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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
steffanhal 1325 1623 1233 2 153

Game started Pos Game result
5*B_O_X_E_R, CONQUISTAD, wimpee, Muis1, steffanhal, cruzitobbo
3*Schwitzebo, stephanie9, steffanhal, Wellington, gmoney2, pizzagate
5 MEXICO, adamastor8, gmoney2, stephanie9, steffanhal, x2k5
4*diflsvn, T_l1b_n, FatAssFred, steffanhal, Aise88, alex
3*CharIesVIl, knuffie66, steffanhal, colzizo, Nicussi
6*patrick, wimpee, GetALife, batian, DeKraker, steffanhal
4*handjob, gsmithy, CB1925, steffanhal, patrick, dog_farts
5*knuffie66, handjob, Flatlands, patrick, steffanhal, Blumpkin
6*MEXICO, Redwood, Dominator, handjob, T_l1b_n, steffanhal
4*fiddleed65, KingVegeta, KENWOOD, steffanhal, Morgan420, bleedgreen
5*MEXICO, LordFriezA, colzizo, sqarygary1, steffanhal
5*Alienvape, patrick, nuria22, colzizo, steffanhal, kefkiller3
5*caos, LordFriezA, patrick, manyak99, steffanhal, 2b
4*RAGE2000, Jennifer, katiegirl, steffanhal, caos
*) Rated game

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