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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
manyak98 1246 1610 1209 1 32

Game started Pos Game result
6*fulgidus, Smidesang, Jackstract, lastpost, w3cko, manyak98
4*Jackstract, Smidesang, fulgidus, manyak98
4*Smidesang, Jackstract, alex, manyak98, KaiserFran
5*Mex, wimpee, iqtidar, earthone, manyak98, aldoco
6*ljubae, MADALIST, Seraphis, iqtidar, wooooody, manyak98
5*Smidesang, coolbreeze, Jackstract, wimpee, manyak98, wooooody
2*Skure, manyak98, wooooody, plop3223, Seraphis, MarekL19
1*manyak98, pizzagate, goodnight2, RedDragon, Seraphis, adamastor8
5*Smidesang, Jackstract, LAVERGA, Seraphis, manyak98
5*nuria22, Apfelbaumz, aise88, Mex, manyak98, Smidesang
5*aise88, Smidesang, vrede_nu, nuria22, manyak98, pudder
6*1fater, bananabutt, 2ne1, earthone, vrede_nu, manyak98
4*nuria22, gerfop, loppol, manyak98, colzizo
4*leeuwarden, 1fater, bananabutt, manyak98, RedDragon
5*rist6, 2ne1, vrede_nu, bananabutt, manyak98
6*aise88, wimpee, ithinkso, vrede_nu, GolfPro, manyak98
5*rist6, Laar, griemeldie, wimpee, manyak98, aise88
4*seen, Smidesang, caos, manyak98, Warmonger, wooooody
3*caos, Smidesang, manyak98, aldoco, RealSlimDi
4*Mister_VWP, TheBlueOx, Smidesang, manyak98, aise88, nostyle
4*Kosty, DDLLOOPP, newjersey, manyak98, nostyle, adamastor8
4*leeuwarden, nostyle, adamastor8, manyak98, Ax23
5*edwin, Smidesang, lokve222, nostyle, manyak98
5*caos, beppe1960, aise88, newjersey, manyak98
1*manyak98, aise88, Bedsoaker, caos, modominate
4*pudder, Mex, knuffie66, manyak98, Ax23, wimpee
3*loppol, StonedCat, manyak98, Dominator, hamlet1983, pudder
4*katiegirl, seen, knuffie66, manyak98, nostyle, wimpee
1 manyak98, wimpee, seen, nostyle, pizzagate, hamlet1983
1*manyak98, nostyle, werkeloos, ginagriffi, Sebastien, pudder
1*manyak98, gakk, vrede_nu, herewego, ROCK10
3*micno, edwin, manyak98, lokve222, Ax23
4*Mex, Rebecca, CAOS, manyak98, Ax23, lokve222
*) Rated game

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