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Birthday: Not listed in the birthday calendar
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On-line: cancan is not online

Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
cancan 1342 1500 1256 1 20

Game started Pos Game result
3*xvxvx, w3cko, cancan, hardy, dougbotha
4*j_k3r, Steppdaddy, devill63, cancan, adamastor8
6 mr0, Mex, Rebecca, Ax23, jhm, cancan
3*alexde, xvxvx, cancan, tampeloeru, pizzagate
5*TH3, CleoMatra, Vagamundo, TOAST, cancan, Stevenaars
4*Mex, jhm, wallenstei, cancan, ww111, dougbotha
4*Dominator, Bulletje83, GolfPro, cancan, dgs
5*Mex, Halloween2, remspoor, Stevenaars, cancan, MarekL19
5*devill63, MARINE66, newjersey, GolfPro, cancan, ABSF
6*thelarster, MarekL19, imaxlevel, Gabrielle, Jacinda, cancan
5*dan, AvdB93, colzizo, patrick, cancan
4*AFCA020CBS, MADALIST, wimpee, cancan, AvdB93, colzizo
4*amt, heretowin, patrick, cancan, modominate, alexde
5*CharIesVIl, ww111, wimpee, patrick, cancan, 2b
6*BillThemas, bleedgreen, _Chronos, snowball, earthone, cancan
4*wooooody, carla1989, krak, cancan, colzizo, manyak99
3*patrick, pike2266, cancan, SGTStone, GetALife
6*_Chronos, Dominator, Schwitzebo, HankTheTan, handjob, cancan
4*cordyceps, Strammamax, napoleonmo, cancan
4*nostyle, Geronimo, colzizo, cancan, Wellington, bleedgreen
5*seen, zyxw, Schwitzebo, Reetpel, cancan, ms2dft
*) Rated game

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