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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
cannas123 1238 1508 1186 1 15

Game started Pos Game result
3*MarekL19, Gabrielle, cannas123, snuitkever, Jacinda, AFCA020CBS
6*weedmaster, megadom, Morgan420, manyak99, colzizo, cannas123
4*Economist, Morgan420, seen, cannas123, colzizo
6*Stevenaars, TT1, PoohBear3, Ultionem, franz44, cannas123
5*devill63, franz44, StonedCat, dougbotha, cannas123
5*Edwards7, Shamrocks, seen, caos, cannas123, rist6
5*alexde, Irional, ABSF, patrick, cannas123
6*patrick, alexde, umamoti, franz44, TT1, cannas123
1 cannas123, Toffay, MARINE66, Edwards7
3*franz44, caos, cannas123, pudder
6*2b, KingVegeta, caos, beta, yeray75, cannas123
3*Ax23, mrfreak, cannas123, ModdaFokka
2*MARINE66, cannas123, Muis1, Schwitzebo
4*yeray75, KingVegeta, BatMan, cannas123, Jebber
3*KingVegeta, Jebber, cannas123, bleedgreen
2*colzizo, cannas123, dodes59, MEXICO
2 dodes59, cannas123, pizzagate, yeray75
*) Rated game

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