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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
kill4peace 1589 1821 1319 5 1020

Game started Pos Game result
1*kill4peace, wolt, Junkdeluxe, seen, StonedCat, mr0
1*kill4peace, oom, gerfop, colzizo, herte777
1*kill4peace, colzizo, plop3223, Toffay, robbertjuh
6*KENWOOD, ms2dft, agapanthis, TP_knighty, Bobthomas1, kill4peace
6*agapanthis, oom, TP_knighty, ms2dft, StonedCat, kill4peace
6*GeneralMie, Player, seen, kartan, caos, kill4peace
1*kill4peace, GeneralMie, ginagriffi, hamlet1983, Player
2*GeneralMie, kill4peace, nuria22, Edwards7, gak
5*MEXICO, balls, StonedCat, napoleonmo, kill4peace, Reetpel
3*knuffie66, KingVegeta, kill4peace, Oshawhat, CAOS, Morgan420
6*Gabrielle, trilveen, sammy, Schwitzebo, MarekL19, kill4peace
1 kill4peace, pudder
3*katiegirl, Denobr, kill4peace, MARINE66, Tentacles, Edwards7
5*KENWOOD, mozzie, pudder, LoneCat, kill4peace
1*kill4peace, koolfloss, nuria22, hamlet1983, SunTzu8850, beta
2*weedmaster, kill4peace, colzizo, pizzagate
1*kill4peace, PussyWhipt, Dominator, ProudClod, draulka, pizzagate
3*MEXICO, SGTStone, kill4peace, 1fater, KingVegeta
5*PussyWhipt, HankTheTan, jasostitt, ProudClod, kill4peace
1 kill4peace, caos, CW19057
4*fidel, Junkdeluxe, caos, kill4peace, kimjungun, RAGE2000
1*kill4peace, toxic, RAGE2000, Toffay, kimjungun, caos
1*kill4peace, PussyWhipt, vrede_nu, caos, babaloo, ProudClod
1*kill4peace, knuffie66, kimjungun, pizzagate, Batian
1*kill4peace, knuffie66, colzizo, Napoleonmo, Irma
4*MarekL19, Gabrielle, colzizo, kill4peace, Jacinda, snowball
6*caos, alexde, Edwards7, Ax23, ginagriffi, kill4peace
1*kill4peace, colzizo, KingVegeta, babaloo, 1fater, fastrrrrrr
4*snowball, KingVegeta, 1fater, kill4peace, Irma
5*my7777, dozer911, caos, thelarster, kill4peace
3*Saxbuddy, pincelito, kill4peace, napoleonmo
3*knuffie66, jasostitt, kill4peace, Reetpel, KENWOOD, Napoleonmo
5*Vote4Pedro, remspoor, Rebecca, TT1, kill4peace, ginagriffi
2*ms2dft, kill4peace, MEXICO, ginagriffi, Batian, hamlet1983
1*kill4peace, Batian, ginagriffi, MEXICO
1*kill4peace, koolfloss, Amerikaan, Bobthomas1, dozer911, babaloo
4*cucumbre, TheBlueOx, colzizo, kill4peace, Batian, trilveen
4*Aceventura, NinjaSK, seen, kill4peace, Sproc, atrox
2*nuria22, kill4peace, SGTStone, Denobr, koolfloss, caos
1 kill4peace, beta, CW19057, griemeldie, wimpee
1*kill4peace, stephanie9, km_n, caos, wimpee, plop3223
1*kill4peace, Sebastien, hamlet1983, km_n, morgan420, CW19057
5*Victor_G, wimpee, MarekL19, RAGE2000, kill4peace, Gabrielle
3*superrito, nbk, kill4peace, napoleonmo, hamlet1983
2 Alpha_Male, kill4peace, unfaker, wimpee, Schwitzebo
3*loppol, wimpee, kill4peace, xvxvx, unfaker, seen
3 seen, unfaker, kill4peace, wimpee
5*Dominator, nuria22, my7777, CONQUISTAD, kill4peace, uwilldie85
5*VomiT, colzizo, nuria22, coolbreeze, kill4peace, pudder
3*colzizo, hyrolium, kill4peace, caperqt, ginagriffi
2*MCXX, kill4peace, TheBlueOx, caos, coolbreeze, Sproc
4*my7777, lady_kick, koolfloss, kill4peace, kefkiller3
1*kill4peace, 2b, caos, mudbone, CONQUISTAD
1*kill4peace, PussyWhipt, 2b, dougbotha, ProudClod, 1fater
6*caos, Cool_Cat, CONQUISTAD, thege0rge, Nicussi, kill4peace
5*Storm, remspoor, remmetje, TT1, kill4peace, dougbotha
5*Economist, colzizo, wimpee, mozzie, kill4peace, caos
2*PussyWhipt, kill4peace, caos, ms2dft, ProudClod, hamlet1983
4*mr0, knuffie66, wooooody, kill4peace, mozzie, sqarygary1
1*kill4peace, WhiptCream, mr0, mozzie, winner100
2*sqarygary1, kill4peace, manyak99, mozzie, knuffie66, colzizo
4*nuria22, RAGE2000, CONQUISTAD, kill4peace, pudder
2*RAGE2000, kill4peace, CONQUISTAD, wooooody, jasostitt, CW19057
3*wimpee, katiegirl, kill4peace, Flatlands, hamlet1983, angelo72
1*kill4peace, Reetpel, RAGE2000, Tentacles, pizzagate, hamlet1983
1*kill4peace, Tentacles, colzizo, ginagriffi, wimpee
3*mr0, Nicussi, kill4peace, hamlet1983, sander1989, SGTStone
1*kill4peace, caos, Captain_Ch, wimpee, nostyle, hyrolium
5*Ax23, seen, tc1980, dougbotha, kill4peace, pizzagate
3*lothario, caos, kill4peace, vrede_nu, Ax23, Every_one
1*kill4peace, PussyWhipt, koolfloss, mr0, 2b, Junkdeluxe
2*PussyWhipt, kill4peace, bigbug7, ABSF, knuffie66, ProudClod
1*kill4peace, ProudClod, PussyWhipt, NinjaSK, ABSF
4*patrick, PussyWhipt, NinjaSK, kill4peace, mr0, ProudClod
2*alexde, kill4peace, patrick, MARINE66, Ax23
4*devill63, KingVegeta, Economist, kill4peace, caos
6*kefkiller3, DWDD, caos, felixxxxx, colzizo, kill4peace
1*kill4peace, LunaTerra, bubbarowde, KingVegeta, Jarcooler, Reetpel
3*loppol, mozzie, kill4peace, Life, ProudClod, PussyWhipt
3*Dominator, stephanie9, kill4peace, mozzie, Life
4*ModdaFokka, caos, VomiT, kill4peace, Ax23
5*sammy, ModdaFokka, hyrolium, Sebastien, kill4peace, Life
1*kill4peace, sammy, PussyWhipt, Sebastien, BasedDvl, caos
5*master, hyrolium, StonedCat, kill4peace, NinjaSK
3*hyrolium, kill4peace, dougbotha, 1234, caos
2*Dominator, kill4peace, 2b, Schwitzebo, yeray75
1*kill4peace, Gabrielle, StonedCat, MarekL19, Jacinda, yeray75
3*knuffie66, caos, kill4peace, cupafeel, Sebastien, bleedgreen
1*kill4peace, Schwitzebo, Dominator, Morgan420, MCXX, sander1989
1*kill4peace, mrfreak, 1fater, patrick, coolbreeze, atothee
1*kill4peace, patrick, fiddleed65, CW19057, Morgan420
4*Retardgirl, TT1, caos, kill4peace, CW19057, 1fater
1*kill4peace, Madness, alexde, Ax23, thelarster, ModdaFokka
3*sqarygary1, bounce-b, kill4peace, BillThemas, CharIesVll, Morgan420
2*Schwitzebo, kill4peace, jasostitt, caos, CW19057, Lvsitano
3*megadom, Morgan420, kill4peace, caos, mrfreak, Schwitzebo
3*dougbotha, kill4peace, mr0, lerner, thelarster
3*alexde, franz44, kill4peace, ProudClod, PussyWhipt
1 kill4peace, Rebecca, NumbNuts4, PussyWhipt, Hurc, Jimbot
5*PussyWhipt, franz44, wimpee, ProudClod, kill4peace
5*seen, mr0, lerner, hyrolium, kill4peace, wimpee
1*kill4peace, ABSF, kman, southbound, hyrolium
1*kill4peace, kman, colzizo, caos
1*kill4peace, MarekL19, Jacinda, knuffie66, caos, Gabrielle
2*Cool_Cat, kill4peace, Redwood, stephanie9, colzizo
2*vrede_nu, kill4peace, fidel, tron
4*hyrolium, angelo72, Alienvape, kill4peace, wimpee, Dominator
3*caos, fidel, kill4peace, bounce-b, megadom, herte777
5*master, Rebecca, PussyWhipt, herte777, kill4peace, crocodile
5*coolbreeze, fidel, NLCKNAME, herte777, kill4peace, bastard
5*MEXICO, tron, gigantje, earthone, kill4peace
4*RingoStar, Dominator, xvxvx, kill4peace, kefkiller3, pudder
5 DuckyIII, BoneDoll, jaBot, James, kill4peace
1*kill4peace, HANNIBAL56, fidel, yeray75, atrox, SGTStone
3*felixxxxx, colzizo, kill4peace, devill63
1*kill4peace, MEXICO, hyrolium, A_Monger, ms2dft, goodnight1
2*knuffie66, kill4peace, djart, LAVERGA, yeray75, caos
1*kill4peace, nuria22, Vagammundo, sander1989, atothee, Sunsh1ne
1*kill4peace, sander1989, PussyWhipt, Rebecca, colzizo
5*bleedgreen, cupafeel, RingoStar, sander1989, kill4peace, caos
4*PussyWhipt, UncleBenny, ProudClod, kill4peace, caos, katiegirl
4*NlCKNAME, tron, Vagammundo, kill4peace, Flatlands, BasedDvl
5*netbio, -X-, hyrolium, my7777, kill4peace
3*Dominator, fidel, kill4peace, kefkiller3, E_Grainger, Irma
2*RonJeremy, kill4peace, fidel, caos, RingoStar
3*Token, koolfloss, kill4peace, RingoStar, yeray75
3*pudder, PussyWhipt, kill4peace, Dominator, ProudClod, kefkiller3
1*kill4peace, koolfloss, pudder, caos, knuffie66, RingoStar
1 kill4peace, PussyWhipt, knuffie66, ProudClod, koolfloss, colzizo
3*tron, koolfloss, kill4peace, yeray75, Sebastien
1*kill4peace, yeray75, SGTStone, caos, RAGE2000
1*kill4peace, caos, Excelo, SGTStone, RAGE2000
1*kill4peace, Edwards7, knuffie66, colzizo, UncleBenny, Toffay
1*kill4peace, PussyWhipt, ProudClod, knuffie66, caos, wimpee
4*knuffie66, RonnieD, Mex, kill4peace, pincelito, Life
2*tron, kill4peace, seen, Sebastien, mozzie, bleedgreen
2*Token, kill4peace, mozzie, Edwards7, 'wwijk
*) Rated game

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