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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
spirit2012 1558 1757 1331 1 144

Game started Pos Game result
1*spirit2012, MARINE66, TH3, Liwwadden, diebygoat
4*wimpee, nuria22, CONQUISTAD, spirit2012, xvxvx
4 Liwwadden, wimpee, modominate, spirit2012, CONQUISTAD, Wellington
4*KENWOOD, modominate, wimpee, spirit2012, Wellington, MADALIST
3*wimpee, thelarster, spirit2012, CONQUISTAD, knuffie66
3 Mex, master, spirit2012, Mister_VWP, TOAST, wimpee
2*Mex, spirit2012, TOAST, tattcom, AFCA020CBS, samuel
3*CAOS, samuel, spirit2012, Schwitzebo, CONQUISTAD
4*j_k3r, 2ne1, gerfop, spirit2012, wimpee, El_pinche_
1*spirit2012, Mex, Schwitzebo, strammamax, jhm, Vagamundo
3*bastard, Schwitzebo, spirit2012, Vagamundo, TOAST
3*gerfop, jhm, spirit2012, Mex, knuffie66, CONQUISTAD
1*spirit2012, Mex, newjersey, CONQUISTAD, jhm, Vagamundo
1*spirit2012, iqtidar, earthone, hoodlegend
5*Tentacles, ginagriffi, CONQUISTAD, pizzagate, spirit2012, OG1
4*OG1, zyxw, colzizo, spirit2012
1*spirit2012, MARINE66, lerner, amt01, aise
3*Gwydion, aise, spirit2012, ginagriffi, MARINE66
5*the_dude, wooooody, aise, wolt, spirit2012, lerner
2*blaine2370, spirit2012, aaerokes, jhonts48, ginagriffi, lerner
1*spirit2012, modominate, iqtidar, nizzlenar
4*iqtidar, samuel, wrecker, spirit2012, lerner
1*spirit2012, MARINE66, MADALIST, nizzlenar, wolt
2*nizzlenar, spirit2012, imaxlevel, mozzie, wooooody, MARINE66
1*spirit2012, MARINE66, imaxlevel, mozzie, nizzlenar
3*IWILFAKUUP, player1256, spirit2012, wrecker, moon, Muis1
3*oom, wooooody, spirit2012, 2ne1, Token, Streetwise
1*spirit2012, burkemac, nizzlenar, wrecker, lerner
5*MARINE66, imaxlevel, nuria22, aboulayla, spirit2012
2*gerfop, spirit2012, CharIesVIl, plop3223, Moon
6*CharIesVIl, plop3223, goodnight1, Moon, ABSF, spirit2012
6*Dominator, GREGLH02, pincelito, doctornono, zedavisbac, spirit2012
6*MARINE66, 2ne1, ginagriffi, jhonts48, RedShark, spirit2012
2*nuria22, spirit2012, StonedCat, Bolo, Ax23, Muis1
6*sirmny, murti, laker, robin, RalphBot, spirit2012
1*spirit2012, amt, ww111, cobalt60, imaxlevel
1*spirit2012, diflsvn, devill63, CuteAmy
6*bleedgreen, Gabrielle, weedmaster, Jacinda, MarekL19, spirit2012
1*spirit2012, 2b, nuria22, weedmaster, conquista6
*) Rated game

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