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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
nostyle 1448 1832 1308 6 1427

Game started Pos Game result
5*wimpee, LongDecemb, iqtidar, aldoco, nostyle
1*nostyle, 1fater, BatMan, caos, pincelito
1*nostyle, LongDecemb, wooooody, Tiffany, laker, robin
5*iqtidar, MARINE66, adamastor8, mozzie, nostyle, pizzagate
4*Vliegende_, earthone, w3cko, nostyle, wimpee, aise88
4*Smidesang, xvxvx, w3cko, nostyle, aise88
3*Martim, Smidesang, nostyle, knuffie66, colzizo, aboulayla
1*nostyle, Rune6ix, laker, Gwydion, earthone
2*nuria22, nostyle, vrede_nu, ljubae, aise88, asdargrth
6*knuffie66, Smidesang, StonedCat, vrede_nu, xvxvx, nostyle
2*edwin, nostyle, lokve222, thelarster, RedDragon, 1fater
4*aise88, tron, TheBlueOx, nostyle, Smidesang
6*Mister_VWP, TheBlueOx, Smidesang, manyak98, aise88, nostyle
5*Kosty, DDLLOOPP, newjersey, manyak98, nostyle, adamastor8
5*caos, pincelito, jhm, aise88, nostyle
5*wooooody, adamastor8, Apfelbaumz, TheBlueOx, nostyle, jhm
2*leeuwarden, nostyle, adamastor8, manyak98, Ax23
4*edwin, Smidesang, lokve222, nostyle, manyak98
1*nostyle, caos, Dominator, gakk, Liwwadden
2*loppol, nostyle, vrede_nu, GolfPro, amt01
5*TOAST, Mex, Rebecca, loppol, nostyle, amt01
1*nostyle, manyak99, CAOS, knuffie66, gakk
5*katiegirl, seen, knuffie66, manyak98, nostyle, wimpee
4*seen, GBtest3, TOAST, nostyle, hamlet1983, Mex
4 manyak98, wimpee, seen, nostyle, pizzagate, hamlet1983
2*Rebecca, nostyle, wimpee, Mex, TOAST, pizzagate
2*manyak98, nostyle, werkeloos, ginagriffi, Sebastien, pudder
2*edwin, nostyle, manyak99, TOAST, dougbotha, fastrrrrrr
3 manyak99, dougbotha, nostyle, TOAST, fastrrrrrr
2*xvxvx, nostyle, seen, tampeloeru, adamastor8
2*MEXICO, nostyle, seen, beppe1960, TNATIRRI
1*nostyle, wooooody, bubbarowde, Xelaerospa, MARINE66
1*nostyle, Mex, remspoor, Boogeyman, modominate, pizzagate
6*vrede_nu, gerfop, groot, wimpee, aise88, nostyle
1*nostyle, aise88, vrede_nu, Pedrolino, aldoco
5*adamastor8, ''Sjaak, hoodlegend, 2ne1, nostyle
2*StonedCat, nostyle, MARINE66, ''Sjaak, alligator7, xvxvx
1*nostyle, MARINE66, ww111, aldoco, lokve222
1 nostyle, trilveen, edwin, lokve222, saxbuddy
1*nostyle, thelarster, Nykstukas9, GolfPro, vrede_nu
2*HUGEBALLS, nostyle, QWERT, snpcelik, Schwitzebo, w3cko
1*nostyle, z_z_z, w3cko, TheBlueOx, earthone
6*aise88, aaja, CuteAmy, KaiserFran, kefkiller3, nostyle
5 Jimmy, bopster, IceBot_Cap, BUG3, nostyle, aaja
4*Mex, Nekthand, knuffie66, nostyle, aldoco, thelarster
1*nostyle, edwin, lokve222, CAOS, ww111
1*nostyle, lokve222, CAOS, ww111
5*TNATIRRI, Druifke, DeKraker, lokve222, nostyle, aise88
4*Mex, CAOS, pizzagate, nostyle, jhm, aise88
3*Seraphis, j_k3r, nostyle, gerfop, TOAST
1*nostyle, colzizo, BatMan, seen, KaiserFran
2*seen, nostyle, Mex, Zack, tampeloeru, trilveen
3*Mex, TOAST, nostyle, tron, Laar, lokve222
1 nostyle, 1fater, tampeloeru, lokve222, Laar, GolfPro
5*mr0, MARINE66, PussyWhipt, lokve222, nostyle, beppe1960
1*nostyle, Mex, CONQUISTAD, jhm, ginagriffi, Muis1
5*CONQUISTAD, wimpee, thelarster, laker, nostyle, robin
1*nostyle, modominate, Gwydion, ginagriffi
1*nostyle, mr0, pizzagate, CONQUISTAD, gerfop
2*GREGLH02, nostyle, pudder, zedavisbac, Ax23
5*RedShark, OG1, xvxvx, mozzie, nostyle
4 CONQUISTAD, franky69, Vagamundo, nostyle, TH3
4 Vagamundo, CONQUISTAD, manyak99, nostyle, hoopax, mozzie
5*master, PussyWhipt, manyak99, Ax23, nostyle, KaiserFran
2*Rebecca, nostyle, manyak99, master, PussyWhipt, Ax23
5*pkslim1000, aise88, pincelito, caos, nostyle
1*nostyle, fidel, pizzagate, petrinnit
4 edwin, wimpee, kimjungun, nostyle, CAOS
3*StonedCat, modominate, nostyle, wimpee, Zmago1
3*TOAST, Mex, nostyle, Nykstukas9, caos, alex
2*Vagamundo, nostyle, knuffie66, Ultionem, wolt, anthonyngu
4*nuria22, TheBlueOx, El_pinche_, nostyle
3*master, Rehoboam, nostyle, Mex, modominate, anthonyngu
3*TheBlueOx, DianaT, nostyle, anthonyngu, wooooody, nuria22
2*knuffie66, nostyle, GolfPro, rake, alomont12
1*nostyle, mozzie, GolfPro, Alomont12, Bulletje83, wolt
3*Bulletje83, TOAST, nostyle, angelo72, ikweetjemo
4*stephanie9, edwin, Kariboo, nostyle, jhm, angelo72
3*edwin, modominate, nostyle, thelarster, wolt, Bulletje83
1*nostyle, Dominator, TH3, ww111, pizzagate
1*nostyle, felixxxxx, Dominator, hamlet1983, aise88
2 aise88, nostyle, madre, wimpee
4 iqtidar, nizzlenar, TOAST, nostyle
2*GolfPro, nostyle, alex, aise88, Schwitzebo
4*iqtidar, MARINE66, OG1, nostyle
3*SGTStone, seen, nostyle, x2k5, gmoney
4*devill63, eibmwfanai, GolfPro, nostyle, OG1
4*TOAST, gmoney, DianaT, nostyle, MARINE66
1*nostyle, earthone, TomPetty, wooooody, DianaT, Wellington
1*nostyle, Karl_XII, aise88, Kosty, Ultionem, anthonyngu
1*nostyle, xvxvx, TP_knighty, felixxxxx, colzizo, Oshawhat
1*nostyle, Gwydion, murti, Bulletje83, rist6, Zmago1
2*edwin, nostyle, gak, leeuwarden, Dominator, Pablo221
3*aise88, edwin, nostyle, gak, TP_knighty
4*edwin, angelo72, saxman9690, nostyle, pincelito
6*pequespequ, Bulletje83, manyak99, TP_knighty, kefkiller3, nostyle
2*dun666, nostyle, wooooody, thelarster, aise88, pincelito
4*knuffie66, adamastor8, gak, nostyle, OG1, thelarster
2*TOAST, nostyle, knuffie66, TP_knighty, modominate, xvxvx
2*gerfop, nostyle, MEXICO, fidel, aise88, pizzagate
3*mozzie, aise88, nostyle, newjersey, dougbotha
4*mozzie, fulgidus, edwin, nostyle, aise88
5*alexde, OG1, fulgidus, aise88, nostyle, edwin
1*nostyle, edwin, Kariboo, SA_Mullet, TP_knighty
2*Tiffany, nostyle, 2ne1, robin, laker
3*robin, Rebecca, nostyle, laker, dupplo, nuria22
6*zyxw, Schwitzebo, MEXICO, Goodman, rist6, nostyle
6*fokker, xvxvx, MARINE66, zedavisbac, Pedrolino, nostyle
3*amt, modominate, nostyle, aise88, usa, master
1*nostyle, aise88, usa, anthonyngu, modominate, Oshawhat
3*gerfop, dupplo, nostyle, ljubae, vrede_nu
1*nostyle, MARINE66, Druifke, ljubae, nuria22, Karl_XII
4*Dominator, CAOS, theflyingd, nostyle, eibmwfanai
4*Oshawhat, StonedCat, devill63, nostyle, CAOS, mozzie
4*Goodman, manyak99, ikweetjemo, nostyle, caos, vegeta8899
5*strammamax, OG1, mozzie, Goodman, nostyle
1 nostyle, OG1, strammamax, ikweetjemo
2*alexde, nostyle, devill63, Goodman, Stevenaars
5*2ne1, jolani, Bolo, Dominator, nostyle, Oshawhat
1*nostyle, buckbeak, Goodman, Oshawhat, 2ne1
3*edwin, loppol, nostyle, 1fater, zedavisbac
4*gak, 1fater, knuffie66, nostyle, hdo89, OG1
2*edwin, nostyle, 1fater, modominate, alexde
4*strammamax, CAOS, colzizo, nostyle
3*tyr, nuria22, nostyle, AFCA020CBS, denniis, 2b
1*nostyle, 2b, mrt91, denniis, AFCA020CBS, pincelito
1 nostyle, 99coolbree, knuffie66, amt
1*nostyle, wolt, zedavisbac, nuria22, CAOS
4*aise88, knuffie66, Domblondje, nostyle, xvxvx, theflyingd
1*nostyle, xvxvx, Zmago1, aise88, knuffie66
3*xvxvx, iqtidar, nostyle, amt, Wellington, TOAST
3*xvxvx, Wellington, nostyle, amt, milton
2*nizzlenar, nostyle, Bulletje83, caos, JAHSHAKA
3 Fokker, wooooody, nostyle, pizzagate
3*Bulletje83, fidel, nostyle, the_dude, GolfPro
3*Oshawhat, dog_farts, nostyle, Fokker, Vliegende_
4*dog_farts, Fokker, Oshawhat, nostyle, Vliegende_, TK_imperso
1*nostyle, laker, Tiffany, robin, CB1925
2*pkslim1000, nostyle, anthonyngu, MARINE66, Oshawhat, dog_farts
1*nostyle, Oshawhat, dog_farts, nizzlenar, pkslim1000, StonedCat
2*Tiffany, nostyle, laker, Schwitzebo, robin
4*coolbreeze, vrede_nu, zyxw, nostyle, Karl_XII, colzizo
2*Mex, nostyle, erisson198, JAHSHAKA, Rehoboam, loppol
5 Rebecca, PussyWhipt, Rafter, remmetje, nostyle, master
5 PussyWhipt, Rebecca, Rafter, remmetje, nostyle, master
5 AsiaBot, Asherix, apocalypse, ANGELX4, nostyle, aise88
2 2bbot, nostyle, aise88, Andrew, 05, AsiaBot
2*Schwitzebo, nostyle, bedsoaker, aise88
3*colzizo, mozzie, nostyle, StonedCat, manyak99, aise88
1*nostyle, aise88, AFCA020CBS, mozzie, Attack, Bott
6*laker, Tiffany, robin, lerner, pkslim1000, nostyle
2 lerner, nostyle, pkslim1000
4 PussyWhipt, Rafter, Rebecca, nostyle, pkslim1000, master
1*nostyle, DeZoE, MARINE66
3 PussyWhipt, master, nostyle, Rebecca, remmetje, Rafter
1*nostyle, zedavisbac, rodent, kefkiller3, dgs
6*gerfop, pkslim1000, manyak99, TP_knighty, pincelito, nostyle
4*vrede_nu, aise88, nostyle, manyak99, dgs
1*nostyle, manyak99, OG1
1*nostyle, zot, xvxvx, aise88, gerfop
2*seen, nostyle, CB1925, aise88, Domblondje, DeKraker
1*nostyle, aise88, iqtidar, aboulayla
2*ThugLife, nostyle, aboulayla, rist6, wrecker, iqtidar
3*nizzlenar, wrecker, nostyle, OG1, iqtidar
1*nostyle, wrecker, iqtidar, aise88
2*iqtidar, nostyle, aise88
4*earthone, laverga, wolt, nostyle
1*nostyle, wolt, MEXICO, -Player-1-, alex
4*Dominator, SGTStone, diflsvn, nostyle, aise88
2*aise88, nostyle, robomania, pizzagate, robobiotch, Razzia_1
2*AFCA020CBS, nostyle, diflsvn, StonedCat, hamlet1983, aise88
1*nostyle, GolfPro, moon, apss1, aise88
1*nostyle, aise88, moon, bedsoaker
6*bedsoaker, murti, aise88, loppol, Romeo123, nostyle
1*nostyle, 2b, aise88, thelarster, Dominator
6*knuffie66, IWGYB, dougbotha, Romeo123, aise88, nostyle
1*nostyle, knuffie66, aise88, loppol, dougbotha, dgs
1 nostyle, PussyWhipt, BORN2KILLU, BORN2WIN, AsiaBot, moon
5*TeamThugA, TeamThugD, thelarster, aise88, nostyle, TeamClsicB
3*wooooody, StonedCat, nostyle, moon, CAOS
3*bedsoaker, colzizo, nostyle, OG1
2*alexde, nostyle, pincelito, xvxvx, alex
1 nostyle, bot2, bopster, ANGELX1, Ahmed, aaja
2*2ne1, nostyle, 2b, Domblondje, DeKraker, earthone
3*Liwwadden, loppol, nostyle, OG1, Pedrolino, zedavisbac
2*T_l1b_n, nostyle, Angrymidgt, zedavisbac, GREGLH02, OG1
5*nuria22, TP_knighty, OG1, BruceW, nostyle, Nummer02
2*BruceW, nostyle, DeZoE, OG1, manyak99
2*hoodlegend, nostyle, ww111, davidavand
5*wooooody, OG1, diflsvn, hoodlegend, nostyle
2*rist6, nostyle, thelarster, mfd906, MARINE66
2*anthonyngu, nostyle, colzizo, Stevenaars, CAOS, Attack
1*nostyle, wolt, zedavisbac, Pedrolino, pizzagate, laker
1*nostyle, Flatlands, uriahheep, anthonyngu
1*nostyle, ww111, knuffie66, Rehoboam, ljubae, Mex
5*MEXICO, uriahheep, wimpee, wooooody, nostyle
1*nostyle, nuria22, uriahheep, Aise88, bubbarowde, TP_knighty
4*knuffie66, CAOS, Schwitzebo, nostyle, Rosmalen, hamlet1983
3 PussyWhipt, master, nostyle, Rebecca, remmetje, Rafter
5 PussyWhipt, remmetje, Rafter, master, nostyle, Rebecca
2*RedShark, nostyle, BruceW, amt
2*RedShark, nostyle, mozzie, 2ne1
1*nostyle, wooooody, amt, 2ne1, yagoboy
2*wooooody, nostyle, yagoboy, 2ne1, MARINE66, PaulKleur
2*cobalt60, nostyle, Aise88, amt, MARINE66
1*nostyle, Aise88, MARINE66, cobalt60
3*fidel, bravebear9, nostyle, Schwitzebo, MARINE66, xvxvx
2*PaulKleur, nostyle, Schwitzebo, MARINE66
4*Ultionem, 2ne1, StonedCat, nostyle, griemeldie
1*nostyle, modominate, 2ne1, MARINE66, Vliegende_
6*CharIesVIl, dan, doedelpoe, Mance_Ray, caos, nostyle
4*CharIesVIl, tyr, 2ne1, nostyle
5*MarekL19, katiegirl, wolt, zyxw, nostyle, seen
3*davetrifle, nuria22, nostyle, amt, 2ne1, yagoboy
1*nostyle, Love-to-ki, davetrifle, 2ne1
1*nostyle, FatAssFred, JuveMerda, Thomas
4*leeuwarden, Ax23, joe01599, nostyle, pangit, OB1
3*colzizo, devill63, nostyle, Schwitzebo, davetrifle
4*newjersey, agapanthis, gerfop, nostyle, 2b
3*Dominator, devill63, nostyle, burkemac
1*nostyle, Token, seen, comodino
5*KENWOOD, esse, davetrifle, snowball, nostyle, bleedgreen
1 nostyle, wolt, plop3223, batian
4*batian, Bobthomas1, pudder, nostyle, StonedCat, MEXICO
4*wimpee, colzizo, G5, nostyle, alexde
4*nuria22, wimpee, felixxxxx, nostyle, alex, Tnatirri
1*nostyle, sqarygary1, MEXICO, TheBlueOx, Karl_XII, aboulayla
3*Rubberduck, colzizo, nostyle, Redwood, Blumpkin, weedmaster
3*Blumpkin, Token, nostyle, colzizo
3*G5, seen, nostyle, Player, xvxvx, gerfop
3*Love-to-ki, sqarygary1, nostyle, yagoboy, cobalt60, Reetpel
1*nostyle, amt, snowball, wooooody, yagoboy
2 wooooody, nostyle, modominate, Rick777, yagoboy
1*nostyle, Player, StonedCat, colzizo
2*Player, nostyle, dougbotha, Moon, JovkeBG
2*seen, nostyle, kat, mozzie
3*nuria22, dirtrider1, nostyle, SGTStone, knuffie66
1*nostyle, Player, gerfop, manyak99, Rubberduck, pizzagate
2*patrick, nostyle, seen, TH3, devill63
1*nostyle, CB1925, uriahheep, bananabutt, Flatlands, GolfPro
1*nostyle, colzizo, fulgidus, agamennone
1*nostyle, Geronimo, colzizo, cancan, Wellington, bleedgreen
4*megadom, CB1925, wooooody, nostyle, StonedCat, colzizo
1*nostyle, devill63, Oshawhat, weedmaster, nuria22, Kate
1*nostyle, felixxxxx, master, carla1989, Reetpel, dougbotha
4*Redwood, Rubberduck, whupemwild, nostyle, reggio_e, Irma
4*edwin, mitiox, Token, nostyle, CW19057, bleedgreen
4*strammerma, bananabutt, colzizo, nostyle, Liwwadden
1*nostyle, amt01, StonedCat, wooooody
5 TheBirdsD, TheBirdsC, TheBirdsB, TheBirdsA, nostyle, amt01
6*MCXX, korat99, koolfloss, bleedgreen, MARINE66, nostyle
1*nostyle, korat99, pudder, MCXX
2*TT1, nostyle, Stewart, rembot, remspoor, koolfloss
1*nostyle, pudder, Morgan420, bleedgreen, hoodlegend
3*sqarygary1, clangunn, nostyle, amt01
3 amt01, clangunn, nostyle, nuria22
3*hyrolium, CuteAmy, nostyle, manyak99, samerzod
5*pudder, unfaker, SGTStone, hyrolium, nostyle
5*kill4peace, caos, Captain_Ch, wimpee, nostyle, hyrolium
2*manyak99, nostyle, xvxvx, RingoStar, my7777, pudder
3*X_Man, knuffie66, nostyle, RingoStar, my7777, franz44
2*batty, nostyle, MARINE66, RingoStar, Hostess, kimjungun
1*nostyle, earthone, Vagammundo, MARINE66
2*nuria22, nostyle, sqarygary1, KENWOOD, pudder
1*nostyle, Schwitzebo, devill63, caos
4*Sebastien, patrick, bounce-b, nostyle, BasedDvl
3*seen, thelarster, nostyle, mrfreak, ohyeah, Token
1 nostyle, UncleBenny, dougbotha, thelarster
3*wooooody, clangunn, nostyle, Brackums
4*Alpha2018, coolbreeze, bounce-b, nostyle, MARINE66, yoyfox2018
4*Vagammundo, joecairo, stephanie9, nostyle, HANNIBAL56
*) Rated game

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