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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
snuitkever 1430 1621 1428 1 14

Game started Pos Game result
3 seen, GolfPro, snuitkever, pizzagate, colzizo
4*seen, MEXICO, vrede_nu, snuitkever, gerfop, aise88
4*dodraugen, xvxvx, asdargrth, snuitkever, hamlet1983
4*alexde, ww111, Ax23, snuitkever, TP_knighty, wolt
5 2bbot, 03, 00GAME, 00DOMINATE, snuitkever, Aise88
3*colzizo, fidel, snuitkever, Aise88, diflsvn, IvanBogi
6*nuria22, Bulletje83, earthone, ABSF, Aise88, snuitkever
5*Schwitzebo, knuffie66, diflsvn, T_l1b_n, snuitkever, fidel
1*snuitkever, devill63, batian, plop3223
2*robin, snuitkever, RalphBot, colzizo, TP_knighty, laker
3*Pasqanel, Nicussi, snuitkever, OG1, hamlet1983, mfd906
4*MarekL19, Gabrielle, cannas123, snuitkever, Jacinda, AFCA020CBS
4*OffRoadOnA, felixxxxx, laker, snuitkever, MEXICO, wooooody
2*Erythraea, snuitkever, MARINE66, gerfop, ABSF, wooooody
*) Rated game

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