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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
GeneralMie 1287 1660 1276 1 38

Game started Pos Game result
4*colzizo, devill63, dougbotha, generalmie
3 KENWOOD, hamlet1983, generalmie, wolt
4*seen, bananabutt, knuffie66, generalmie, MEXICO, Goodman
6*Player, hamlet1983, Schwitzebo, chingar, bleedgreen, generalmie
4*sqarygary1, Reetpel, bananabutt, generalmie, napoleonmo, cupafeel
6*kimjungun, mozzie, ulisse, Reetpel, sqarygary1, generalmie
6*snowball, nuria22, TheBlueOx, jhonts48, thom234, generalmie
3*bananabutt, imaxlevel, generalmie, nuria22, bleedgreen
5*MEXICO, Strammerma, gerfop, CharIesVll, generalmie
2*pizzagate, generalmie, kartan, pudder, HankTheTan, thelarster
6*MarekL19, Gabrielle, Thomas, Jennifer, HankTheTan, generalmie
4*handjob, TheBlueOx, coolbreeze, generalmie, nuria22
1*generalmie, Player, handjob, snowball, pudder, dodes59
1*generalmie, Thomas, zyxw, casavus, HANNIBAL56
6*Thomas, sqarygary1, seen, Rebecca, knuffie66, generalmie
5*nuria22, hamlet1983, kimjungun, snowball, generalmie
3*nuria22, felixxx, generalmie, snowball, mozzie
3*nuria22, djart, generalmie, Edwards7, diflsvn
5*nuria22, Edwards7, alexde, snowball, generalmie
1*GeneralMie, amt01, 2b, bleedgreen, Reetpel
2*casavus, GeneralMie, thom234, bleedgreen, Reetpel
2*casavus, GeneralMie, BillThemas, amt01, Reetpel
3*MCXX, conquista6, GeneralMie, jakooboo, Reetpel
5*CW19057, Reetpel, TheBlueOx, casavus, GeneralMie
2*TheBlueOx, GeneralMie, colzizo, casavus, CW19057, Reetpel
3*casavus, TheBlueOx, GeneralMie, blasherke, wimpee
1*GeneralMie, MCXX, djart, nuria22, Junkdeluxe, Reetpel
5*Bolo, beta, MCXX, Junkdeluxe, GeneralMie, nuria22
5*taptckk, snowball, agapanthis, dog_farts, GeneralMie, MCXX
5*ww111, Reetpel, AFCA020CBS, domblondje, GeneralMie
1*GeneralMie, Reetpel, ww111, colzizo, edwin
6*Player, MEXICO, bleedgreen, handjob, felixxx, GeneralMie
3*SGTStone, felixxx, GeneralMie, Player, hamlet1983
1*GeneralMie, Player, seen, kartan, caos, kill4peace
2*kill4peace, GeneralMie, ginagriffi, hamlet1983, Player
1*GeneralMie, kill4peace, nuria22, Edwards7, gak
3*nuria22, felixxx, GeneralMie, thelarster, km_n
1*GeneralMie, nuria22, alexde, mr0, Player, fastrrrrrr
6*nuria22, rist6, alexde, whocares, fastrrrrrr, GeneralMie
*) Rated game

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