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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
ULISSE 1415 1767 1295 1 526

Game started Pos Game result
4*alexde, OG1, AFCA020CBS, ulisse, Plasmaboy1
6*djart, Stevenaars, CAOS, dougbotha, j_k3r, ulisse
2*2ne1, ulisse, devill63, aise88
1 ulisse, 1bbot, 00THE, 2bbot, 00DOMINATE, 00GAME
5*AirBiscuit, OG1, StonedCat, MEXICO, ulisse, Aise88
2*robin, ulisse, laker, mfd906, MEXICO
2*Aise88, ulisse, plop3223, pincelito, hamlet1983, OG1
3*Nicussi, gak, ulisse, Schwitzebo, seen
1*ulisse, MADALIST, fidel, earthone, Darthvader, hamlet1983
2 Darthvader, ulisse, earthone, hamlet1983
1 ulisse, 1bbot, 00RULES, 00DOMINATE, 0
1 ulisse, 00GAME, 69bot, 00DOMINATE, 1, [:O_o]
4 3, 00WORLD, 00DOMINATE, ulisse, 69bot, moon
6*Dominator, knuffie66, mozzie, diflsvn, Rebecca, ulisse
1*ulisse, diflsvn, mfd906, Dominator, batian, werkeloos
3*fulgidus, rist6, ulisse
2*fulgidus, ulisse, jantinus
2*fulgidus, ulisse, jantinus
3 fulgidus, jantinus, ulisse
3*DuckyII, A_Monger, ulisse, rist6, jantinus
3*MARINE66, seen, ulisse, 2ne1, werkeloos, Ax23
3*Ladyblond, Ax23, ulisse, mozzie, 2ne1
5*manyak99, TP_knighty, thelarster, alexde, ulisse
5*manyak99, felixxxxx, TP_knighty, alexde, ulisse
3*devill63, fulgidus, ulisse, mozzie
2*Moon, ulisse, pizzagate, wimpee, AvdB93
6*CharIesVIl, Token, bedsoaker, Moon, Warmonger, ulisse
1 ulisse, ww111
5*fulgidus, alex, devill63, mozzie, ulisse, TP_knighty
3*devill63, vrede_nu, ulisse, alexde, Pahn
3*kimjungun, mozzie, ulisse, Reetpel, sqarygary1, generalmie
2 Reetpel, ulisse, napoleonmo, sqarygary1
4*xvxvx, TP_knighty, sqarygary1, ulisse, Strammerma, napoleonmo
*) Rated game

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