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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
cupafeel 1388 1659 1322 2 224

Game started Pos Game result
3*B_O_X_E_R, Schwitzebo, cupafeel, MEXICO, Flatlands, 1bbot
6*99coolbree, Xplosive, thelarster, uil, anthonyngu, cupafeel
2*MARINE66, cupafeel, bananabutt, pincelito, SGTStone, Romeo123
2*Token, cupafeel, sqarygary1, laker, CharIesVIl
5*Ax23, Token, Erythraea, AvdB93, cupafeel
2 AvdB93, cupafeel, seen, napoleonmo
4*CharIesVIl, AvdB93, Tnatirri, cupafeel, batian
6*nuria22, seen, rochana, Token, napoleonmo, cupafeel
3*coolbreeze, davetrifle, cupafeel, imaxlevel, pizzagate
4*gigantje, Sebastien, gerfop, cupafeel, MEXICO, AFCA020CBS
5*MEXICO, imaxlevel, wooooody, esse, cupafeel
1*cupafeel, BillThemas, salty_eggs, laverga, hughsy, pudder
4*Karl_XII, davetrifle, chingar, cupafeel
3*leeuwarden, carla1989, cupafeel, diflsvn, Ax23
4*samantha, MEXICO, Token, cupafeel, newjersey
5*nuria22, modominate, Sebastien, diflsvn, cupafeel
2*Sebastien, cupafeel, KENWOOD, Thomas, bleedgreen, mozzie
3*KENWOOD, nuria22, cupafeel, Token, Thomas
3*blasherke, Dominator, cupafeel, StonedCat, modominate, bleedgreen
3*handjob, HankTheTan, cupafeel, MEXICO, Token
1*cupafeel, Reetpel, KENWOOD, MEXICO, snowball
6*sqarygary1, Reetpel, bananabutt, generalmie, napoleonmo, cupafeel
4*SGTStone, agapanthis, seen, cupafeel, napoleonmo
2*Vagamundo, cupafeel, Reetpel, beta, MEXICO, pudder
3*tyr, clangunn, cupafeel, Token
4*knuffie66, caos, kill4peace, cupafeel, Sebastien, bleedgreen
2*bleedgreen, cupafeel, RingoStar, sander1989, kill4peace, caos
5*stephanie9, -X-, imaxlevel, cobalt60, cupafeel
5*_Nightgirl, thege0rge, MEXICO, sqarygary1, cupafeel
4*MEXICO, nuria22, sqarygary1, cupafeel, RingoStar, wooooody
*) Rated game

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