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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
whupemwild 1310 1637 1242 2 154

Game started Pos Game result
5*MADALIST, bedsoaker, nuria22, 2ne1, whupemwild
4*PaulKleur, nizzlenar, 2ne1, whupemwild, wolt
3*xvxvx, the_dude, whupemwild, wolt, 2ne1
4*burkemac, PaulKleur, thelarster, whupemwild
6*xvxvx, MARINE66, nuria22, colzizo, whupemwild
2*Dominator, whupemwild, blasherke, 2ne1, cobalt60, Muis1
5*TP_knighty, xvxvx, nuria22, davetrifle, whupemwild, 2ne1
3*TheBlueOx, nuria22, whupemwild, davetrifle
5*wimpee, davetrifle, G5, Moon, whupemwild
2 davetrifle, whupemwild
1 whupemwild, davetrifle
2 davetrifle, whupemwild
1 whupemwild, davetrifle
1 whupemwild, davetrifle
4*TheBlueOx, pincelito, nuria22, whupemwild
4*nuria22, yagoboy, wooooody, whupemwild
3*Redwood, Rubberduck, whupemwild, nostyle, reggio_e, Irma
1*whupemwild, MEXICO, Thomas, Dominator, oom
5*wooooody, sqarygary1, oom, chingar, whupemwild
6*Goodman, xvxvx, knuffie66, CONQUISTAD, Warmonger, whupemwild
3*manyak99, uriahheep, whupemwild, shahanshah, Goodman
6*Rebecca, twinkie, TT1, remspoor, knuffie66, whupemwild
1*whupemwild, 3, 04, gerfop, manyak99
5*Halloween2, TT1, Rebecca, rembot, whupemwild, herte777
1*whupemwild, uriahheep, Schwitzebo, Nicussi, ms2dft, colzizo
2*HankTheTan, whupemwild, FrbasicB, seen, Cool_Cat, aboulayla
6*ms2dft, mr0, master, gak, PussyWhipt, whupemwild
5*RAGE2000, CONQUISTAD, oom, Nicussi, whupemwild
5*sammy, CW19057, caos, Bobthomas1, whupemwild, MCXX
4*master, Rebecca, PussyWhipt, whupemwild, rembot, Ax23
5*caos, Morgan420, snowball, toxic, whupemwild, coolbreeze
3*KENWOOD, StonedCat, whupemwild, earthone, MARINE66
3*PussyWhipt, LoneCat, whupemwild, Rebecca, master, BrainElf
5*Mex, rogue, remspoor, Rebecca, whupemwild, Vagamundo
4*stephanie9, wimpee, atrox, whupemwild, pizzagate
5*thelarster, conquista6, wimpee, whupemwild, kasino91
1*whupemwild, wimpee, HankTheTan, stephanie9, bounce-b
2*LordFriezA, whupemwild, nuria22, pizzagate
3*KENWOOD, MARINE66, whupemwild, RingoStar, djart, 2ne1
1*whupemwild, xvxvx, PhR3Ak, modominate
2*Vagammundo, whupemwild, pudder
1*whupemwild, cobalt60, MARINE66, Tentacles
1 whupemwild, cobalt60
1*whupemwild, 2ne1, MARINE66, Vagammundo
4*RingoStar, MARINE66, 2ne1, whupemwild
1*whupemwild, TheTopGun2, trintest1, aaja, MARINE66
6 TheTopGun2, TeamThugE, lesourd, aaja, MrBot, whupemwild
5*Logan, remspoor, Rebecca, lungbisket, whupemwild
3*MARINE66, CandyO, whupemwild, earthone, BasedDvl, davidavand
4*LoneCat, Gwydion, conquista6, whupemwild
5*my7777, Liwwadden, taptckk, Flatlands, whupemwild, Muis1
3*pudder, ww111, whupemwild, nuria22, mrfreak
2*nizzlenar, whupemwild, 2ne1, amt01, BasedDvl, Unibomber
3 aaja, Ahmed, whupemwild, ArcA247a, 4bbot, 00
1*whupemwild, nizzlenar, MARINE66, RingoStar
2*Gwydion, whupemwild, amt01, nizzlenar, ginagriffi
2 Brackums, whupemwild
1*whupemwild, yoyfox2018, MARINE66
1*whupemwild, Rafter, master, franz44, PussyWhipt, Rebecca
*) Rated game

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