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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
resistent 1396 1876 1177 4 1375

 Cheating or teaming in a game - with resistenci
 Cheating or teaming in a game - with qwas - Banned

Game started Pos Game result
1*resistent, earthone, pudder, Dominator, TK_imperso, Muis1
5*ljubae, TheBlueOx, knuffie66, amt, resistent
5*AFCA020CBS, snowball, Karl_XII, MEXICO, resistent, wolt
4*laker, Ax23, angelo72, resistent, hamlet1983
5*sqarygary1, seen, SGTStone, Oshawhat, resistent
4*gak, edwin, plop3223, resistent, herte777, Junkdeluxe
1*resistent, caos, MikeKing, StonedCat
6*MarekL19, Jennifer, Gabrielle, wimpee, fiddleed65, resistent
5*Reetpel, modominate, MARINE66, amt01, resistent, bleedgreen
3*fiddleed65, my7777, resistent, caperqt, Vaidazz666
4 kefkiller3, Smack, napoleonmo, resistent
5*tron, leeuwarden, atothee, mr0, resistent, MarekL19
6*megadom, Schwitzebo, werkeloos, mrfreak, wimpee, resistent
2*mr0, resistent, NinjaSK, caos, jasostitt, CONQUISTAD
4 caos, jasostitt, NinjaSK, resistent
3*Bass2016, Dominator, resistent, wooooody, mozzie
4*ABSF, devill63, NinjaSK, resistent
3*Retardgirl, bounce-b, resistent, hyrolium, Vagammundo, xxspbyxx
2*Lvsitano, resistent, domblondje, UncleBenny, chikiml, lothario
6*caos, Jacinda, Gabrielle, Schwitzebo, MarekL19, RESISTENT
*) Rated game

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