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Birthday: Not listed in the birthday calendar
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On-line: Online as rist6

Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
rist6 1656 1999 1229 7 5573

Game started Pos Game result
3 dirtrider1, 2ne1, rist6
1 rist6, 2ne1
2 master, rist6
1 rist6, laker
1 rist6, 2ne1
2 DDLLOOPP, rist6
1 rist6, DDLLOOPP
1 rist6, WTati
6*thege0rge, Rebecca, PussyWhipt, master, Schwitzebo, rist6
5 RonnieD, bubbarowde, pincelito, Mex, rist6, dougbotha
1*rist6, rembot, MARINE66, wooooody, Rune6ix, Mex
1*rist6, asdargrth, LongDecemb, adamastor8, mfd906, El_pinche_
3*gerfop, colzizo, rist6, 1fater, StonedCat, Bedsoaker
1*rist6, 2ne1, vrede_nu, bananabutt, manyak98
1*rist6, Laar, griemeldie, wimpee, manyak98, aise88
1*rist6, seen, caos, TOAST, Ax23, 1fater
4*CAOS, Victor_G, w3cko, rist6, Schwitzebo
1*rist6, RedDragon, Muis1, asdargrth, Seraphis, wimpee
4*Rick777, GolfPro, MEXICO, rist6, OG1
3*Ax23, CONQUISTAD, rist6, seen, RedDragon, pizzagate
2*Schwitzebo, rist6, Martim, Vagamundo, gerfop, xvxvx
3*DianaT, knuffie66, rist6, xvxvx, wallenstei, Schwitzebo
3 Mex, PussyWhipt, rist6, jhm, knuffie66, anthonyngu
5 tampeloeru, Mex, PussyWhipt, knuffie66, rist6, Ax23
3*xvxvx, gerfop, rist6, passiveguy, earthone, pudder
5*PoohBear2, Mex, rembot, Michelle, rist6, feltup
1*rist6, Plasmaboy1, CAOS, Schwitzebo, Mex, Rehoboam
5*Mex, PoohBear3, modominate, mozzie, rist6, esse
2*teej, rist6, jhm, DeKraker, Bulletje83, MikeRoams
5*wrecker, CuteAmy, Kariboo, Schwitzebo, rist6
1*rist6, MARINE66, Kariboo, CAOS, adamastor8
3*Oshawhat, mozzie, rist6, Wellington, MARINE66, anthonyngu
5*knuffie66, TheBlueOx, Karl_XII, TomYum, rist6, vrede_nu
2*atreyu, rist6, wimpee, CAOS, OG1, eibmwfanai
5*Ultionem, murti, BatMan, colzizo, rist6, eibmwfanai
1*rist6, remmetje, GolfPro, AirBiscuit, Mex, gmoney
3*G55, wolt, rist6, 99coolbree, manyak99
2*gmoney, rist6, OG1, MARINE66, petrinnit, aise88
3*MEXICO, B_O_X_E_R, rist6, aise88, bubbarowde, Oshawhat
5*nostyle, Gwydion, murti, Bulletje83, rist6, Zmago1
6*homer, Muis1, Bolo, aise88, xvxvx, rist6
4*pincelito, aboulayla, homer, rist6, TP_knighty, Muis1
6*fokker, DeZoE, aise88, mozzie, MARINE66, rist6
2*Oshawhat, rist6, earthone, dog_farts, ikweetjemo, MarekL19
3*Zmago1, Luther73, rist6, kefkiller3, aise88, Ax23
5*zyxw, Schwitzebo, MEXICO, Goodman, rist6, nostyle
5*pequespequ, Oshawhat, nuria22, xvxvx, rist6
4 Vliegende_, Goodman, Oshawhat, rist6, petrinnit
5 OG1, GolfPro, MARINE66, Goodman, rist6
5*MADALIST, earthone, diflsvn, USA, rist6, anthonyngu
1*rist6, Goodman, BATIAN, TH3, Muis1
5*dirtrider1, nuria22, dog_farts, Oshawhat, rist6, amt
4*Muis1, wooooody, Bolo, rist6, Fokker
2*Rebecca, rist6, master, Ax23, PussyWhipt, hdo89
4*Mex, Angrymidgt, Schwitzebo, rist6, MARINE66, yagoboy
3 remmetje, Rafter, rist6, Rebecca, PussyWhipt, master
1*rist6, master, Mex, rembot, SMASH18, Ax23
2 Ax23, rist6
4*edwin, modominate, alexde, rist6, Romeo123
1*rist6, Romeo123, edwin, aise88, Wellington
4*aise88, kat, iqtidar, rist6
4*ThugLife, nostyle, aboulayla, rist6, wrecker, iqtidar
2*pudder, rist6, Dominator, edwin, stfu_punk
6*Rehoboam, tom, Test4, lerner, Aise88, rist6
3*Flatlands, uriahheep, rist6, alex, Domblondje, Aise88
3 BruceW, colzizo, rist6, GolfPro
6*mozzie, AFCA020CBS, GolfPro, MARINE66, Kariboo, rist6
6*wrecker, Schwitzebo, MARINE66, MarekL19, coolbreeze, rist6
1*rist6, nostyle, thelarster, mfd906, MARINE66
6*wolt, devill63, xvxvx, loppol, dougbotha, rist6
2*knuffie66, rist6, Aise88, devill63, Toffay
3*wimpee, newjersey, rist6, OG1, Schwitzebo, kefkiller3
4*ljubae, manyak99, knuffie66, rist6, ww111, modominate
5*Aise88, alex, edwin, colzizo, rist6
4 master, Rebecca, PussyWhipt, rist6, remmetje, Rafter
4*Gabrielle, modominate, MarekL19, rist6, moon, fulgidus
4*newjersey, TeamThugB, IceBot_Nor, rist6, Chucky, Aise88
3*Chucky, Aise88, rist6, MARINE66, Darthvader
1*rist6, 1fater, Dominator, dodraugen, TP_knighty, Mister_VWP
5*ww111, ''Sjaak, TP_knighty, Unibomber, rist6, Stevenaars
5*Ax23, fulgidus, thelarster, alexde, rist6, massfrenzy
4*GideonL, lerner, Rebecca, rist6, PussyWhipt, master
2*fulgidus, rist6, ulisse
3*devill63, felixxxxx, rist6, jantinus, fulgidus, dougbotha
4*DuckyII, A_Monger, ulisse, rist6, jantinus
3*thelarster, wolt, rist6, amt, iqtidar, bleedgreen
3*CharIesVIl, Liwwadden, rist6, kartan, Vastas, TP_knighty
4 PussyWhipt, Rebecca, rembot, rist6, BlackMamba
5 Thomas, Rebecca, PussyWhipt, BlackMamba, rist6
1 rist6, Atax_None1, erik100bot, timbot1, BUG2, Kariboo
4*AvdB93, devill63, AFCA020CBS, rist6, stfu_punk, doedelpoe
4*CharIesVIl, 2ne1, davetrifle, rist6
5*PussyWhipt, mozzie, ww111, master, rist6, Rebecca
4*batian, wimpee, carla1989, rist6, colzizo
4*manyak99, felixxxxx, alexde, rist6, Stevenaars, bleedgreen
2*lrigdrat, rist6, weedmaster, modominate, manyak99
1*rist6, master, destroyer6, Rebecca, PussyWhipt, morbidness
3*wooooody, Reetpel, rist6, hoodlegend
3*mozzie, 1fater, rist6, manyak99, BasedDvl, bleedgreen
4*alexde, Goodman, snowball, rist6, Edwards7, Redwood
4*Reetpel, snowball, earthone, rist6, thom234, bleedgreen
4*Dominator, 2ne1, justden79, rist6, ginagriffi, colzizo
5 snowball, SS_armie, SpreadBot, _BennyHill, rist6, TeamBotA
3*nuria22, ginagriffi, rist6, lrigdrat, kartan
5*knuffie66, Toffay, Reetpel, 2ne1, rist6
5*diflsvn, Dominator, colzizo, pudder, rist6
4*Speedy_J, thelarster, Junkdeluxe, rist6, TP_knighty
1*rist6, devill63, TP_knighty, Speedy_J, Player
5*Player, nuria22, TP_knighty, rist6, edwin
2*Player, rist6, edwin, nuria22, CONQUISTAD
2*nuria22, rist6, alexde, whocares, fastrrrrrr, GeneralMie
5*gerfop, pincelito, MARINE66, Vagamundo, rist6, Astarte
5*agapanthis, ginagriffi, snowball, Irma, rist6, Plasmaboy1
2*StonedCat, rist6, napoleonmo, TP_knighty
1 rist6, Fr1end1
3*devill63, caos, rist6, seen
3*uriahheep, caos, rist6, colzizo
3*koolfloss, Reetpel, rist6, wooooody, sammy
4*caos, colzizo, zyxw, rist6, kefkiller3
5*KENWOOD, Ax23, conquista6, nicksaban, rist6, nuria22
4*pudder, BillThemas, conquista6, rist6, bleedgreen, KENWOOD
3*leeuwarden, Nicussi, rist6, Toffay
5 PussyWhipt, Rebecca, Rafter, master, rist6, felixxxxx
3*knuffie66, G5, rist6, pizzagate, Irma
2*Saxbuddy, rist6, Reetpel, koolfloss, JanSobiesk, 2b
6*Edwards7, Shamrocks, seen, caos, cannas123, rist6
6*TT1, felixxxxx, remspoor, remmetje, SMASH18, rist6
5*PussyWhipt, master, 2b, TT1, rist6, remspoor
5*alexde, Ax23, devill63, NinjaSK, rist6
5*colzizo, bounce-b, Edwards7, Jebber, rist6
6*master, PussyWhipt, 1fater, Rafter, Rebecca, rist6
5*sqarygary1, Morgan420, bubbarowde, MARINE66, rist6
4*werkeloos, manyak99, Unibomber, rist6, PussyWhipt
6*fastrrrrrr, manyak99, mr0, devill63, Unibomber, rist6
4*Rebecca, PussyWhipt, knuffie66, rist6, master, mozzie
3*caos, felixxxxx, rist6, RAGE2000, yasin_mila
1*rist6, manyak99, my7777, 2ne1, 2b
1*rist6, BruceW, nuria22, bananabutt, earthone
1*rist6, jeffman1, bananabutt, nuria22, LordFriezA
3*caos, goodnight1, rist6, ladyblond, colzizo, kartan
4*master, Rebecca, PussyWhipt, rist6, franz44, bubbarowde
3*Rebecca, LittlePony, rist6, remspoor, bubbarowde, RonnieD
3*PussyWhipt, master, rist6, fastrrrrrr, remspoor, Rebecca
2*franz44, rist6, RingoStar, pincelito, fastrrrrrr
5*freetime, untouchabl, 2ne1, wooooody, rist6
6*kartan, X_Man, pequespequ, amt01, wooooody, rist6
4*nuria22, clangunn, Vagammundo, rist6
*) Rated game

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