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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
j_k3r 1421 1753 1397 1 31

Game started Pos Game result
4*B_O_X_E_R, wimpee, nuria22, j_k3r, pizzagate, ''Sjaak
5*pizzagate, ljubae, FatAssFred, z_z, j_k3r, nuria22
1 j_k3r, ljubae, FatAssFred, wimpee, pizzagate, nuria22
5*earthone, newjersey, ouagadougo, FatAssFred, j_k3r
4*seen, FatAssFred, w3cko, j_k3r, mozzie, beppe1960
5*Mex, knuffie66, morbidness, TOAST, j_k3r, NAADRIDDER
4*NAADRIDDER, morbidness, seen, j_k3r, Wellington, Toffay
3*tron, caos, j_k3r, gerfop, knuffie66, aise88
4*Steppdaddy, djart, CuteAmy, j_k3r, CAOS, aldoco
1*j_k3r, Steppdaddy, devill63, cancan, adamastor8
1*j_k3r, gerfop, CAOS, DeKraker, Seraphis, TOAST
2*Seraphis, j_k3r, nostyle, gerfop, TOAST
1*j_k3r, pizzagate, KaiserFran, GolfPro, Attack, TOAST
6*Mex, Stevenaars, knuffie66, Laar, jhm, j_k3r
5*mr0, ljubae, wallenstei, tampeloeru, j_k3r, Stevenaars
3*mr0, Steppdaddy, j_k3r, RedDragon, wallenstei, beppe1960
2*thelarster, j_k3r, Wellington, seen, colzizo
5*djart, Stevenaars, CAOS, dougbotha, j_k3r, ulisse
5*master, PussyWhipt, Rebecca, remmetje, j_k3r, alex
3 PussyWhipt, master, j_k3r, Rebecca, mozzie, alex
5*mozzie, xvxvx, alex, DianaT, j_k3r
5*wimpee, anthonyngu, gerfop, colzizo, j_k3r, CAOS
1*j_k3r, ginagriffi, Beers16, Liwwadden, Xpv, jhm
1*j_k3r, adamastor8, RedDragon, xvxvx, Schwitzebo
2*xvxvx, j_k3r, AFCA020CBS, OG1, wimpee, ''Sjaak
1*j_k3r, 2ne1, gerfop, spirit2012, wimpee, El_pinche_
1*j_k3r, wimpee, Mex, 2ne1, Schwitzebo, TOAST
1*j_k3r, zedavisbac, CONQUISTAD, Pedrolino, Karl_XII, Schwitzebo
1 j_k3r, Schwitzebo, TOAST, wimpee, CONQUISTAD, zedavisbac
2*Mex, j_k3r, jhm, herte777, master, Ultionem
3*xvxvx, Tentacles, j_k3r, TOAST, alex
3*Tentacles, jhm, j_k3r, TH3, 2ne1
4*2ne1, TH3, MARINE66, j_k3r, jhm
5*ljubae, CONQUISTAD, amt01, wolt, j_k3r
*) Rated game

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