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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
vrede_nu 1460 1748 1228 2 1482

Game started Pos Game result
3*seen, MEXICO, vrede_nu, snuitkever, gerfop, aise88
6*djart, CAOS, thelarster, adamastor8, LAVERGA, vrede_nu
3*Seraphis, seen, vrede_nu, aise88, RedDragon, gerfop
3*KaiserFran, Redwood, vrede_nu, Goodman, colzizo, wimpee
3*nuria22, nostyle, vrede_nu, ljubae, aise88, asdargrth
4*knuffie66, Smidesang, StonedCat, vrede_nu, xvxvx, nostyle
3*aise88, Smidesang, vrede_nu, nuria22, manyak98, pudder
5*1fater, bananabutt, 2ne1, earthone, vrede_nu, manyak98
3*rist6, 2ne1, vrede_nu, bananabutt, manyak98
4*aise88, wimpee, ithinkso, vrede_nu, GolfPro, manyak98
1*vrede_nu, leeuwarden, edwin, colzizo, Toffay
4*aise88, modominate, edwin, vrede_nu, wimpee
1*vrede_nu, Liwwadden, wimpee, Smidesang, Warmonger, Bedsoaker
4*manyak99, TP_knighty, Liwwadden, vrede_nu, gakk, pincelito
3*pincelito, Liwwadden, vrede_nu, gakk, manyak99
3*loppol, nostyle, vrede_nu, GolfPro, amt01
1*vrede_nu, DDLLOOPP, xvxvx, tron, colzizo
3*manyak98, gakk, vrede_nu, herewego, ROCK10
6*seen, Ax23, lastpost, StonedCat, gak, vrede_nu
1*vrede_nu, gerfop, groot, wimpee, aise88, nostyle
3*nostyle, aise88, vrede_nu, Pedrolino, aldoco
6*CB1925, diflsvn, colzizo, Xpv, lokve222, vrede_nu
6*colzizo, Schwitzebo, lokve222, DeKraker, aise88, vrede_nu
3*nuria22, aise88, vrede_nu, army5, newjersey, w3cko
6*aise88, ww123, felixxxxx, nuria22, ww111, vrede_nu
3*Nykstukas9, GolfPro, vrede_nu, saxbuddy, pincelito
6*nuria22, adamastor8, aise88, wimpee, saxbuddy, vrede_nu
5*nostyle, thelarster, Nykstukas9, GolfPro, vrede_nu
3*AFCA020CBS, CONQUISTAD, vrede_nu, TH3, colzizo
6*strammamax, saxman9690, caos, mozzie, TH3, vrede_nu
3*bonje, pizzagate, vrede_nu, ladyblond, strammamax, manyak99
5*Vagamundo, aaerokes, Laar, ljubae, vrede_nu, El_pinche_
4*MEXICO, gerfop, Schwitzebo, vrede_nu, pizzagate
5*Vagamundo, Nykstukas9, CAOS, domblondje, vrede_nu
5 TheBirdsB, TheBirdsD, TheBirdsE, 4bbot, vrede_nu
3*martim, laker, vrede_nu, robin, Tiffany, pizzagate
3*Karl_XII, wolt, vrede_nu, Vagamundo, OG1, Schwitzebo
6*Jacinda, Vagamundo, Gabrielle, devriend, MarekL19, vrede_nu
6*Vagamundo, Gabrielle, Jacinda, goodnight2, MarekL19, vrede_nu
4*OB1, thelarster, Vagamundo, vrede_nu, mr0, fastrrrrrr
6*Karl_XII, hyrolium, wrecker, aise88, DeKraker, vrede_nu
3*knuffie66, Gwydion, vrede_nu, AFCA020CBS, CAOS, pizzagate
6*laker, robin, CAOS, Tiffany, pizzagate, vrede_nu
1*vrede_nu, CAOS, mr0, 99coolbree, thelarster, AFCA020CBS
4*OB1, Oshawhat, dodraugen, vrede_nu, lokvee, tampeloeru
1*vrede_nu, MEXICO, knuffie66, amt, Karl_XII, tattcom
4*newjersey, xvxvx, GolfPro, vrede_nu, dupplo
3*MEXICO, Karl_XII, vrede_nu, tattcom, McChooChoo
2*akatheone, vrede_nu, gerfop, newjersey, Alligator7, xvxvx
2*Dominator, vrede_nu, CuteAmy, OG1, devill63
3*aise88, capercdn, vrede_nu, fidel, alomont12
4*AngryDwarf, remspoor, Mex, vrede_nu, rembot, wimpee
4*PussyWhipt, wimpee, AngryDwarf, vrede_nu, master, RustyNZ
6*MARINE66, Goodman, TP_knighty, OG1, AA12345, vrede_nu
6*knuffie66, TheBlueOx, Karl_XII, TomYum, rist6, vrede_nu
4*Wrakertje, aise88, edwin, vrede_nu, thelarster
6*Dominator, BatMan, colzizo, bananabutt, aise88, vrede_nu
4*Luther73, xvxvx, Goodman, vrede_nu, aise88, Schwitzebo
1*vrede_nu, aise88, Luther73, zztop, zyxw
5*gerfop, dupplo, nostyle, ljubae, vrede_nu
6*Schwitzebo, Goodman, xvxvx, Oshawhat, aise88, vrede_nu
3*Karl_XII, nuria22, vrede_nu, pizzagate, dupplo, Oshawhat
3*xvxvx, Goodman, vrede_nu, gerfop, uwilldie85, StonedCat
4*xvxvx, wrecker, Goodman, vrede_nu, Nuria22, Oshawhat
4*CAOS, coolbreeze, bob_barker, vrede_nu, Karl_XII, anthonyngu
1*vrede_nu, coolbreeze, Oshawhat, bob_barker, 1fater, newjersey
1*vrede_nu, 1fater, coolbreeze, bob_barker, Ax23, andy11
6*loppol, Stevenaars, Ax23, MARINE66, CAOS, VREDE_NU
3*wrecker, modominate, VREDE_NU, aise88, pizzagate, strammamax
2*aise88, vrede_nu, Schwitzebo, aboulayla, Goodman
1*vrede_nu, Tord1, BATIAN, aise88, Schwitzebo
5*MEXICO, GREGLH02, aise88, colzizo, vrede_nu, Oshawhat
3*MEXICO, Goodman, vrede_nu, aise88, colzizo, pizzagate
3*knuffie66, Karl_XII, vrede_nu, gerfop, BatMan
2*colzizo, vrede_nu, aboulayla, nizzlenar, batian, Karl_XII
5*knuffie66, Fokker, BATIAN, xvxvx, vrede_nu, Wellington
2*coolbreeze, vrede_nu, zyxw, nostyle, Karl_XII, colzizo
1*vrede_nu, Karl_XII, gerfop, Schwitzebo, AFCA020CBS, colzizo
4*xvxvx, TP_knighty, snowflake, vrede_nu, colzizo, madre
1*vrede_nu, aise88, MADALIST, AFCA020CBS, ladyblond
4*edwin, TK_imperso, aise88, vrede_nu, cret
3*Kosty, edwin, vrede_nu, aise88
5*edwin, AFCA020CBS, aise88, TK_imperso, vrede_nu
5*TK_imperso, edwin, loppol, aise88, vrede_nu
5*aise88, gerfop, robbinho, DeKraker, vrede_nu, pudder
2*pike2266, vrede_nu, Pedrolino, aise88, zedavisbac
1*vrede_nu, aise88, nostyle, manyak99, dgs
5*xvxvx, TP_knighty, aise88, dgs, vrede_nu, rodent
1*vrede_nu, Pedrolino, zedavisbac, MEXICO, earthone, aise88
1*vrede_nu, aise88, zedavisbac, TheBlueOx, Pedrolino
5*Aise88, pizzagate, denniis, tukkiejj, vrede_nu, MCXX
5*MEXICO, Tiffany, laker, Aise88, vrede_nu, robin
5*wimpee, Pedrolino, zedavisbac, GREGLH02, vrede_nu, edwin
5*thelarster, knuffie66, wooooody, Aise88, vrede_nu, pizzagate
4*Nummer02, Aise88, burkemac, vrede_nu, CAOS
1*vrede_nu, coolbreeze, uriahheep, handjob, Aise88, gak
4*coolbreeze, gak, colzizo, vrede_nu, Aise88, uriahheep
4*wimpee, zedavisbac, Pedrolino, vrede_nu, mozzie
5*Unibomber, alexjones, alexde, Aise88, vrede_nu
1 vrede_nu, BORN2KILLU, 01, 3, AsiaBot, supermeuk
4*robin, MEXICO, RalphBot, vrede_nu, laker, knuffie66
2*MEXICO, vrede_nu, griemeldie, Erythraea, Ax23, pequespequ
5*CharIesVIl, Vigilante, pizzagate, BatMan, vrede_nu
4*laker, Gabrielle, wolt, vrede_nu, Jacinda, MarekL19
5*robin, wolt, laker, Schwitzebo, vrede_nu, CharIesVIl
1*vrede_nu, GBtest3, CharIesVIl, comodino, PussyWhipt
6*Dominator, Gabrielle, CharIesVIl, MarekL19, Jacinda, vrede_nu
1*vrede_nu, GBtest3, PussyWhipt, comodino, CharIesVll
3*diflsvn, ABSF, vrede_nu, Schwitzebo
2*Muis1, vrede_nu, thelarster, pizzagate, bananabutt
1*vrede_nu, Schwitzebo, Liwwadden, Bolo, CB1925
5*davetrifle, pincelito, wooooody, DeKraker, vrede_nu
2*AvdB93, vrede_nu, thelarster, Ax23
1*vrede_nu, Bolo, wimpee, Nicussi, Tnatirri, xvxvx
5*colzizo, HANNIBAL56, plop3223, Ax23, vrede_nu, griemeldie
6*wooooody, patrick, MEXICO, Tnatirri, salty_eggs, vrede_nu
2*wimpee, vrede_nu, wooooody, Dominator, CONQUISTAD
3*colzizo, davetrifle, vrede_nu, wimpee, HANNIBAL56, batian
2*coolbreeze, vrede_nu, gerfop, wimpee, griemeldie, riktoven
1*vrede_nu, Token, Dominator, MEXICO, hughsy, MCXX
5*leeuwarden, edwin, oorlam23, angelo72, vrede_nu
5*Goodman, edwin, alexde, colzizo, vrede_nu, TP_knighty
2*colzizo, vrede_nu, alexde, hhanger, HANNIBAL56, fastrrrrrr
1 vrede_nu, timbot1, FD5, robin, erik100bot, _baas_
4*Irma, knuffie66, MEXICO, vrede_nu, colzizo
2*devill63, vrede_nu, ulisse, alexde, Pahn
4*Dominator, sqarygary1, Irma, vrede_nu, colzizo
4 1fater, manyak99, MARINE66, vrede_nu, Toffay, bleedgreen
5*seen, Rebecca, knuffie66, PussyWhipt, vrede_nu, master
5 PussyWhipt, Rebecca, master, knuffie66, vrede_nu, gerfop
6*napoleonmo, devill63, pudder, xvxvx, StonedCat, vrede_nu
5*MEXICO, Prisbi, IronMan_, Morgan420, vrede_nu
3*hamlet1983, shahanshah, vrede_nu, gerfop
5*k2, caos, colimori, oom, vrede_nu, sqarygary1
5*sammy, Oshawhat, coolbreeze, vrede_nu, GetALife
1*vrede_nu, ABSF, caos, franz44, hudsaw
6 PussyWhipt, Rebecca, remspoor, master, vrede_nu
2*edwin, vrede_nu, RAGE2000, fastrrrrrr, bleedgreen
2*russia, vrede_nu, beta, Schwitzebo, caos, fiddleed65
1*vrede_nu, _CrashU_, Schwitzebo, griemeldie, mr0, Player
2*Denobr, vrede_nu, Shamrocks, weedmaster, ginagriffi, caos
3*fiddleed65, dennis432, vrede_nu, MEXICO, HankTheTan, Schwitzebo
2*fiddleed65, vrede_nu, pincelito, 2ne1, HankTheTan
5*Gabrielle, coolbreeze, 19robroy, Jacinda, vrede_nu, bleedgreen
5*colzizo, wimpee, MEXICO, Tentacles, vrede_nu, BillThemas
3*koolfloss, HankTheTan, vrede_nu, Toffay, TheBlueOx, BillThemas
4*anton, HankTheTan, koolfloss, vrede_nu, snowball
3*koolfloss, HankTheTan, vrede_nu, caos, Morgan420, wimpee
1*vrede_nu, Rossija, Oshawhat, wooooody, The_hut, pizzagate
6*wimpee, fiddleed65, HankTheTan, knuffie66, vrede_nu
4*babaloo, Schwitzebo, k2, vrede_nu, manyak99, megadom
1*vrede_nu, remmetje, TT1, remspoor, TenderFoot, weedmaster
4*33, 22, fidel, vrede_nu, griemeldie
5*kimjungun, newjersey, HankTheTan, HoDown, vrede_nu
4*knuffie66, Ultionem, HankTheTan, vrede_nu, RAGE2000, kimjungun
3*sammy, caos, vrede_nu, hyrolium, pizzagate
3*Bolo, conquista6, vrede_nu, HankTheTan, mike666
3*TheBlueOx, wimpee, vrede_nu, cucumbre, DeKraker
3*kill4peace, PussyWhipt, vrede_nu, caos, babaloo, ProudClod
6*FurryKiss, remmetje, remspoor, TT1, Stevenaars, vrede_nu
2*tc1980, vrede_nu, my7777, dougbotha
5*alexde, MARINE66, Sproc, Edwards7, vrede_nu, SGTStone
3*Edwards7, Sproc, vrede_nu, Life
3*domblondje, hyrolium, vrede_nu, ba2, CONQUISTAD
2*bleedgreen, vrede_nu, Denobr, CONQUISTAD, xxspbyxx, pizzagate
5*felixxxxx, xxspbyxx, Denobr, griemeldie, vrede_nu, Irma
3*mudbone, Reetpel, vrede_nu, coolbreeze, nuria22
3*knuffie66, CONQUISTAD, vrede_nu, unfaker, B_O_X_E_R, dougbotha
5*Vaidazz666, Jennifer, Gabrielle, MarekL19, vrede_nu, wimpee
4*devill63, pizzagate, Morgan420, vrede_nu
5*patrick, Every_one, Ax23, tc1980, vrede_nu
4*lothario, caos, kill4peace, vrede_nu, Ax23, Every_one
3*headzup, CONQUISTAD, vrede_nu, my7777, thelarster
4 felixxxxx, clangunn, MARINE66, vrede_nu
4*fiddleed65, Schwitzebo, colzizo, vrede_nu, CONQUISTAD, bleedgreen
3*seen, colzizo, vrede_nu, Morgan420, caos
2*shahanshah, vrede_nu, CW19057, mrfreak, Irma
6 beta, A_Monger, 00WORLD, 4bbot, Ahmed, vrede_nu
4*patrick, hyrolium, jasostitt, vrede_nu, Reetpel, bleedgreen
3*sqarygary1, Reetpel, vrede_nu, stephanie9, mrfreak, TheBlueOx
3*devill63, laverga, vrede_nu, nightc, caos
4*HankTheTan, colzizo, zyxw, vrede_nu, caos
4 MEXICO, HANNIBAL56, CuteAmy, vrede_nu, griemeldie
5 colzizo, MEXICO, CuteAmy, HANNIBAL56, vrede_nu
3*ms2dft, CONQUISTAD, vrede_nu, wimpee, napoleonmo
4*bubbarowde, SGTStone, Reetpel, vrede_nu, caos
5*MARINE66, koolfloss, KingVegeta, StonedCat, vrede_nu, Kariboo
1*vrede_nu, seen, felixxxxx, franz44, Edwards7, Dominator
5*PoohBear2, TT1, franz44, Edwards7, vrede_nu, Stevenaars
6*modominate, TT1, remmetje, MARINE66, Rodneyking, vrede_nu
6*MarekL19, Gabrielle, earthone, DeKraker, Jacinda, vrede_nu
6*Schwitzebo, MarekL19, DeKraker, CW19057, Gabrielle, vrede_nu
5*ArnieGrape, fidel, patrick, vrede_nu
6 Mex, remspoor, Badblood, SCP00, logan, vrede_nu
5*knuffie66, Dominator, pincelito, vrede_nu
4*caos, bolliebier, fastrrrrrr, vrede_nu
2*loppol, vrede_nu, Token, Flatlands, Prisbi, clangunn
3*uffafuffa, colzizo, vrede_nu, Token, Jarcooler
6*MarekL19, Gabrielle, RAGE2000, bolliebier, uffafuffa, vrede_nu
4*samantha, fidel, HankTheTan, vrede_nu, BasedDvl, xvxvx
1*vrede_nu, Irma, fidel, pincelito
2*pincelito, vrede_nu, BillThemas, caos, bounce-b, bleedgreen
1*vrede_nu, kill4peace, fidel, tron
1 vrede_nu, esdevebot, Ahmed, Jimbot, beanerbaby, fathobbit
2*Suicide, vrede_nu, kefkiller3, stephanie9, ginagriffi
5*sander1989, caos, alexde, devill63, vrede_nu
6*Dominator, 2b, 'wwijk, RAGE2000, vrede_nu
3*MARINE66, caos, vrede_nu, NinjaSK
4*MEXICO, RingoStar, colzizo, vrede_nu, felixxxxx, atothee
5*RingoStar, agapanthis, griemeldie, MEXICO, vrede_nu, atothee
1 vrede_nu, nuria22, griemeldie, hilaz, caos, atothee
1*vrede_nu, bolliebier, caos, chingar, atothee
1*vrede_nu, Vagammundo, imaxlevel, coolbreeze, wooooody, Sunsh1ne
1 vrede_nu, comeback1, Tiffany, chewy, 00, fathobbit
4 Tiffany, chewy, comeback1, vrede_nu, onobot2, fathobbit
6*Lvsitano, RAGE2000, Unibomber, ladyblond, UncleBenny, vrede_nu
1 vrede_nu, Abonizer, ANGELX3, Ahmed, ArcA247a
4*MCXX, Schwitzebo, caos, vrede_nu, Token
3*Dominator, Muis1, vrede_nu, domblondje, caos, Schwitzebo
6*nuria22, MEXICO, crocodile, colzizo, pincelito, vrede_nu
4*colzizo, bubbarowde, RingoStar, vrede_nu, MEXICO, seen
1*vrede_nu, kefkiller3, ArvinArvin, clangunn
*) Rated game

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