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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
ms2dft 1500 1732 1097 5 1477

Game started Pos Game result
1*ms2dft, caos, Smidesang, Jackstract, RedDragon
6*Mex, manyak99, AngryDwarf, Dominator, TOAST, ms2dft
4*werkeloos, knuffie66, seen, ms2dft, CAOS, thelarster
1*ms2dft, goodnight2, pizzagate, GolfPro, snowball
4*pudder, wimpee, earthone, ms2dft, GolfPro
3*Dominator, earthone, ms2dft, hamlet1983, CAOS, stephanie9
3*OG1, lokve222, ms2dft, werkeloos, PussyWhipt, ProudClod
3*knuffie66, master, ms2dft, newjersey, mozzie, thelarster
4*TheWall, pincelito, Dominator, ms2dft, Zmago1
3*alexde, wimpee, ms2dft, aise88, xvxvx, Zmago1
3*earthone, alex, ms2dft
4*zedavisbac, Oshawhat, xvxvx, ms2dft, Pedrolino, OG1
3*xvxvx, newjersey, ms2dft, OG1, TOAST
2*Mex, ms2dft, knuffie66, TOAST, NinjaSK, aise88
6*gerfop, earthone, zedavisbac, capercdn, aise88, ms2dft
3*gerfop, ginagriffi, ms2dft, aise88, ikweetjemo
3*TP_knighty, devill63, ms2dft, ww111, kpercell2
2*kpercell2, ms2dft, AirBiscuit, devill63, Dominator
2*Stevenaars, ms2dft, mozzie, Ducky, AngryDwarf, Mex
6*alexde, Mex, Stevenaars, ljubae, TOAST, ms2dft
4*devill63, alexde, pizzagate, ms2dft, TOAST, dougbotha
4*Oshawhat, MARINE66, loppol, ms2dft, Zmago1, TP_knighty
6*colzizo, umamoti, Pedrolino, zedavisbac, Mex, ms2dft
6*RonnieD, thege0rge, Bulletje83, zedavisbac, 6ix6ix6ix, ms2dft
3*StonedCat, aise88, ms2dft, loppol, fastrrrrrr
5*moon, felixxxxx, jolani, colzizo, ms2dft
4*jolani, Romeo123, Stevenaars, ms2dft, ljubae
5*Muis1, Aise88, MARINE66, OG1, ms2dft
4*ljubae, MEXICO, G55, ms2dft
3*Nicussi, AFCA020CBS, ms2dft, OG1, Schwitzebo
3*dgs, OG1, ms2dft, AFCA020CBS, werkeloos
4*pizzagate, Pedrolino, zedavisbac, ms2dft, FlyinHigh, hamlet1983
1 ms2dft, devill63, Pedrolino, zedavisbac
3*batian, pincelito, ms2dft, OG1, Martim, hamlet1983
5*Rodneyking, earthone, manyak99, hamlet1983, ms2dft, GolfPro
3*wizkid, nbk, ms2dft, GolfPro
3*colzizo, GideonL, ms2dft, kefkiller3
5*murti, Bulletje83, batian, Dominator, ms2dft
5*murti, kefkiller3, StonedCat, NickyW, ms2dft, Dominator
4*Thomas, plop3223, Dominator, ms2dft, flipper, Toffay
2 Ax23, ms2dft, hyrolium, Thomas
4*Thomas, CharIesVlI, alex, ms2dft, Ax23
4*wrecker, GolfPro, batian, ms2dft, wimpee, Romeo123
4*Nicussi, wimpee, Thomas, ms2dft, hamlet1983, werkeloos
5*wolt, Stevenaars, batian, knuffie66, ms2dft, Dominator
5*StonedCat, 1fater, Erythraea, ginagriffi, ms2dft, don
4*wooooody, seen, thelarster, ms2dft
3*devill63, wooooody, ms2dft, seen
4*gerfop, Liwwadden, Rubberduck, ms2dft
5*rochana, CharIesVIl, DeKraker, Rubberduck, ms2dft
5*colzizo, Schwitzebo, kartan, Ax23, ms2dft, km_n
1*ms2dft, Economist, comodino, GetALife, Schwitzebo, GolfPro
6*seen, zyxw, Schwitzebo, Reetpel, cancan, ms2dft
5*pincelito, GolfPro, Blumpkin, diflsvn, ms2dft
3*MEXICO, kartan, ms2dft, colzizo, Reetpel
5*whupemwild, uriahheep, Schwitzebo, Nicussi, ms2dft, colzizo
5*knuffie66, bananabutt, wimpee, colzizo, ms2dft, thelarster
5*seen, Goodman, Player, Redwood, ms2dft, Edwards7
1*ms2dft, felixxx, Oshawhat, HankTheTan, knuffie66, ginagriffi
2*seen, ms2dft, MARINE66, Oshawhat, mexbad1, ginagriffi
2*KENWOOD, ms2dft, agapanthis, TP_knighty, Bobthomas1, kill4peace
4*agapanthis, oom, TP_knighty, ms2dft, StonedCat, kill4peace
5*wooooody, Toffay, agapanthis, hamlet1983, ms2dft
1*ms2dft, mr0, master, gak, PussyWhipt, whupemwild
5*Irma, xvxvx, Tentacles, MikeKing, ms2dft
2*Tentacles, ms2dft, dozer911, MikeKing, CW19057
1*ms2dft, Edwards7, 'wwijk, Prisbi, Sebastien
5*caos, seen, Player, snowball, ms2dft
4*sammy, pincelito, devill63, ms2dft, snowball, Irma
5*Logan, Rebecca, TT1, MEXICO, ms2dft, snowball
4*Rebecca, ArnieGrape, MEXICO, ms2dft, TT1, baaltazar
4 griemeldie, wimpee, knuffie66, ms2dft, loppol
2*loppol, ms2dft, KENWOOD, Morgan420, weedmaster, hoodlegend
1*ms2dft, kill4peace, MEXICO, ginagriffi, Batian, hamlet1983
2*Ultionem, ms2dft, caos, koolfloss, kefkiller3, Denobr
4*PussyWhipt, kill4peace, caos, ms2dft, ProudClod, hamlet1983
5*2b, Denobr, Cool_Cat, seen, ms2dft, colzizo
6*Ding_Dong, stephanie9, Nicussi, mudbone, alexde, ms2dft
3*devill63, seen, ms2dft, MARINE66, Edwards7, VomiT
5*colzizo, uriahheep, 2b, felixxxxx, ms2dft
3*Ax23, caos, ms2dft
1*ms2dft, CONQUISTAD, vrede_nu, wimpee, napoleonmo
1*ms2dft, pudder, devill63, Edwards7
4*RonJeremy, werkeloos, cobalt60, ms2dft, caos, yeray75
1*ms2dft, Dominator, rodent, mr0, tron
3*Dominator, mr0, ms2dft, pizzagate, Toffay
5*bananabutt, caos, UncleBenny, Dominator, ms2dft
5*megadom, LoneCat, Suicide, knuffie66, ms2dft
5*kill4peace, MEXICO, hyrolium, A_Monger, ms2dft, goodnight1
4*22, 3, 00WORLD, ms2dft, hyrolium, tron
1*ms2dft, stephanie9, colzizo, yeray75, pequespequ
*) Rated game

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