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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
unfaker 1521 1615 1383 1 29
Untruthful 1500 1500 1500 1 0

Game started Pos Game result
4*SGTStone, mozzie, HANNIBAL56, unfaker, hamlet1983
2*wimpee, unfaker, colzizo, StonedCat, xvxvx, Victor_G
3*Denobr, anton, unfaker, mr0, Life, loppol
1*unfaker, wooooody, Kariboo, mozzie, jasostitt, fidel
3*Schwitzebo, xxspbyxx, unfaker, patrick, plop3223
3 Alpha_Male, kill4peace, unfaker, wimpee, Schwitzebo
6*sammy, patrick, the, alexde, shamrocks, unfaker
5*loppol, wimpee, kill4peace, xvxvx, unfaker, seen
2 seen, unfaker, kill4peace, wimpee
3*nightc, nuria22, unfaker, Reetpel
3*nightc, Reetpel, unfaker, caeser, MCXX
2*mfd906, unfaker, StonedCat, MCXX, Reetpel
2*sqarygary1, unfaker, Reetpel, Bolo, VomiT
5*Reetpel, atrox, Economist, caos, unfaker
4*wimpee, NakedShowe, Reetpel, unfaker, bleedgreen
1*unfaker, Gabrielle, -X-, wimpee, MarekL19, Reetpel
2*patrick, unfaker, KingVegeta, CONQUISTAD, Stevenaars
4*koolfloss, nuria22, weedmaster, unfaker, jasostitt, CONQUISTAD
1*unfaker, kartan, CONQUISTAD, Muis1, jasostitt
3*modominate, Gabrielle, unfaker, Jacinda, MEXICO, MarekL19
6*MarekL19, Gabrielle, MEXICO, Flatlands, Jennifer, unfaker
3*koolfloss, MARINE66, unfaker, alexde, B_O_X_E_R, CONQUISTAD
2*pudder, unfaker, SGTStone, hyrolium, nostyle
4*knuffie66, CONQUISTAD, vrede_nu, unfaker, B_O_X_E_R, dougbotha
1*unfaker, 00GAME, 2, hyrolium, Schwitzebo, Vaidazz666
4*TheBlueOx, hyrolium, felixxxxx, unfaker, angelo72, caos
4*CW19057, clangunn, TheBlueOx, unfaker
4*caos, 2b, colzizo, unfaker
2*Morgan420, unfaker, stephanie9, colzizo, caos
4*colzizo, Plasmaboy1, uwilldie85, unfaker, Morgan420, MARINE66
2*earthone, unfaker, Irma, wimpee, hyrolium
*) Rated game

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