_R, Schwitzebo, adamastor8, caos, Aer0babe, x2k5
5*jolani, Mex, colzizo, Aer0babe, x2k5, andypandy5
2*CharIesVlI, x2k5, Schwitzebo, wooooody, adamastor8
5*Flatlands, MEXICO, StonedCat, bubbarowde, x2k5
6 MEXICO, adamastor8, gmoney2, stephanie9, steffanhal, x2k5
2*Druifke, x2k5, GolfPro, eibmwfanai, pkslim1000
4*SGTStone, seen, nostyle, x2k5, gmoney
3*hyrolium, GolfPro, x2k5, Oshawhat, gmoney
2*hyrolium, x2k5, gak, nuria22, thelarster
4*chingar, MCXX, colzizo, x2k5, aise88
6*seen, petrinnit, aise88, Oshawhat, adamastor8, x2k5
6*colzizo, knuffie66, TNATIRRI, eibmwfanai, GolfPro, x2k5
3 colzizo, stephanie9, x2k5, MARINE66
5*SGTStone, knuffie66, Geronimo, MARINE66, x2k5
*) Rated game

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