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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
gmoney 1420 1909 1337 4 1519

 Cheating or teaming in a game - with billybobbo (ploppy99, scotta22)

Game started Pos Game result
2*strammamax, gmoney, alex, alexde
5*akatheone, Schwitzebo, bigTex, nuria22, gmoney, Alligator7
3*Alligator7, bigTex, gmoney, andypandy5, aise88
6*Pedrolino, Karl_XII, zedavisbac, aise88, MEXICO, gmoney
2*colzizo, gmoney, aise88, Schwitzebo, pudder
5*nuria22, Karl_XII, andypandy5, thelarster, gmoney, russia
5*aise88, jolani, GolfPro, russia, gmoney
6*nuria22, angelo72, andypandy5, mrt91, Zmago1, gmoney
1*gmoney, andypandy5, nuria22, Zmago1, El_pinche_
4*andypandy5, RAGE2000, nuria22, gmoney, aise88
2*pizzagate, gmoney, nuria22, laverga, Zmago1
2*nuria22, gmoney, Dominator, MEXICO, Zmago1
2*nuria22, gmoney, MARINE66, colzizo, andypandy5, aise88
1*gmoney, nuria22, felixxxxx, master, aise88
4*mr0, Bulletje83, Dominator, gmoney, ljubae
6*rist6, remmetje, GolfPro, AirBiscuit, Mex, gmoney
4*gerfop, newjersey, CAOS, gmoney, thelarster, Oshawhat
3*kefkiller3, e_gull, gmoney, pequespequ, eibmwfanai, GolfPro
5*Victor_G, Karl_XII, knuffie66, Dominator, gmoney, eibmwfanai
2*knuffie66, gmoney, GolfPro, leeuwarden, newjersey
1*gmoney, Zmago1, MARINE66, Schwitzebo, Oshawhat, Wellington
5*SGTStone, seen, nostyle, x2k5, gmoney
4*kimjungun, colzizo, MADALIST, gmoney, seen, angelo72
1*gmoney, rist6, OG1, MARINE66, petrinnit, aise88
4*TOAST, Mex, iqtidar, gmoney, mozzie, bubbarowde
3*Boogeyman, Mex, gmoney, earthone, TOAST, modominate
5*laker, 69bot, bubbarowde, iqtidar, gmoney, Oshawhat
3 DianaT, bubbarowde, gmoney, Oshawhat, fokker
2*MARINE66, gmoney, amt, iqtidar, TOAST, Oshawhat
2*TOAST, gmoney, DianaT, nostyle, MARINE66
5*nizzlenar, iqtidar, OG1, Suuns, gmoney, TOAST
3*mozzie, nizzlenar, gmoney, petrinnit, iqtidar
5*Oshawhat, RedShark, nuria22, xvxvx, gmoney, MARINE66
2*nuria22, gmoney, pkslim1000, HANNIBAL56, hyrolium, petrinnit
5*hyrolium, GolfPro, x2k5, Oshawhat, gmoney
2*aise88, gmoney, Zmago1, nuria22, petrinnit
1*gmoney, aise88, nuria22, knuffie66, SGTStone
3 aise88, 04, gmoney, 1, 01, anthonyngu
*) Rated game

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