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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
RUSSIA 1495 1721 1282 2 331

Game started Pos Game result
2*Tiffany, russia, Xplosive, pkslim1000, robin, laker
2*Schwitzebo, russia, GolfPro, manyak99, TP_knighty
6*nuria22, Karl_XII, andypandy5, thelarster, gmoney, russia
4*aise88, jolani, GolfPro, russia, gmoney
1*russia, nuria22, aise88, lerner, hughsy
5*Liwwadden, earthone, MARINE66, Attack, russia, CAOS
3*Martins, wrecker, russia, CB1925, amt, ginagriffi
2*wrecker, russia, zyxw, wimpee, Karl_XII, Martins
4 Bolo, lritter2, hughsy, russia
6*Dominator, wrecker, laker, robin, wimpee, russia
6*lady_kick, griemeldie, bedsoaker, dan, hughsy, russia
4*Tnatirri, Bolo, wooooody, russia, Karl_XII, patrick
5*retardino, edwin, felixxxxx, Thomas, RUSSIA
4*Dominator, nuria22, modominate, russia, Reetpel
4*HankTheTan, nuria22, handjob, russia, Reetpel
1*russia, vrede_nu, beta, Schwitzebo, caos, fiddleed65
2*sjab, russia, HankTheTan, FatAssFred, colzizo, Irma
3*Pasqanel, Reetpel, russia, w3cko, colzizo
*) Rated game

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