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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
Goodnight2 1419 1500 1241 2 37

Game started Pos Game result
3*Mex, LAVERGA, goodnight2, wimpee, Hostess, JpBot
3*manyak98, pizzagate, goodnight2, RedDragon, Seraphis, adamastor8
5*DianaT, CAOS, laverga, griemeldie, goodnight2, gerfop
3*CAOS, devill63, goodnight2, RedDragon, GolfPro
4*Seraphis, aise88, seen, goodnight2, colzizo
3*Warmonger, Seraphis, goodnight2, MEXICO, Bedsoaker
6*martim, robin, Tiffany, laker, Xpv, goodnight2
4 laker, Tiffany, robin, goodnight2, RealSlimDi
4 NineLives9, 02, 00DOMINATE, goodnight2
2*BatMan, goodnight2, pizzagate, w3cko, hamlet1983
2*ms2dft, goodnight2, pizzagate, GolfPro, snowball
5*Ax23, TOAST, knuffie66, morbidness, goodnight2
1*goodnight2, fidel, asdargrth, xvxvx, RedDragon
5*thelarster, Vagamundo, leeuwarden, hhanger, goodnight2, CuteAmy
5*FatAssFred, OG1, Vagamundo, leeuwarden, goodnight2
4*Vagamundo, jhm, Mex, goodnight2, knuffie66, mr0
1*goodnight2, Vagamundo, Nykstukas9, Ax23, pizzagate
6*devill63, AFCA020CBS, Schwitzebo, Vagamundo, laverga, goodnight2
6*mr0, adamastor8, Ax23, FlyinHigh, waasabi, goodnight2
2*colzizo, goodnight2, Pedrolino, zedavisbac, mr0, madre
4*amt01, Seraphis, lokve222, goodnight2, MEXICO, Karl_XII
4*Vagamundo, Gabrielle, Jacinda, goodnight2, MarekL19, vrede_nu
6*OB1, MarekL19, aise88, caos, eibmwfanai, goodnight2
2*nuria22, goodnight2, pkslim1000, laverga, thelarster
4*knuffie66, aise88, DeKraker, goodnight2
5*Vagamundo, Attack, xvxvx, domblondje, goodnight2, Flatlands
4*felixxxxx, gerfop, aise88, goodnight2, 99coolbree, GolfPro
5*caos, zedavisbac, Attack, pkslim1000, goodnight2, aise88
4*Pedrolino, caos, Druifke, goodnight2, zedavisbac, Dominator
5*thelarster, manyak99, domblondje, Flatlands, goodnight2, aise88
5*MADALIST, 99coolbree, wrecker, aise88, goodnight2, nuria22
6*jhm, jolani, pincelito, zedavisbac, aise88, goodnight2
3*jhm, Mex, goodnight2, andypandy5, CAOS, aise88
6*Karl_XII, OG1, wimpee, coolbreeze, colimori, goodnight2
6*alexde, Rebecca, PussyWhipt, Stevenaars, master, goodnight2
6*alex, Dominator, OG1, manyak99, aise88, goodnight2
4*MEXICO, Karl_XII, zedavisbac, goodnight2, Pedrolino, colzizo
4*waasabi, xvxvx, McChooChoo, goodnight2, tattcom
6*TheBlueOx, xvxvx, Goodman, kefkiller3, obiwan, goodnight2
*) Rated game

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