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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
oom 1639 1749 1365 3 82

Game started Pos Game result
3*CuteAmy, taptckk, oom, DianaT, beta
2*gerfop, oom, joe01599, MARINE66, Aise88, xvxvx
2*doctornono, oom, edwin, colzizo, bubbarowde
1*oom, wooooody, spirit2012, 2ne1, Token, Streetwise
3*wimpee, knuffie66, oom, handjob, wooooody, CB1925
3*nice, bedsoaker, oom, ladyblond, CharIesVlI, Redwood
3*MarekL19, Thomas, oom, CharIesVlI, Moon, Rosmalen
1*oom, edwin, lkpr0624, zyxw, domblondje
3*davetrifle, patrick, oom, Karl_XII, gerfop
2*patrick, oom, Dominator, Junkdeluxe, DeZoE
5*sqarygary1, Ultionem, AFCA020CBS, G5, oom, wolt
3*HankTheTan, Schwitzebo, oom, seen, davetrifle
1*oom, FatAssFred, CuteAmy, amt, DeKraker
5*FatAssFred, CuteAmy, HankTheTan, zyxw, oom
1*oom, FatAssFred, colzizo, CONQUISTAD, griemeldie
2*BillThemas, oom, wooooody, modominate, Dominator
5*batian, HankTheTan, knuffie66, Dominator, oom, katiegirl
4*chingar, colzizo, weedmaster, oom
2*uil, oom, earthone, pizzagate, griemeldie
5*Reetpel, BillThemas, manyak99, sqarygary1, oom
3*Reetpel, Token, oom, CONQUISTAD, edwin
5*whupemwild, MEXICO, Thomas, Dominator, oom
4*sqarygary1, wooooody, CONQUISTAD, oom, StonedCat
2*edwin, oom, Thomas, retardino, laverga
3*wooooody, sqarygary1, oom, chingar, whupemwild
4*Reetpel, modominate, Tnatirri, oom, Muis1
3*retardino, batian, oom, MEXICO, domblondje, 1fater
3*domblondje, retardino, oom, Irma, bananabutt
2*batian, oom, 1fater, edwin, Token
5*nuria22, Token, kimjungun, taptckk, oom, pizzagate
2*MEXICO, oom, HankTheTan, handjob, colzizo, griemeldie
5*dirtrider1, bananabutt, WTati, MEXICO, oom, griemeldie
1*oom, diflsvn, HANNIBAL56, Tnatirri, Muis1, Reetpel
5*Tnatirri, pizzagate, Dominator, Reetpel, oom
5*lrigdrat, katiegirl, colzizo, HankTheTan, oom, AFCA020CBS
3*FatAssFred, ABSF, oom, cobalt60, 1fater, lady_kick
5*Reetpel, CuteAmy, plop3223, 1fater, oom, wolt
6*FatAssFred, MARINE66, domblondje, ABSF, cobalt60, oom
2*charless, oom, CuteAmy, TT1, PoohBear2, gerfop
6*G5, MEXICO, Dominator, dozer911, Ultionem, oom
4*edwin, bananabutt, 1fater, oom, Sambal-Bij
1*oom, sqarygary1, edwin, Reetpel, Sambal-Bij, DeKraker
3*MEXICO, oom, HankTheTan, ladyblond, Goodman
2*Domblondje, oom, Dominator, coolbreeze, wooooody
4*seen, SGTStone, napoleonmo, oom, _baas_, bleedgreen
4*FatAssFred, Dominator, Reetpel, oom, Cudovii
3*Dominator, zot, oom, Prisbi
3*MEXICO, NAPOLEONMO, oom, DeKraker, zot
5*faalikant, taptckk, amt, StonedCat, oom, Reetpel
3*zum_zum, 2b, oom, felixxx, MEXICO, bananabutt
1*oom, lrigdrat, felixxx, Domblondje, colzizo
4*GetALife, lrigdrat, zyxw, oom, colzizo, bleedgreen
5*knuffie66, Rebecca, kartan, colzizo, oom, blasherke
4*colzizo, Player, DeKraker, oom, seen, 2b
2*colzizo, oom, felixxx, handjob
5*GetALife, kartan, gerfop, Strammerma, oom, jankert
2*MEXICO, oom, PussyWhipt, TP_knighty, Thomas, Schwitzebo
1*oom, MikeKing, Dominator, wooooody, Reetpel, Toffay
2*handjob, oom, MEXICO, DeKraker, angelo72
1*oom, colzizo, Irma, HankTheTan, Oshawhat, CW19057
3*coolbreeze, HankTheTan, oom, casavus, BillThemas, Oshawhat
2*kill4peace, oom, gerfop, colzizo, herte777
3 herte777, gerfop, oom, plop3223
2*agapanthis, oom, TP_knighty, ms2dft, StonedCat, kill4peace
3*RAGE2000, CONQUISTAD, oom, Nicussi, whupemwild
1*oom, Irma, StonedCat, tentacles, Reetpel, MEXICO
2*MEXICO, oom, Dominator, wimpee, TP_knighty, Oshawhat
2*caos, oom, seen, babaloo, balls
4*KENWOOD, nuria22, FatAssFred, oom, BillThemas, handjob
1*oom, colzizo, Dominator, domblondje, Flatlands
3*Player, colzizo, oom, pincelito, LoneCat
4*wooooody, sqarygary1, MARINE66, oom, Player
4*k2, caos, colimori, oom, vrede_nu, sqarygary1
2*caos, oom, coolbreeze, fiddleed65, ouagadougo
2*anton, oom, fiddleed65, MikeKing, Reetpel, snowball
4*sqarygary1, MEXICO, DeKraker, oom, Liwwadden
2*caos, oom, fiddleed65, Token, hyrolium
2*MARINE66, oom, conquista6, 2ne1, StonedCat
5*fiddleed65, Sjab, bleedgreen, MCXX, oom, MARINE66
3*nuria22, Reetpel, oom, diflsvn, modominate, thom234
1*oom, Tentacles, BillThemas, MCXX, modominate, Xplosive
4*Reetpel, Schwitzebo, agapanthis, oom, colzizo, Vagamundo
4*lady_kick, Vagamundo, mr0, oom, Player, griemeldie
*) Rated game

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