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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
hoodlegend 1422 1641 1152 1 1190

Game started Pos Game result
4 Gwydion, wooooody, jhm, hoodlegend
4*modominate, 2ne1, bubbarowde, hoodlegend, earthone
4*99coolbree, KENWOOD, aldoco, hoodlegend, MarekL19, MADALIST
5*iqtidar, Boogeyman, pudder, adamastor8, hoodlegend, DianaT
1*hoodlegend, iqtidar, xvxvx, pudder, adamastor8
3*adamastor8, ''Sjaak, hoodlegend, 2ne1, nostyle
4*seen, xvxvx, Gwydion, hoodlegend, ohyeah, CONQUISTAD
4*spirit2012, iqtidar, earthone, hoodlegend
2*wrecker, hoodlegend, adamastor8, KingVegeta, earthone
1*hoodlegend, modominate, diflsvn, nuria22, El_pinche_
6*Rehoboam, remmetje, Mex, El_pinche_, anthonyngu, hoodlegend
5*CuteAmy, aise88, Cool_Cat, obiwan, hoodlegend
3*aise88, Cool_Cat, hoodlegend, OrdoAbChao, thelarster, OG1
2*nuria22, hoodlegend, iqtidar, Wellington
2*modominate, hoodlegend, imaxlevel, aboulayla, Wellington
1*hoodlegend, obiwan, imaxlevel, diflsvn, MADALIST
2*wooooody, hoodlegend, laker, robin, aise88
3 riktoven, wooooody, hoodlegend, thelarster
4*TOAST, Mex, capercdn, hoodlegend, PussyWhipt, wooooody
5*Mex, PussyWhipt, HOTROCKS, Rehoboam, hoodlegend, jhm
6*MARINE66, DianaT, wooooody, OrdoAbChao, mozzie, hoodlegend
3*OG1, adamastor8, hoodlegend, DianaT, Alligator7, Wellington
2*Wellington, hoodlegend, manyak99, adamastor8, Oshawhat
2*CuteAmy, hoodlegend, pizzagate, MADALIST, stephanie9
6*6ix6ix6ix, DianaT, Viet_Cong, fokker, Wellington, hoodlegend
2*bubbarowde, hoodlegend, imaxlevel, fokker, Wellington
3*coolbreeze, wooooody, hoodlegend, OG1, iqtidar, anthonyngu
3*coolbreeze, wooooody, hoodlegend, anthonyngu, Wellington, nizzlenar
6*Boogeyman, Mex, amt, Wellington, RedShark, hoodlegend
3*stephanie9, Oshawhat, hoodlegend, aise88
5*laker, Tiffany, robin, fokker, hoodlegend, nizzlenar
4*Schwitzebo, MARINE66, TomYum, hoodlegend, manyak99, nizzlenar
5*thelarster, Schwitzebo, imaxlevel, El_pinche_, hoodlegend
1*hoodlegend, modominate, DianaT, mrt91, nuria22, amt
2*laker, hoodlegend, MARINE66, youngblood, pudder, earthone
1*hoodlegend, nostyle, ww111, davidavand
4*wooooody, OG1, diflsvn, hoodlegend, nostyle
5 MARINE66, TH3, mozzie, yagoboy, hoodlegend
3*MARINE66, DeZoE, hoodlegend, earthone, yagoboy
2 Aise88, hoodlegend, Atax_None2, Atilla_Cuz, 1fater, lerner
3*1fater, laker, hoodlegend, Aise88
6*alexjones, BruceW, wooooody, ABSF, ginagriffi, hoodlegend
4*RedShark, BruceW, wooooody, hoodlegend, ABSF, alexjones
3*lerner, DeZoE, hoodlegend, wooooody, amt01
5*bleedgreen, wooooody, earthone, imaxlevel, hoodlegend, TH3
4*wooooody, Reetpel, rist6, hoodlegend
5*Saxman, Reetpel, herte777, DeZoE, hoodlegend, bleedgreen
4*DeZoE, herte777, earthone, hoodlegend, Reetpel, yagoboy
4*modominate, Austin, lrigdrat, hoodlegend, MARINE66, kingaworld
4*1fater, lrigdrat, imaxlevel, hoodlegend, KENWOOD
3*2ne1, bleedgreen, hoodlegend, casavus, Reetpel
5*MCXX, TheBlueOx, cobalt60, Reetpel, hoodlegend
5*MARINE66, mufasa69, Reetpel, agapanthis, hoodlegend, Astarte
3*nuria22, 2ne1, hoodlegend, Oshawhat, StonedCat
1*hoodlegend, 2ne1, cobalt60, remiteam
3*fiddleed65, Liwwadden, hoodlegend, Morgan420, Oshawhat
3*-X-, snowball, hoodlegend, Gabrielle, MarekL19, fiddleed65
4*wimpee, Liwwadden, Oshawhat, hoodlegend, snowball, MarekL19
4*wooooody, MARINE66, modominate, hoodlegend, clangunn, pudder
6*loppol, ms2dft, KENWOOD, Morgan420, weedmaster, hoodlegend
5*nostyle, pudder, Morgan420, bleedgreen, hoodlegend
1*hoodlegend, TheBlueOx, Morgan420, BasedDvl, bleedgreen, fiddleed65
4*RAGE2000, kimjungun, nuria22, hoodlegend, BillThemas
2*bananabutt, hoodlegend, sqarygary1, riktoven, ABSF, mozzie
6*colzizo, bananabutt, uil, Morgan420, yagoboy, hoodlegend
2*Amerikaan, hoodlegend, sqarygary1, modominate, koolfloss, Reetpel
2*ABSF, hoodlegend, nuria22, master, fiddleed65
1*hoodlegend, korat99, nuria22, LordFriezA, 2ne1
6*my7777, nuria22, LordFriezA, bleedgreen, Bass2016, hoodlegend
5*2ne1, Rick777, pudder, imaxlevel, hoodlegend
4 MARINE66, my7777, imaxlevel, hoodlegend, nuria22, bleedgreen
*) Rated game

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