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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
ginagriffi 1435 1610 1055 2 3982

Game started Pos Game result
2*TP_knighty, ginagriffi, CAOS, micno, w3cko, OB1
2*w3cko, ginagriffi, CAOS, KaiserFran, manyak99, TP_knighty
6*Bolo, RedDragon, Dollyberg, Liwwadden, wimpee, ginagriffi
5*Liwwadden, imaxlevel, nuria22, 2ne1, ginagriffi
4*manyak98, nostyle, werkeloos, ginagriffi, Sebastien, pudder
5*REMY, colzizo, GolfPro, jhm, ginagriffi
4*Martim, Schwitzebo, CAOS, ginagriffi, TP_knighty, adamastor8
6*strammamax, werkeloos, mr0, devill63, w3cko, ginagriffi
6*master, Rebecca, alexde, remmetje, PussyWhipt, ginagriffi
5*CAOS, beppe1960, manyak99, QWERT, ginagriffi
3*RedDragon, manyak99, ginagriffi, pizzagate, laverga
6*adamastor8, stephanie9, Seraphis, Muis1, pizzagate, ginagriffi
5*nostyle, Mex, CONQUISTAD, jhm, ginagriffi, Muis1
4*nostyle, modominate, Gwydion, ginagriffi
1*ginagriffi, iqtidar, rickxd, 2ne1, aldoco
3*knuffie66, martim, ginagriffi, wimpee, mr0, Ax23
2*j_k3r, ginagriffi, Beers16, Liwwadden, Xpv, jhm
5*mr0, thelarster, herte777, saxman9690, ginagriffi
2*Tentacles, ginagriffi, CONQUISTAD, pizzagate, spirit2012, OG1
5*manyak99, Skapatoria, stephanie9, alex, ginagriffi
3*CuteAmy, pizzagate, ginagriffi, Xpv, loppol
4*Seraphis, obiwan, Oshawhat, ginagriffi, MEXICO
5*hyrolium, herte777, thege0rge, nuria22, ginagriffi
6*nuria22, thege0rge, hyrolium, Wellington, MCXX, ginagriffi
5*MADALIST, nuria22, TheBlueOx, pkslim1000, ginagriffi, amt
5*aise88, knuffie66, pequespequ, Vagamundo, ginagriffi, Steppdaddy
2*knuffie66, ginagriffi, Rehoboam, Mex, waasabi, griemeldie
4*pincelito, jolani, Schwitzebo, ginagriffi, Vagamundo, wimpee
5*TOAST, Mex, Liwwadden, thelarster, ginagriffi, TP_knighty
4*colzizo, Ax23, wolt, ginagriffi, manyak99, Oshawhat
4*wimpee, Skapatoria, master, ginagriffi, manyak99, pizzagate
2*gerfop, ginagriffi, ms2dft, aise88, ikweetjemo
6 MARINE66, bananabutt, pizzagate, El_pinche_, Muis1, ginagriffi
4*6ix6ix6ix, StonedCat, 2ne1, ginagriffi, TOAST
6*stephanie9, thelarster, TP_knighty, 6ix6ix6ix, dupplo, ginagriffi
5*knuffie66, devill63, Zmago1, Dominator, ginagriffi, hamlet1983
6*Dominator, kyrris1979, hyrolium, aise88, MARINE66, ginagriffi
3*Stevenaars, earthone, ginagriffi, TP_knighty, AFCA020CBS, eibmwfanai
6*Luther73, StonedCat, waasabi, manyak99, eibmwfanai, ginagriffi
5*alexjones, BruceW, wooooody, ABSF, ginagriffi, hoodlegend
6*gerfop, wimpee, escarnahs1, bastard, batian, ginagriffi
4*Gwydion, aise, spirit2012, ginagriffi, MARINE66
4*Vigilante, blaine2370, aaerokes, ginagriffi
6*lerner, TheBlueOx, blaine2370, aaerokes, Vigilante, ginagriffi
5*blaine2370, spirit2012, aaerokes, jhonts48, ginagriffi, lerner
3*MEXICO, aaerokes, ginagriffi, FlyinHigh, wooooody
4 ABSF, laker, burkemac, ginagriffi
4*Dominator, hazeydaze, colzizo, ginagriffi, kefkiller3, earthone
3*trilveen, knuffie66, ginagriffi, werkeloos, GideonL
5*ABSF, wooooody, newjersey, SmokinFiya, ginagriffi, werkeloos
5*CharIesVIl, wolt, nuria22, Vastas, ginagriffi
2*CharIesVIl, ginagriffi, colzizo, pequespequ, doctornono, jantinus
4*pequespequ, CB1925, Vigilante, ginagriffi, chingar
6*TNATIRRI, coolbreeze, nizzlenar, burkemac, Muis1, ginagriffi
6*Martins, wrecker, russia, CB1925, amt, ginagriffi
5*laker, modominate, nuria22, joe01599, ginagriffi
3*MARINE66, 2ne1, ginagriffi, jhonts48, RedShark, spirit2012
6*2ne1, earthone, Moon, AvdB93, don, ginagriffi
4*--------, Ax23, ABSF, ginagriffi, Romeo123
4*ABSF, Ax23, Moon, ginagriffi, plop3223, colzizo
2*-Player-1-, ginagriffi, 2ne1, wimpee
5*RayRay1, wimpee, coolbreeze, TP_knighty, ginagriffi, nizzlenar
4*laverga, Dominator, MARINE66, ginagriffi, HUGHSY, TP_knighty
5*Bolo, GolfPro, Schwitzebo, thelarster, ginagriffi
1*ginagriffi, lerner, MEXICO, bananabutt, GolfPro
6*devill63, G5, abru9, hughsy, LAVERGA, ginagriffi
3*AvdB93, stfu_punk, ginagriffi, Muis1
6*bedsoaker, TheBlueOx, lkpr0624, samuel, MEXICO, ginagriffi
4*StonedCat, 1fater, Erythraea, ginagriffi, ms2dft, don
4*werkeloos, BATIAN, hamlet1983, ginagriffi
2*Love-to-ki, ginagriffi, davetrifle, amt
4*WTati, IWILFAKUUP, Erick, ginagriffi, knuffie66, Domblondje
2*Thomas, ginagriffi, Dominator, wimpee, Vale46
2*megadom, ginagriffi, carla1989, colzizo, penny1958, gerfop
5*CharIesVIl, Bolo, G5, BillThemas, ginagriffi
4*devill63, seen, cordyceps, ginagriffi, GolfPro
5*master, agamennone, seen, mozzie, ginagriffi, manyak99
3*wolt, manyak99, ginagriffi, amt01
2*aboulayla, ginagriffi, manyak99, bananabutt
3*KENWOOD, manyak99, ginagriffi, StonedCat, yagoboy, DeZoE
3 Toffay, seen, ginagriffi, JUSZKO, pudder, 2ne1
5*seen, DeZoE, amt01, MARINE66, ginagriffi, 2ne1
5*Dominator, 2ne1, justden79, rist6, ginagriffi, colzizo
2*nuria22, ginagriffi, rist6, lrigdrat, kartan
2*CuteAmy, ginagriffi, djart, Goodman, snowball
6*Goodman, cobalt60, taptckk, blasherke, kartan, ginagriffi
3*2ne1, cobalt60, ginagriffi, yagoboy
1*ginagriffi, Marella80, casavus, devill63
6*sqarygary1, MEXICO, handjob, napoleonmo, colzizo, ginagriffi
6*ms2dft, felixxx, Oshawhat, HankTheTan, knuffie66, ginagriffi
6*seen, ms2dft, MARINE66, Oshawhat, mexbad1, ginagriffi
6*Dominator, colzizo, HankTheTan, seen, Oshawhat, ginagriffi
4*2ne1, bulgaria11, conquista6, ginagriffi, MARINE66, Reetpel
6*PussyWhipt, master, MEXICO, Rebecca, whocares, ginagriffi
3*kill4peace, GeneralMie, ginagriffi, hamlet1983, Player
2*agapanthis, ginagriffi, snowball, Irma, rist6, Plasmaboy1
5*Player, wimpee, mexbad1, Edwards7, ginagriffi, Irma
6*gak, Irma, TP_knighty, agapanthis, hamlet1983, ginagriffi
2*shahanshah, ginagriffi, TP_knighty, hamlet1983, Reetpel, napoleonmo
1 ginagriffi, amt01, Morgan420, gerfop
4*justden79, MikeKing, felixxxxx, ginagriffi, colzizo
4*uriahheep, nuria22, MikeKing, ginagriffi, kartan
4 cgarrua, CW19057, katiegirl, ginagriffi, MikeKing
5*kartan, Sebastien, pudder, mozzie, ginagriffi
3*caos, felixxxxx, ginagriffi, Irma, griemeldie
5*cret, mr0, Irma, caos, ginagriffi
5*gerfop, napoleonmo, Player, katiegirl, ginagriffi
4*2ne1, thom234, Vigilante, ginagriffi
5*Denobr, vrede_nu, Shamrocks, weedmaster, ginagriffi, caos
6*knuffie66, TT1, TrickTreat, HoDown, Rebecca, ginagriffi
4*pizzagate, Liwwadden, Tentacles, ginagriffi, CuteAmy
3*Muis1, sqarygary1, ginagriffi, Liwwadden, manyak99
4*katiegirl, mr0, uriahheep, ginagriffi
3*manyak99, yagoboy, ginagriffi, korat99, tc1980
3*manyak99, earthone, ginagriffi, Toffay
3 HoDown, gerfop, ginagriffi, snowball
5*pincelito, sammy, Edwards7, caos, ginagriffi
4*caos, seen, zjrx, ginagriffi, Schwitzebo
6*cobalt60, buenaventu, diflsvn, Vagamundo, manyak99, ginagriffi
6*2ne1, HoDown, Vagamundo, manyak99, 2b, ginagriffi
5*smash18, thugLife, krak, CuteAmy, ginagriffi, colzizo
6*Charless, shamrocks, HankTheTan, beta, Oshawhat, ginagriffi
5*Storm, remspoor, rembot, TT1, ginagriffi, wimpee
4*caos, griemeldie, beta, ginagriffi, CW19057
6*MCXX, 2ne1, next_rv, conquista6, buenaventu, ginagriffi
6*Noob, wooooody, Economist, Stevenaars, jasostitt, ginagriffi
5*caos, alexde, Edwards7, Ax23, ginagriffi, kill4peace
5*colzizo, Edwards7, caos, snowball, ginagriffi
6*Vote4Pedro, remspoor, Rebecca, TT1, kill4peace, ginagriffi
4*ms2dft, kill4peace, MEXICO, ginagriffi, Batian, hamlet1983
3*kill4peace, Batian, ginagriffi, MEXICO
5*KingVegeta, wimpee, Cool_Cat, weedmaster, ginagriffi, goodnight1
3*Retardgirl, smash18, ginagriffi, Cool_Cat, Kariboo, goodnight1
4*Muis1, buenaventu, HankTheTan, ginagriffi, Cool_Cat
5*colzizo, CW19057, stephanie9, napoleonmo, ginagriffi
6*caos, felixxxxx, Ultionem, griemeldie, southbound, ginagriffi
5*colzizo, hyrolium, kill4peace, caperqt, ginagriffi
3*Morgan420, wimpee, ginagriffi, NakedShowe, -X-
2*weedmaster, ginagriffi, griemeldie, wooooody, CuteAmy
5*2b, Mex, Nicussi, TenderFoot, ginagriffi, Ax23
5*Denobr, MARINE66, colzizo, jasostitt, ginagriffi
3*koolfloss, Irma, ginagriffi, hamlet1983, dorothy, caos
6*Ultionem, caos, hamlet1983, Irma, 1fater, ginagriffi
4*kill4peace, Tentacles, colzizo, ginagriffi, wimpee
4*sander1989, 2ne1, 2b, ginagriffi, wimpee
5*hyrolium, Schwitzebo, caos, kefkiller3, ginagriffi
5*Amerikaan, remmetje, remspoor, TT1, ginagriffi, Ax23
5*G5, shahanshah, HankTheTan, Jarcooler, ginagriffi, 2b
2*colzizo, ginagriffi, Flatlands, HankTheTan, domblondje
4*Sexbuddy, MEXICO, ginagriffi
6*sqarygary1, coolbreeze, colzizo, wimpee, KingVegeta, ginagriffi
4 2b, nuria22, hbhjbjhmbh, ginagriffi
4*sander1989, HankTheTan, colzizo, ginagriffi, HANNIBAL56, Wellington
5 bounce-b, sqarygary1, BasedDvl, Sunsh1ne, ginagriffi
5*caos, nuria22, felixxxxx, knuffie66, ginagriffi, CuteAmy
5*Suicide, vrede_nu, kefkiller3, stephanie9, ginagriffi
5*umamoti, batty, PhR3Ak, 2b, ginagriffi, 2ne1
3*herte777, Edwards7, ginagriffi, felixxxxx
4*colzizo, bounce-b, goodnight1, ginagriffi, pincelito
5*Flatlands, patrick, yeray75, colzizo, ginagriffi, wimpee
2*colzizo, ginagriffi, Dominator, patrick, atrox
5*stephanie9, HoDown, sqarygary1, joecairo, ginagriffi
6*nuria22, HankTheTan, bananabutt, krak, chingar, ginagriffi
3*bubbarowde, modominate, ginagriffi, earthone, MARINE66
6*Badblood, Rebecca, RonnieD, franz44, remspoor, ginagriffi
3*sqarygary1, devill63, ginagriffi, modominate, Xpv
6*nuria22, krak, MCXX, clangunn, LoneCat, ginagriffi
5*Smoochie, cobalt60, RonnieD, remspoor, ginagriffi, BasedDvl
5*innocent_3, x_man, _Chronos, Redwood, ginagriffi, knuffie66
4*ww111, harunko201, 2ne1, ginagriffi, franky2070
6*nuria22, crocodile, zyxw, knuffie66, Irma, ginagriffi
5*Gwydion, whupemwild, amt01, nizzlenar, ginagriffi
3*wooooody, manyak99, ginagriffi, Brackums, MCXX
*) Rated game

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