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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
Hughsy 1398 1750 1266 3 1542

 Inappropriate behaviour in the chatbox, ruining games - banned

Game started Pos Game result
5*felixxxxx, edwin, Ax23, Jarcooler, hughsy, TP_knighty
5*russia, nuria22, aise88, lerner, hughsy
4*Schwitzebo, bedsoaker, hughsy, laverga
1*hughsy, aise88, thelarster, GolfPro, 2b, wrecker
4*stephanie9, Pedrolino, ljubae, hughsy, zedavisbac, laverga
6*wimpee, MEXICO, MARINE66, OG1, hughsy
1*hughsy, MarekL19, cobalt60, Gabrielle, Jacinda
1*hughsy, herte777, wolt, Stevenaars, Aise88
5*Aise88, LadyBlond, OG1, Viet_Cong, hughsy, TP_knighty
1*hughsy, TP_knighty, amt, OG1, chingar, Plasmaboy1
1*hughsy, Bulletje83, manyak99, PaulKleur, chingar, demterpz
4 Aise88, LadyBlond, manyak99, hughsy, laverga
2*demterpz, hughsy, tyr, MEXICO, Aise88
6*manyak99, Bolo, Muis1, TP_knighty, lerner, hughsy
3*Flatlands, bedsoaker, hughsy, Bolo, fidel, MEXICO
5*laker, robin, lerner, IWILFAKUUP, hughsy, chingar
6*MarekL19, zyxw, Gabrielle, Jennifer, thebishop1, hughsy
1*hughsy, IWILFAKUUP, thelarster, manyak99, nuria22, imaxlevel
5*Ax23, colzizo, Dominator, nice, hughsy, TP_knighty
1*hughsy, TNATIRRI, nuria22, ladyblond, nice, StonedCat
3*Token, Schwitzebo, hughsy, gerfop, laverga
4 Karl_XII, Moon, nice, hughsy, pizzagate, Token
6*Moon, thelarster, wimpee, seen, werkeloos, hughsy
2*pincelito, hughsy, kartan, Thomas, TP_knighty, ABSF
3 Bolo, lritter2, hughsy, russia
1*hughsy, zot, -Player-1-, wrecker, handjob, josh
5*chingar, GolfPro, MARINE66, gerfop, hughsy
4*waasabi, Ladyblond, JAHSHAKA, hughsy, MEXICO
5*laverga, Dominator, MARINE66, ginagriffi, HUGHSY, TP_knighty
4*Token, Karl_XII, coolbreeze, hughsy, nuria22, Ax23
5*Ultionem, Domblondje, Erythraea, joe01599, hughsy
4*De_Boeman, Nummer02, gerfop, hughsy, Erythraea
2*slaktern_o, hughsy, Schwitzebo, Ax23, KENWOOD, nuria22
4*devill63, G5, abru9, hughsy, LAVERGA, ginagriffi
5*amt01, Mance_Ray, MARINE66, doedelpoe, hughsy
1*hughsy, bedsoaker, lerner, AFCA020CBS, domblondje, dan
6*laverga, djart, Dominator, Karl_XII, nightc, hughsy
5*lady_kick, griemeldie, bedsoaker, dan, hughsy, russia
3*gerfop, Bobthomas1, hughsy, lkpr0624, laverga, samuel
6*gerfop, bonje, Nicussi, bananabutt, laverga, hughsy
5*lerner, nizzlenar, stfu_punk, LAVERGA, hughsy, hamlet1983
5*Ultionem, Tnatirri, Schwitzebo, laverga, hughsy, Karl_XII
2*katiegirl, HUGHSY, thelarster, KillJoy, samerzod, bmac
2*Toffay, HUGHSY, Bolo, CONQUISTAD, nice
5 DeKraker, CONQUISTAD, griemeldie, handjob, HUGHSY
6*laker, Leoncito, nuria22, 2ne1, wolt, hughsy
5*nuria22, patrick, bleedgreen, Tnatirri, hughsy
5*cupafeel, BillThemas, salty_eggs, laverga, hughsy, pudder
5*davetrifle, Dominator, Token, wimpee, hughsy, leeuwarden
3*MarekL19, imaxlevel, hughsy, 2ne1, nuria22, BillThemas
2*G5, hughsy, weedmaster, laverga, Muis1
4*chingar, knuffie66, colzizo, hughsy, Liwwadden, Redwood
3*colzizo, Liwwadden, hughsy, LAVERGA, griemeldie
4*Saxman, zyxw, Reetpel, hughsy, Redwood
2*BillThemas, hughsy, Schwitzebo, nuria22, agapanthis, wimpee
2*Schwitzebo, hughsy, bananabutt, wimpee, BillThemas
5*gsmithy, devill63, weedmaster, Tnatirri, hughsy, master
1*hughsy, delacruz17, Tnatirri, laverga, batian, nuria22
5*nuria22, Tnatirri, Schwitzebo, plop3223, hughsy, wooooody
4*Muis1, carla1989, Junkdeluxe, hughsy, nice
5*vrede_nu, Token, Dominator, MEXICO, hughsy, MCXX
1*hughsy, HankTheTan, plop3223, CuteAmy, TP_knighty, knuffie66
2*sammy, hughsy, StonedCat, blasherke, HANNIBAL56, bleedgreen
3*colzizo, Tnatirri, hughsy, handjob, coolbreeze, MEXICO
4*nuria22, Ax23, thom234, Hughsy, HankTheTan, wimpee
2*Stevenaars, Hughsy, nuria22, RAGE2000, napoleonmo, xone
5*MarekL19, felixxxxx, Denobr, Gabrielle, Hughsy, Nicussi
*) Rated game

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