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dog_farts 1362 1820 1187 7 1107

 Cheating or teaming in a game ^ with tmins and mufasa23 (mufasa22)
 Inappropriate behaviour in the chatbox - Abusive racial language

Game started Pos Game result
4*Oshawhat, rist6, earthone, dog_farts, ikweetjemo, MarekL19
5*fokker, Mex, Leprechaun, wooooody, dog_farts, yagoboy
3*RedShark, wooooody, dog_farts, petrinnit, Oshawhat, Wellington
6*amt, djart, earthone, thelarster, Oshawhat, dog_farts
3*dirtrider1, nuria22, dog_farts, Oshawhat, rist6, amt
6*nuria22, mrt91, MARINE66, fidel, xvxvx, dog_farts
2*Oshawhat, dog_farts, nostyle, Fokker, Vliegende_
1*dog_farts, Fokker, Oshawhat, nostyle, Vliegende_, TK_imperso
6*CAOS, DeKraker, zedavisbac, Oshawhat, Pedrolino, dog_farts
6*pkslim1000, nostyle, anthonyngu, MARINE66, Oshawhat, dog_farts
3*nostyle, Oshawhat, dog_farts, nizzlenar, pkslim1000, StonedCat
2 Oshawhat, dog_farts, youngblood, Fastrrrrrr, AFCA020CBS
2*youngblood, dog_farts, Oshawhat, aise88, Fastrrrrrr
3*youngblood, Gwydion, dog_farts, Oshawhat, BruceW
5*xvxvx, OG1, OneTwoWin, pkslim1000, dog_farts, bedsoaker
2*Oshawhat, dog_farts, chingar, devill63, jolani, TP_knighty
3*Oshawhat, mufasa23, dog_farts, nuria22, wrecker
5*laker, OG1, robin, Tiffany, dog_farts, Oshawhat
4*MARINE66, OG1, Oshawhat, dog_farts, StonedCat, CAOS
1*dog_farts, 2ne1, wolt, nuria22
5*wolt, remmetje, MARINE66, ThugLife, dog_farts, loperto
6*G55, colzizo, amt, -Player-1-, wolt, dog_farts
4*nice, xvxvx, GolfPro, dog_farts, wolt, xxspbyxx
1*dog_farts, AFCA020CBS, Oshawhat, bedsoaker, snowball, stfu_punk
6*MARINE66, pincelito, 2ne1, snowball, doedelpoe, dog_farts
5*MarekL19, coolbreeze, Gabrielle, TheBlueOx, dog_farts, Oshawhat
5*MarekL19, wooooody, MEXICO, salty_eggs, dog_farts, batian
5*_Chronos, wimpee, Rubberduck, Oshawhat, dog_farts
1*dog_farts, Oshawhat, sqarygary1, carla1989, laverga
6*handjob, gsmithy, CB1925, steffanhal, patrick, dog_farts
4*sqarygary1, bleedgreen, Oshawhat, dog_farts, MARINE66
6*netbio, modominate, KENWOOD, Goomy, Oshawhat, dog_farts
6 master, PussyWhipt, Rebecca, Rafter, remmetje, dog_farts
3*Oshawhat, KENWOOD, dog_farts, wolt, master, bleedgreen
4*taptckk, snowball, agapanthis, dog_farts, GeneralMie, MCXX
1*dog_farts, Oshawhat, MARINE66, FatAssFred, nuria22, MarekL19
5*wooooody, Oshawhat, modominate, StonedCat, dog_farts, Reetpel
4*diflsvn, Reetpel, Oshawhat, dog_farts, RAGE2000, nuria22
6*Reetpel, bleedgreen, Oshawhat, RAGE2000, fiddleed65, dog_farts
3*earthone, amt, dog_farts, Oshawhat, 2ne1, 2b
2*mufasa69, dog_farts, wooooody, Oshawhat, bleedgreen
2*Oshawhat, dog_farts, mufasa69, clangunn
5*MarekL19, Gabrielle, Jacinda, Morgan420, dog_farts, atothee
1*dog_farts, mufasa69, Oshawhat, snowball, clangunn
4*mufasa69, Oshawhat, snowball, dog_farts, earthone, clangunn
3*wimpee, modominate, dog_farts, BillThemas, Oshawhat, nuria22
6*colzizo, Oshawhat, snowball, thelarster, wimpee, dog_farts
1*dog_farts, Oshawhat, 2ne1, coolbreeze, fiddleed65, mufasa69
5*TheBlueOx, Reetpel, koolfloss, nightc, dog_farts, Flatlands
1*dog_farts, Oshawhat, fiddleed65, Morgan420, herte777, clangunn
2*herte777, dog_farts, 2ne1, Oshawhat, yagoboy, modominate
4*Morgan420, 2ne1, Oshawhat, dog_farts, fiddleed65
5*nuria22, KENWOOD, Oshawhat, sqarygary1, dog_farts
6*MarekL19, Gabrielle, Jacinda, 2ne1, Oshawhat, dog_farts
3*Oshawhat, tc1980, dog_farts, MARINE66, bleedgreen, nuria22
2*Oshawhat, dog_farts, 2b, Redwood, Cool_Cat, koolfloss
5*thom234, clangunn, nuria22, bleedgreen, dog_farts, Oshawhat
*) Rated game

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