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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
nice 1466 1557 1208 1 54

Game started Pos Game result
4*goodnight1, gerfop, aise88, nice, colzizo
3*pizzagate, BruceW, nice, DeKraker, GolfPro
3*wrecker, GolfPro, nice, BruceW, laverga
1*nice, MARINE66, Schwitzebo, fidel, groot, nuria22
4*knuffie66, wimpee, CharIesVlI, nice, Aise88, tyr
5*ABSF, AFCA020CBS, xvxvx, devill63, nice, bpoppin
6*StonedCat, robin, bpoppin, RalphBot, laker, nice
3*laker, murti, nice, RalphBot, robin, wimpee
5*hamlet1983, diflsvn, Stevenaars, nice, CB1925
4*robin, laker, MEXICO, nice, comeback1, Stevenaars
2*gerfop, nice, CharIesVIl, newjersey, StonedCat, knuffie66
3*CharIesVIl, devill63, nice, wolt, anthonyngu
2*zyxw, nice, wooooody, DarthVader, anthonyngu
1*nice, BruceW, bedsoaker, Schwitzebo, nizzlenar, pequespequ
3*beta, wooooody, nice, colzizo, GolfPro, TP_knighty
4*ABSF, Schwitzebo, MEXICO, nice, lerner
6*blaine2370, wimpee, CharIesVIl, pizzagate, TP_knighty, nice
6*Vigilante, LoneCat, TP_knighty, beta, nice
1*nice, knuffie66, pizzagate, GolfPro, wimpee
3*wrecker, knuffie66, nice, laker, trilveen, bleedgreen
5*colzizo, lerner, mudbone, DeKraker, nice, CB1925
4*Ax23, colzizo, Dominator, nice, hughsy, TP_knighty
6*wimpee, gerfop, Erythraea, ABSF, TheBlueOx, nice
5*hughsy, TNATIRRI, nuria22, ladyblond, nice, StonedCat
6*wolt, Schwitzebo, RalphBot, laker, robin, nice
3 Karl_XII, Moon, nice, hughsy, pizzagate, Token
1*nice, felixxxxx, bedsoaker, pizzagate, MEXICO, mfd906
6*gerfop, yagoboy, AvdB93, colzizo, don, nice
3*modominate, OffRoadOnA, nice, Toffay, pincelito
3*OffRoadOnA, AvdB93, nice, ''Sjaak, leeuwarden, colzizo
1*nice, bedsoaker, oom, ladyblond, CharIesVlI, Redwood
3*CharIesVlI, bedsoaker, nice, colzizo, pizzagate
6*knuffie66, Schwitzebo, kartan, aaerokes, waasabi, nice
6*edwin, thelarster, nuria22, Nicussi, kkaalaas, nice
1*nice, edwin, MARINE66, kkaalaas, Vaidazz666
6*CharIesVlI, bedsoaker, waasabi, Ladyblond, colzizo, nice
4*GolfPro, CharIesVlI, Erythraea, nice, colzizo
4*Thomas, mozzie, MARINE66, nice, km_n
4*alex, Karl_XII, gerfop, nice, Rosmalen, colzizo
2*pincelito, nice, Karl_XII, Token, mozzie
5*mfd906, knuffie66, joe01599, Dominator, nice
1*nice, alexde, leeuwarden, MARINE66, kasino91, thelarster
6*laker, lkpr0624, Karl_XII, colzizo, Dominator, nice
1*nice, xvxvx, GolfPro, dog_farts, wolt, xxspbyxx
6 MarekL19, Jennifer, Gabrielle, Token, lkpr0624, nice
6*thelarster, lkpr0624, BillThemas, MEXICO, pizzagate, nice
6*MEXICO, Karl_XII, athletic77, Flatlands, thelarster, nice
5*Toffay, HUGHSY, Bolo, CONQUISTAD, nice
4*Rubberduck, TH3, Schwitzebo, nice, gerfop
5*diflsvn, Schwitzebo, SGTStone, Nicussi, nice
5*wolt, Reetpel, TheBlueOx, CB1925, nice, BillThemas
3*colzizo, knuffie66, nice, earthone, GetALife, coolbreeze
5*Muis1, carla1989, Junkdeluxe, hughsy, nice
3*uil, HankTheTan, nice, CHINGAR, sqarygary1, retardino
5 zyxw, edwin, gasman, pudder, nice
4*19robroy, Dominator, pincelito, nice, knuffie66, laverga
2*FatAssFred, nice, Dominator, Oshawhat, angelo72
*) Rated game

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