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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
uriahheep 1584 1845 1411 3 312

Game started Pos Game result
1*uriahheep, earthone, newjersey, Liwwadden, Domblondje
2*Flatlands, uriahheep, rist6, alex, Domblondje, Aise88
2*CAOS, uriahheep, Dominator, burkemac, martim
3*nostyle, Flatlands, uriahheep, anthonyngu
3*knuffie66, mozzie, uriahheep, FlyinHigh
4*thuglife, harunko201, wimpee, uriahheep, OG1, beta
4*Flatlands, thelarster, earthone, uriahheep, colzizo, Schwitzebo
3*vrede_nu, coolbreeze, uriahheep, handjob, Aise88, gak
6*coolbreeze, gak, colzizo, vrede_nu, Aise88, uriahheep
2*MEXICO, uriahheep, wimpee, wooooody, nostyle
3*nostyle, nuria22, uriahheep, Aise88, bubbarowde, TP_knighty
3*colzizo, MEXICO, uriahheep, ABSF, pizzagate
2*thuglife, uriahheep, wimpee, hamlet1983
2*nuria22, uriahheep, Ax23, CB1925, pizzagate
2*plop3223, uriahheep, GREGLH02, zedavisbac, doctornono, wimpee
2*wimpee, uriahheep, zedavisbac, GolfPro, doctornono
4*pizzagate, GolfPro, felixxxxx, uriahheep, IWGYB
2*wrecker, uriahheep, wooooody, murti, Bolo
2*knuffie66, uriahheep, Pilli, griemeldie, waasabi
3*knuffie66, edwin, uriahheep, griemeldie, plop3223
2*felixxxxx, uriahheep, xvxvx, Dominator, batian, wimpee
2*Schwitzebo, uriahheep, wimpee, devill63, batian
3*xvxvx, GolfPro, uriahheep, Love-to-ki, felixxxxx
1*uriahheep, Player, zyxw, xvxvx, sirmny, pudder
3*nostyle, CB1925, uriahheep, bananabutt, Flatlands, GolfPro
2*alexde, uriahheep, snowball, earthone, StonedCat, manyak99
2*CuteAmy, uriahheep, earthone, retardino, bananabutt
5*colzizo, blasherke, wimpee, griemeldie, uriahheep
6*Tnatirri, bananabutt, hyrolium, manyak99, DeKraker, uriahheep
1*uriahheep, Dominator, seen, Rubberduck, Warmonger
1*uriahheep, wolt, colzizo, Goodman, TP_knighty
6*G5, ww111, my7777, cobalt60, weedmaster, uriahheep
2*manyak99, uriahheep, whupemwild, shahanshah, Goodman
1*uriahheep, nbk, flaviousss, wolt, storm, TP_knighty
4*FatAssFred, CuteAmy, manyak99, uriahheep, gerfop, CW19057
3*CharIesVll, FatAssFred, uriahheep, Muis1, manyak99, shahanshah
3*Goodman, MEXICO, uriahheep, wooooody, 1fater
2*whupemwild, uriahheep, Schwitzebo, Nicussi, ms2dft, colzizo
3*HankTheTan, manyak99, uriahheep, kartan, snowball
2*StonedCat, uriahheep, edwin, wolt, Junkdeluxe, Astarte
1*uriahheep, DeKraker, HankTheTan, blasherke, aboulayla
6*nuria22, TP_knighty, TheBlueOx, kartan, StonedCat, uriahheep
2*knuffie66, uriahheep, TP_knighty, griemeldie, wgnow, colzizo
1*uriahheep, nuria22, MikeKing, ginagriffi, kartan
1*uriahheep, homer, Liwwadden, mike666, Irma
3*Tentacles, Irma, uriahheep, xvxvx, colzizo, Reetpel
3*katiegirl, mr0, uriahheep, ginagriffi
4*katiegirl, mozzie, mr0, uriahheep, alfombra, Irma
2*caos, uriahheep, trilveen, mr0, plop3223
1*uriahheep, caos, rist6, colzizo
1*uriahheep, wes191, galanido, caos, griemeldie
2*colzizo, uriahheep, 2b, felixxxxx, ms2dft
3*caos, bastard, uriahheep, felixxxxx, bounce-b
3*knuffie66, kefkiller3, uriahheep, bastard, caos
*) Rated game

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