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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
carla1989 1428 1577 1371 1 42

Game started Pos Game result
4*Ax23, MarekL19, wooooody, carla1989, Vale46
4*sqarygary1, Schwitzebo, Tnatirri, carla1989, colzizo, alex
3*batian, wimpee, carla1989, rist6, colzizo
5*Jacinda, Gabrielle, MarekL19, wimpee, carla1989, colzizo
2*leeuwarden, carla1989, cupafeel, diflsvn, Ax23
1*carla1989, Player, Blumpkin, domblondje, manyak99
4*colzizo, TheCatalan, jeffman1, carla1989
5*cobalt60, Love-to-ki, gerfop, weedmaster, carla1989
4*lkpr0624, thelarster, 1fater, carla1989, colzizo
2*CharIesVIl, carla1989, Redwood, Liwwadden
5*CharIesVIl, Liwwadden, newjersey, hyrolium, carla1989
1*carla1989, newjersey, patrick, TheCatalan, MEXICO
3*wimpee, pup, carla1989, Rick777, devill63
3*MEXICO, esse, carla1989, wimpee, blasherke
1*carla1989, seen, Player, GolfPro, bananabutt
5*Player, SGTStone, StonedCat, bananabutt, carla1989
2 seen, carla1989, penny1958, DWDD
3 Edwards7, penny1958, carla1989, mozzie
3*MEXICO, Schwitzebo, carla1989, batian, modominate
3*Schwitzebo, newjersey, carla1989, batian
3*wimpee, Love-to-ki, carla1989, coger, batian
5*19robroy, Jennifer, Gabrielle, MEXICO, carla1989, bananabutt
1 carla1989, devill63, penny1958, JovkeBG
3*weedmaster, modominate, carla1989, wooooody, colzizo
3*wooooody, devill63, carla1989, TheBlueOx, cordyceps
5*Player, GolfPro, lkpr0624, nuria22, carla1989
1*carla1989, knuffie66, penny1958, pincelito, Reetpel
5*bananabutt, seen, GolfPro, penny1958, carla1989
2*devill63, carla1989, 1fater, fulgidus
3*megadom, ginagriffi, carla1989, colzizo, penny1958, gerfop
2*megadom, carla1989, penny1958, colzizo
5*seen, Dominator, wimpee, bleedgreen, carla1989, diflsvn
3*wooooody, D3NB0SCH, carla1989, GolfPro
4*_Chronos, Rubberduck, colzizo, carla1989, wimpee
2*wooooody, carla1989, krak, cancan, colzizo, manyak99
4*dog_farts, Oshawhat, sqarygary1, carla1989, laverga
2*_Chronos, carla1989, MEXICO, blasherke, snowball, GolfPro
4*xvxvx, Warmonger, km_n, carla1989, batian, GolfPro
4*GolfPro, batian, km_n, carla1989, manyak99
1 carla1989, penny1958, fulgidus, dougbotha
1 carla1989, bonje, weedmaster, amt01
3*wolt, GolfPro, carla1989, batian, earthone
5*Edwards7, master, colzizo, franky69, carla1989
4*nostyle, felixxxxx, master, carla1989, Reetpel, dougbotha
2*xvxvx, carla1989, devill63, hyrolium, dougbotha
2*edwin, carla1989, weedmaster, devill63
2*Muis1, carla1989, Junkdeluxe, hughsy, nice
*) Rated game

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