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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
MrT91 1507 1738 1238 1 831

Game started Pos Game result
4*nuria22, angelo72, andypandy5, mrt91, Zmago1, gmoney
3*Goodman, Warmonger, mrt91, manyak99, Muis1
4*hoodlegend, modominate, DianaT, mrt91, nuria22, amt
3*leeuwarden, zedavisbac, mrt91, newjersey, StonedCat, CAOS
3*PoohBear2, Mex, mrt91, Fokker, pizzagate, colzizo
4*nuria22, xvxvx, Goodman, mrt91, DeKraker, aise88
4*anthonyngu, edwin, 99coolbree, mrt91, zedavisbac, madre
3*nostyle, 2b, mrt91, denniis, AFCA020CBS, pincelito
1*mrt91, MADALIST, aise88, Luther73, nizzlenar, StonedCat
3*Jennifer, Luther73, mrt91, Gabrielle, MarekL19, youngblood
1*mrt91, nuria22, TK_imperso, diflsvn, MARINE66
2*nuria22, mrt91, MARINE66, fidel, xvxvx, dog_farts
4*DeKraker, MARINE66, laker, mrt91, pizzagate, gerfop
4*Mugsyyyy, burkemac, xvxvx, mrt91, amt, aise88
4*FatAssFred, caos, felixxxxx, mrt91, inthesomed
4*nuria22, TNATIRRI, jolani, mrt91, ljubae, aboulayla
*) Rated game

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