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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
stephanie9 1490 1780 1216 1 617

Game started Pos Game result
2*Unibomber, stephanie9, earthone, adamastor8, colzizo, wooooody
5*dougbotha, manyak99, alex, max69, stephanie9, bestturk
6*xvxvx, Bedsoaker, seen, wimpee, aise88, stephanie9
5*xvxvx, wimpee, Pedrolino, zedavisbac, stephanie9, Bedsoaker
2*werkeloos, stephanie9, KENWOOD, Ax23, colzizo, pudder
1*stephanie9, seen, wimpee, Bedsoaker, DianaT, CAOS
1*stephanie9, wimpee, GolfPro, CAOS, tampeloeru
2 CAOS, stephanie9, GolfPro, bigTex
4*Mex, wimpee, TOAST, stephanie9, mr0, capskiller
2*adamastor8, stephanie9, Seraphis, Muis1, pizzagate, ginagriffi
2*pudder, stephanie9, aboulayla, MARINE66, MEXICO, earthone
2*xvxvx, stephanie9, earthone, aise88, lokve222
6*alligator7, bigTex, MARINE66, seen, CAOS, stephanie9
6*Dominator, earthone, ms2dft, hamlet1983, CAOS, stephanie9
3*Fabishom, diflsvn, stephanie9, mozzie, MarekL19, lokve222
3*KaiserFran, GolfPro, stephanie9, thelarster, OG1
1*stephanie9, adamastor8, CONQUISTAD, aise88, EUSEBIO
4*aise88, knuffie66, gerfop, stephanie9, colzizo
6*Seraphis, colzizo, seen, lokve222, pudder, stephanie9
5*CAOS, devill63, Steppdaddy, Vagamundo, stephanie9
5*OG1, adamastor8, wimpee, wolt, stephanie9
1*stephanie9, CuteAmy, wimpee, DianaT, CONQUISTAD
2*fokker, stephanie9, GolfPro, CONQUISTAD, jhm
4*CONQUISTAD, master, GolfPro, stephanie9, mr0
1*stephanie9, CONQUISTAD, wooooody, GolfPro, TOAST
5*MARINE66, DianaT, MEXICO, adamastor8, stephanie9, gak
3*felixxxxx, thelarster, stephanie9, dougbotha, TOAST
3*manyak99, Skapatoria, stephanie9, alex, ginagriffi
2*nuria22, stephanie9, wolt, xvxvx, amt01
1*stephanie9, CAOS, wolt, jhm, leeuwarden
1 stephanie9, Ax23, tampeloeru, Vagamundo, pizzagate
5*wolt, adamastor8, tampeloeru, leeuwarden, stephanie9, Oshawhat
1*stephanie9, CuteAmy, alexde, CAOS, thege0rge
5*Ax23, Dominator, Steppdaddy, hyrolium, stephanie9
3*CuteAmy, MEXICO, stephanie9, colzizo, zzz000zzz
1*stephanie9, werkeloos, CuteAmy, colzizo, bearzon
1*stephanie9, xvxvx, nuria22, jakooboo, Wellington
2*pudder, stephanie9, aboulayla, PandaLove, wooooody, Muis1
2*aise88, stephanie9, colzizo, Aer0babe, Uwilldie85, Wellington
1*stephanie9, aise88, MADALIST, earthone, andypandy5, Zmago1
6*CAOS, Dominator, Attack, jhm, werkeloos, stephanie9
5*Uwilldie85, knuffie66, aise88, jhm, stephanie9, Wellington
3*werkeloos, Mex, stephanie9, jhm, herewego, Wellington
1 stephanie9, edwin, Aer0babe, IWGYB, Wellington
6*caos, andypandy5, aise88, Vagamundo, seen, stephanie9
4*bigTex, thelarster, fulgidus, stephanie9, CAOS
5*_Chronos, wimpee, nuria22, xvxvx, stephanie9, Vagamundo
5*caos, wimpee, _Chronos, nuria22, stephanie9
2*nuria22, stephanie9, Dominator, pincelito, wimpee, CAOS
5*pequespequ, caos, wimpee, CuteAmy, stephanie9
2*snowflake, stephanie9, mozzie, thelarster
6 remmetje, Rafter, Rebecca, PussyWhipt, master, stephanie9
5*MADALIST, MARINE66, NineLives9, anthonyngu, stephanie9
1*stephanie9, Goodman, colzizo, thelarster, jude
3*bigTex, pkslim1000, stephanie9, wimpee, Xplosive, nuria22
1*stephanie9, wimpee, xvxvx, MARINE66, Oshawhat
1*stephanie9, manyak99, fulgidus, jolani, dougbotha, Ax23
4*Mex, jhm, AFCA020CBS, stephanie9, Dominator, earthone
4*CAOS, aise88, earthone, stephanie9, jhm, eibmwfanai
2*RAGE2000, stephanie9, dougbotha, mozzie, jhm, fastrrrrrr
5*CuteAmy, hoodlegend, pizzagate, MADALIST, stephanie9
4*nuria22, newjersey, Bulletje83, stephanie9, mozzie, wimpee
1*stephanie9, nuria22, OG1, GolfPro, aboulayla
3*CandyO, devill63, stephanie9, aise88, StonedCat
1*stephanie9, wimpee, edwin, xvxvx, fulgidus, Wellington
1*stephanie9, wimpee, RAGE2000, Bulletje83, Zmago1
1*stephanie9, wimpee, SA_Mullet, ww111, Bulletje83
1*stephanie9, Bulletje83, wimpee, Mister_VWP, alex
1*stephanie9, AngryDwarf, Wellington, alomont12, MADALIST, anthonyngu
1*stephanie9, thelarster, caos, StonedCat, GolfPro
6*edwin, Facesitter, wimpee, alexde, xvxvx, stephanie9
4*alexde, wimpee, Bulletje83, stephanie9, TOAST
1*stephanie9, edwin, Kariboo, nostyle, jhm, angelo72
2*6ix6ix6ix, stephanie9, pizzagate, OG1, Chieftain
2 CONQUISTAD, stephanie9, aise88, Ax23
4*CAOS, wolt, pizzagate, stephanie9, thelarster
4*hyrolium, edwin, RustyNZ, stephanie9, wooooody
4*pincelito, Mex, Bulletje83, stephanie9, AirBiscuit, eibmwfanai
3*knuffie66, G55, stephanie9, Nykstukas9, zedavisbac, Pedrolino
2*Schwitzebo, stephanie9, Luka2016, ikweetjemo, aise88
2*Schwitzebo, stephanie9, steffanhal, Wellington, gmoney2, pizzagate
4 MEXICO, adamastor8, gmoney2, stephanie9, steffanhal, x2k5
2*6ix6ix6ix, stephanie9, StonedCat, OG1, HANNIBAL56
3*MCXX, aise88, stephanie9, TomYum, Pablo221, MEXICO
2 colzizo, stephanie9, x2k5, MARINE66
1*stephanie9, Oshawhat, hoodlegend, aise88
6*El_pinche_, wolt, StonedCat, aise88, manyak99, stephanie9
1 stephanie9, Vliegende_, Oshawhat, Muis1
1*stephanie9, anthonyngu, CAOS, fidel, aise88
1*stephanie9, thelarster, aise88, Dominator, leeuwarden, pizzagate
3*Boogeyman, zedavisbac, stephanie9, Mex, rembot, bananabutt
2*thelarster, stephanie9, wolt, TP_knighty
1*stephanie9, thelarster, TP_knighty, 6ix6ix6ix, dupplo, ginagriffi
1*stephanie9, Schwitzebo, master, seen, Rebecca, PussyWhipt
5*master, PussyWhipt, Schwitzebo, loppol, stephanie9, aise88
2 Schwitzebo, stephanie9, seen, ikweetjemo
6*master, PussyWhipt, seen, Stevenaars, aise88, stephanie9
1 stephanie9, master, Stevenaars, aise88
2*mozzie, stephanie9, OG1, pizzagate
4*devill63, mozzie, ljubae, stephanie9, TP_knighty, IWGYB
2*dougbotha, stephanie9, TH3, StonedCat
5*Romeo123, loppol, TOAST, kefkiller3, stephanie9
4*99coolbree, tyr, tron, stephanie9, CAOS, youngblood
1*stephanie9, aise88, pincelito, loppol
1*stephanie9, Pedrolino, ljubae, hughsy, zedavisbac, laverga
2*kill4peace, stephanie9, km_n, caos, wimpee, plop3223
3*colzizo, CW19057, stephanie9, napoleonmo, ginagriffi
1*stephanie9, samantha, mr0, Ax23, 1fater
5*NinjaSK, lerner, 1fater, colzizo, stephanie9, franz44
2*sqarygary1, stephanie9, jasostitt, coger, nuria22
2*Ding_Dong, stephanie9, Nicussi, mudbone, alexde, ms2dft
4*hamlet1983, seen, Ax23, stephanie9, colzizo
3*2b, empprs, stephanie9, colzizo, wimpee
3*Morgan420, unfaker, stephanie9, colzizo, caos
4*caos, Morgan420, fiddleed65, stephanie9, 2b, colzizo
4*NinjaSK, sqarygary1, caos, stephanie9, HankTheTan
4*sqarygary1, Reetpel, vrede_nu, stephanie9, mrfreak, TheBlueOx
4*Economist, Sexbuddy, napoleonmo, stephanie9, hyrolium
3*beta, kefkiller3, stephanie9, KingVegeta, Morgan420, CONQUISTAD
2*Sexbuddy, stephanie9, caos, swheck, Toffay
5*Sexbuddy, caos, fiddleed65, Irma, stephanie9
2*Dominator, stephanie9, kill4peace, mozzie, Life
3*MEXICO, Schwitzebo, stephanie9, knuffie66, felixxx
5*caos, hyrolium, bubbarowde, griemeldie, stephanie9, chingar
1*stephanie9, devill63, Economist, yeray75, trilveen
6*hyrolium, bubbarowde, xvxvx, nuria22, Giovanni, stephanie9
5*seen, earthone, caos, hyrolium, stephanie9
2*ragnarok, stephanie9, sexysusie, caos, CW19057
1*stephanie9, wimpee, Schwitzebo, leeuwarden
3*Schwitzebo, stephanie9, kman, wimpee
1*stephanie9, sqarygary1, earthone, uwilldie85, Liwwadden, xvxvx
4*bounce-b, RAGE2000, imaxlevel, stephanie9, uwilldie85
1*stephanie9, wimpee, LoneCat, mozzie, caos
1*stephanie9, wimpee, knuffie66, tron, megadom, atrox
1*stephanie9, wimpee, atrox, whupemwild, pizzagate
4*Cool_Cat, kill4peace, Redwood, stephanie9, colzizo
2*Cool_Cat, stephanie9, Stevenaars, Redwood, wimpee
2*TheBlueOx, stephanie9, korat99, Steppdaddy, ragnarok, earthone
4*Suicide, vrede_nu, kefkiller3, stephanie9, ginagriffi
2 MCXX, stephanie9, capersw, 2ne1
1*stephanie9, HankTheTan, bounce-b, wooooody, xxspbyxx
4*whupemwild, wimpee, HankTheTan, stephanie9, bounce-b
1*stephanie9, caos, Edwards7, Wellington, atrox
1*stephanie9, HoDown, sqarygary1, joecairo, ginagriffi
5*wimpee, felixxxxx, Dominator, UncleBenny, stephanie9, caos
6*pudder, BillThemas, my7777, KENWOOD, RAGE2000, stephanie9
1*stephanie9, knuffie66, NinjaSK, Toffay, Irma
4*bolliebier, alexde, caos, stephanie9
2*ragnarok, stephanie9, wimpee, pizzagate, wooooody, Sunsh1ne
2*wimpee, stephanie9, caos, griemeldie, colzizo
2*ms2dft, stephanie9, colzizo, yeray75, pequespequ
3*Vagammundo, TheBlueOx, stephanie9, amt01
2*thelarster, stephanie9, CW19057, BasedDvl, tron, yoyfox2018
1*stephanie9, -X-, imaxlevel, cobalt60, cupafeel
1*stephanie9, nuria22, Excelo, RingoStar, manyak99
3*Vagammundo, joecairo, stephanie9, nostyle, HANNIBAL56
*) Rated game

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