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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
newjersey 1517 1722 1356 2 156

Game started Pos Game result
3*zzz000zzz, bananabutt, newjersey, amt01, aise88
3*Kosty, DDLLOOPP, newjersey, manyak98, nostyle, adamastor8
4*caos, beppe1960, aise88, newjersey, manyak98
1*newjersey, 1fater, CAOS, NaderienE, QWERT
3*Mex, tampeloeru, newjersey, MEXICO, Rebecca, gerfop
5*Mex, jhm, MEXICO, CONQUISTAD, newjersey
3*tampeloeru, seen, newjersey, GolfPro, knuffie66
1*newjersey, w3cko, Sebastien, GALICIACAL
3*manyak99, Sebastien, newjersey, w3cko
2*Seraphis, newjersey, Garibaldi, bonje, pizza_swag, kefkiller3
2*KENWOOD, newjersey, w3cko, tron
2*kingpin, newjersey, Steppdaddy, ljubae, wolt
4*pequespequ, adamastor8, Plasmaboy1, newjersey, wimpee
2*earthone, newjersey, ouagadougo, FatAssFred, j_k3r
2 3bbot, newjersey, 00THE, kingpin
5*CAOS, Schwitzebo, w3cko, zum_zum, newjersey, FatAssFred
5*nuria22, aise88, vrede_nu, army5, newjersey, w3cko
1*newjersey, wallenstei, pudder, wolt
6*robin, zumzumzum, Tiffany, laker, aise88, newjersey
2*Tiffany, newjersey, laker, earthone, robin, CONQUISTAD
1*newjersey, MARINE66, RedDragon, 1fater, xvxvx
5*taptckk, coolbreeze, A, B_O_X_E_R, newjersey, diabetic
6*mr0, PussyWhipt, diabetic, AFCA020CBS, amt01, newjersey
1*newjersey, lokve222, earthone, gerfop, colzizo
2 Vagamundo, newjersey, SA_Mullet, 1fater, Garibaldi, hoopax
3*spirit2012, Mex, newjersey, CONQUISTAD, jhm, Vagamundo
4*Mex, jhm, AFCA020CBS, newjersey, pizzagate, ww111
4*knuffie66, master, ms2dft, newjersey, mozzie, thelarster
1 newjersey, mozzie, master
3*master, Rebecca, newjersey, PussyWhipt, wolt, herewego
4*Stevenaars, PussyWhipt, wolt, newjersey, Rebecca, master
4*Vagamundo, AFCA020CBS, wallenstei, newjersey, hhanger
2*adamastor8, newjersey, KENWOOD, 99coolbree, thelarster, imaxlevel
2*TNATIRRI, newjersey, Muis1, TH3, xvxvx
4*knuffie66, Carrah, trintest2, newjersey, MADALIST, pudder
3*CONQUISTAD, CuteAmy, newjersey, kefkiller3, AFCA020CBS, fokker
1*newjersey, xvxvx, gerfop, nuria22, Flatlands
3*master, Rebecca, newjersey, PussyWhipt, klieroh, Rafter
3*master, Rebecca, newjersey, PussyWhipt, Steppdaddy, OG1
1*newjersey, imaxlevel, aise88, Vagamundo, pizzagate
3*martim, OG1, newjersey, alex, earthone, xvxvx
1*newjersey, CONQUISTAD, Goodman, anthonyngu, colzizo
3*uriahheep, earthone, newjersey, Liwwadden, Domblondje
3*tron, wimpee, newjersey, Zmago1, pizzagate, coolbreeze
4*alexde, Vagamundo, felixxxxx, newjersey, akimity, colzizo
1*newjersey, xvxvx, GolfPro, vrede_nu, dupplo
4*master, PussyWhipt, wallenstei, newjersey, remmetje, Rebecca
4*akatheone, vrede_nu, gerfop, newjersey, Alligator7, xvxvx
1*newjersey, akatheone, kefkiller3, xvxvx, aise88
5*00WORLD, andypandy5, aise88, chingar, newjersey, samuel
1*newjersey, andypandy5, Dominator, aise88, Stevenaars, MEXICO
1*newjersey, Ax23, Vagamundo, aise88, thelarster, fastrrrrrr
2*xvxvx, newjersey, ms2dft, OG1, TOAST
2*xvxvx, newjersey, adamastor8, murti, nuria22
2*nuria22, newjersey, wimpee, adamastor8, CuteAmy, Facesitter
2*xvxvx, newjersey, nuria22, TNATIRRI, knuffie66
2*nuria22, newjersey, Bulletje83, stephanie9, mozzie, wimpee
3 mozzie, xvxvx, newjersey, eibmwfanai, aise88
5*mozzie, RAGE2000, dgs, aise88, newjersey, BatMan
6*Mex, toast, wolt, alomont12, Luka2016, newjersey
1*newjersey, wolt, aise88, anthonyngu, toast, colzizo
5*Luka2016, wimpee, obiwan, anthonyngu, newjersey, pudder
1*newjersey, Tord1, aise88, knuffie66, hamlet1983
4*wimpee, MEXICO, colzizo, newjersey, OG1
2*devill63, newjersey, TP_knighty, OG1, MEXICO
2*gerfop, newjersey, CAOS, gmoney, thelarster, Oshawhat
3*Bulletje83, felixxxxx, newjersey, eibmwfanai, robin, laker
3*Druifke, Bulletje83, newjersey, Tord1, Oshawhat, Schwitzebo
5*knuffie66, gmoney, GolfPro, leeuwarden, newjersey
4*AFCA020CBS, knuffie66, Tord1, newjersey, eibmwfanai, Wellington
4*fokker, k2, G55, newjersey, OG1, StonedCat
1*newjersey, gerfop, pizzagate, MARINE66, aise88
2*aise88, newjersey, StonedCat, NineLives9, colzizo, Oshawhat
2*aise88, newjersey, Boogeyman, wooooody, colzizo, Oshawhat
4*gerfop, zedavisbac, Liwwadden, newjersey, petrinnit
3*Pedrolino, xvxvx, newjersey, 1fater, zedavisbac, colzizo
1*newjersey, thelarster, adamastor8, ikweetjemo, Luther73
4*mozzie, aise88, nostyle, newjersey, dougbotha
2*Dominator, newjersey, SGTStone, felixxxxx, Uwilldie85, aise88
2*aise88, newjersey, Schwitzebo, ikweetjemo, Warmonger, Goodman
4*mozzie, SGTStone, zedavisbac, newjersey, Oshawhat
1*newjersey, Muis1, gerfop, jantinus, pizzagate, Domblondje
6*fokker, Pedrolino, knuffie66, zedavisbac, Karl_XII, newjersey
4*leeuwarden, zedavisbac, mrt91, newjersey, StonedCat, CAOS
2*coolbreeze, newjersey, Nuria22, USA, DeKraker, Mex
2*DeKraker, newjersey, AFCA020CBS, coolbreeze, Oshawhat, anthonyngu
2*pincelito, newjersey, Karl_XII, CAOS, Bulletje83, bob_barker
6*vrede_nu, coolbreeze, Oshawhat, bob_barker, 1fater, newjersey
2*jolani, newjersey, Tord1, aise88, pizzagate, Oshawhat
3*theflyingd, Zmago1, newjersey, aise88
1*newjersey, mozzie, 1fater, SGTStone, aise88
2 Kariboo, newjersey, Ax23
3*xvxvx, Wellington, newjersey, pizzagate, Oshawhat
3*xvxvx, knuffie66, newjersey, pizzagate, Oshawhat, hamlet1983
5*nizzlenar, MARINE66, AFCA020CBS, mozzie, newjersey, OG1
2*Romeo123, newjersey, colzizo, mfd906, devill63
1*newjersey, gerfop, GolfPro, CAOS, Dominator, jolani
2*Schwitzebo, newjersey, FlyinHigh, bean, MEXICO, Aise88
2*wimpee, newjersey, rist6, OG1, Schwitzebo, kefkiller3
4*zedavisbac, knuffie66, Romeo123, newjersey, thelarster
3*MarekL19, Gabrielle, newjersey, Aise88, OG1, andy11
3*Bulletje83, knuffie66, newjersey, hamlet1983, SGTStone, Aise88
5*Aise88, rembot, remmetje, Chucky, newjersey, Mex
1*newjersey, TeamThugB, IceBot_Nor, rist6, Chucky, Aise88
3*nbk, Mex, newjersey, remmetje, mozzie, Aise88
2*laker, newjersey, wooooody, zyxw, MEXICO, k13
4*TP_knighty, HarryBot, robin, newjersey, laker, wooooody
2*kimjungun, newjersey, Kariboo, Bulletje83, werkeloos
2*doctornono, newjersey, StonedCat, zedavisbac, CharIesVlI, 2ne1
2*CharIesVlI, newjersey, pizzagate, TP_knighty, AFCA020CBS, CAOS
3*nuria22, MARINE66, newjersey, livehigh
5*manyak99, TP_knighty, Stevenaars, knuffie66, newjersey, thelarster
6*pizzagate, TP_knighty, devill63, manyak99, AirBiscuit, newjersey
2*knuffie66, newjersey, Mister_VWP, pizzagate, devill63, TP_knighty
5*Hostess, CAOS, knuffie66, Mister_VWP, newjersey, wimpee
5*edwin, thelarster, AFCA020CBS, lerner, newjersey
6*modominate, CharIesVlI, knuffie66, Rebecca, ''Sjaak, newjersey
1*newjersey, Erick, the_dude, pizzagate, 2b
3*Mex, Viet_Cong, newjersey, beta, Aise88, remspoor
5*Unibomber, remspoor, rembot, Mex, newjersey, alexde
4*gerfop, nice, CharIesVIl, newjersey, StonedCat, knuffie66
3*xvxvx, wrecker, newjersey, mfd906, wimpee, anthonyngu
2*plop3223, newjersey, wolt, SA_Mullet, CAOS, goodnight1
3*lerner, Dominator, newjersey, devill63, Schwitzebo
5*nuria22, pequespequ, Ladyblond, Bulletje83, newjersey
3*devill63, MARINE66, newjersey, GolfPro, cancan, ABSF
5*amt, MARINE66, knuffie66, gerfop, newjersey
2*mfd906, newjersey, seen, GolfPro, pincelito
2*ABSF, newjersey, werkeloos, colzizo
3*ABSF, wooooody, newjersey, SmokinFiya, ginagriffi, werkeloos
3*GideonL, fidel, newjersey, kimjungun, ABSF
5*Ultionem, colzizo, thelarster, wimpee, newjersey, Streetwise
5*colzizo, earthone, wimpee, 2ne1, newjersey
3*kat, newjersey, MARINE66
5*alexde, seen, wolt, ww111, newjersey, manyak99
1*newjersey, manyak99, alexde, wolt
3*MEXICO, Jennifer, newjersey, laker, robin, zyxw
2*Muis1, newjersey, Schwitzebo, CharIesVIl, StonedCat, amt
6*laker, RalphBot, Tiffany, laverga, colzizo, newjersey
1*newjersey, agapanthis, gerfop, nostyle, 2b
2*Schwitzebo, newjersey, wimpee, colzizo
4*wimpee, Nicussi, lkpr0624, newjersey, handjob
2*Dominator, newjersey, coolbreeze, wolt, beta, Nicussi
3*CharIesVIl, Liwwadden, newjersey, hyrolium, carla1989
2*carla1989, newjersey, patrick, TheCatalan, MEXICO
3*Gabrielle, knuffie66, newjersey, sqarygary1, 19robroy, Jacinda
5*samantha, MEXICO, Token, cupafeel, newjersey
1*newjersey, diflsvn, Player, wooooody, wimpee
4 diflsvn, kimjungun, colzizo, newjersey, wimpee
2*Schwitzebo, newjersey, carla1989, batian
4*Ladyblond, MEXICO, T_l1b_n, newjersey
2*wooooody, newjersey, Player, batian, DeKraker
2 wooooody, newjersey, DeKraker, JovkeBG
5*Reetpel, nuria22, Bolo, imaxlevel, newjersey
1 newjersey, erik100bot, trintest2, Pwnstar, comeback1
2*devill63, newjersey, colzizo, NineLives9, Love-to-ki
6*stfu_punk, batian, bleedgreen, Blumpkin, CharIesVIl, newjersey
3*Rubberduck, Redwood, newjersey, Schwitzebo, pincelito
4*weedmaster, shahanshah, HankTheTan, newjersey, zyxw
2*kimjungun, newjersey, HankTheTan, HoDown, vrede_nu
1 newjersey, UltraBotC, SHAQ2, john
2*wimpee, newjersey, yoyfox2018, Stevenaars
3*wimpee, coolbreeze, newjersey, lrigdrat, snowball, fidel
4*HankTheTan, Schwitzebo, clangunn, newjersey
2*hamlet1983, newjersey, caos, Batian, snowball
3 EvilBotB, CrashY, newjersey, SEXYlllll
*) Rated game

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