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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
Groot 1680 1891 1405 6 245

Game started Pos Game result
1*groot, remspoor, Mex, RealSlimDi, aaja, NineLives9
3*vrede_nu, gerfop, groot, wimpee, aise88, nostyle
4*master, Mex, seen, groot, Wellington, CAOS
1*groot, PussyWhipt, Rebecca, master, iqtidar, nuria22
1*groot, aise88, nuria22, thelarster, pudder
1*groot, MARINE66, knuffie66, Mex, manyak99, modominate
2*coolbreeze, groot, wooooody, earthone, amt, yagoboy
4*MARINE66, StonedCat, wooooody, groot, 2ne1, iqtidar
1*Groot, remspoor, Mex, Rebecca, 2ne1, MARINE66
4*MARINE66, amt, 2ne1, Groot, wrecker, nizzlenar
1*Groot, MARINE66, bedsoaker, RedShark, amt
5*nice, MARINE66, Schwitzebo, fidel, groot, nuria22
4*nuria22, Dominator, olmo, groot, the_dude, CharIesVlI
4*CharIesVlI, Dominator, 2ne1, groot, TP_knighty, PaulKleur
1*Groot, Rebecca, master, ww111, PussyWhipt, seen
5*wimpee, nuria22, Stewart, Edwards7, groot, Batian
4*HoDown, handjob, sqarygary1, Groot, brunbj_rn, colzizo
2*batty, groot, caos, VomiT, master, 2ne1
3*caos, mr0, Groot, manyak99, devill63
6*tc1980, mr0, devill63, bubbarowde, StonedCat, groot
5*franz44, gak, MudMonkey, fastrrrrrr, groot
4*Morgan420, Stevenaars, Groot, franz44, TT1
1*Groot, remspoor, RonnieD, MARINE66, hbhjbjhmbh, modominate
1*Groot, RonnieD, caos, griemeldie, chingar, Martim
*) Rated game

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