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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
lungbisket 1687 1753 1310 4 73

Game started Pos Game result
1*lungbisket, Rafter, Rebecca, aise88, master, PussyWhipt
2*aise88, lungbisket, remmetje, Mex, Aer0babe, master
1*lungbisket, Mex, rembot, MADALIST, wooooody, adamastor8
4*Ax23, remspoor, Mex, lungbisket, Bolo
2*wooooody, lungbisket, pkslim1000, Bolo, StonedCat, aboulayla
1*lungbisket, remspoor, Mex, aise88, MARINE66, youngblood
3*seen, remmetje, lungbisket, ww111, wolt, TT1
1*lungbisket, 2ne1, fiddleed65, MarekL19, thuglife
4*bleedgreen, Morgan420, CW19057, lungbisket, MCXX, MARINE66
1*lungbisket, TT1, remmetje, wimpee, modominate, wooooody
2*poohbear2, lungbisket, devill63, napoleonmo
2*brainelf, lungbisket, Denobr, pincelito, felixxx, bigbug7
6*mozzie, 3, 01, Retardgirl, RAGE2000, lungbisket
1*lungbisket, Ax23, caos, mr0, wimpee
2*wimpee, lungbisket, mr0, 2b, hyrolium, Irma
5*Mex, 2b, 1fater, FreakShow, lungbisket, Gwydion
1*lungbisket, RingoStar, MARINE66, 2b, 2ne1, LoneCat
4*LoneCat, LordFriezA, RonnieD, lungbisket, bubbarowde, dougbotha
3*MCXX, Schwitzebo, lungbisket, KENWOOD, mrfreak, MARINE66
4*Logan, remspoor, Rebecca, lungbisket, whupemwild
5*Mex, remspoor, Life, caos, lungbisket, yeray75
*) Rated game

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