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Player profile of Tyr

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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
Tyr 1525 1849 1366 4 869

Game started Pos Game result
3*lothario, edwin, tyr, DeKraker, colzizo
1*tyr, nuria22, nostyle, AFCA020CBS, denniis, 2b
6*madre, edwin, CAOS, knuffie66, DeKraker, tyr
5*Muis1, waasabi, earthone, kefkiller3, tyr, Fastrrrrrr
2*99coolbree, tyr, tron, stephanie9, CAOS, youngblood
3*pkslim1000, pincelito, tyr, Bolo, Fastrrrrrr, DeKraker
5*edwin, Attack, Schwitzebo, Fastrrrrrr, tyr, pkslim1000
3*Dominator, wimpee, tyr, DeKraker, OG1, nuria22
3*robin, pizzagate, tyr, colzizo, RalphBot, laker
2*alex, tyr, angelo72, laker, AFCA020CBS, Aise88
3*demterpz, hughsy, tyr, MEXICO, Aise88
6*knuffie66, wimpee, CharIesVlI, nice, Aise88, tyr
2*MEXICO, tyr, knuffie66, Aise88, Rosmalen, MarekL19
2*iqtidar, tyr, laverga, colzizo, lerner
4*colzizo, wooooody, laverga, tyr, amt01, IWILFOKUUP
2*gerfop, tyr, Token, 2ne1, moon, Streetwise
3*gerfop, Token, tyr, Streetwise, handjob
5*blasherke, RalphBot, laker, Tiffany, tyr, DeKraker
1*tyr, xxspbyxx, murti, KENWOOD, MEXICO, laker
2*CharIesVIl, tyr, 2ne1, nostyle
6*patrick, Tnatirri, 3lvis, loperto, CharIesVIl, tyr
4*CB1925, MEXICO, Ultionem, tyr, Dominator, snowball
5*colzizo, 3lvis, Token, Schwitzebo, tyr, MEXICO
3*wimpee, anton, tyr, BillThemas, korat99, my7777
6*pizzagate, bleedgreen, sqarygary1, wimpee, HankTheTan, tyr
3*justden79, chingar, tyr, wimpee
1*tyr, clangunn, MEXICO, coolbreeze
1*tyr, clangunn, cupafeel, Token
4*nuria22, Cudovii, pizzagate, tyr, bleedgreen, wimpee
1*tyr, MarekL19, bleedgreen, Karl_XII, wimpee, HANNIBAL56
4*mr0, Karl_XII, wimpee, tyr, Morgan420, felixxxxx
4*sammy, zztop, mrfreak, tyr, wimpee, davidavand
5*nuria22, Dominator, earthone, wooooody, tyr, angelo72
*) Rated game

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