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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
Babaloo 1457 1781 1198 2 1614

Game started Pos Game result
4*ABSF, DarthVader, manyak99, babaloo, mozzie
4*DarthVader, pudder, strammamax, babaloo, mozzie, fidel
3*gerfop, batian, babaloo, Nicussi, Redwood, Goodman
2*edwin, babaloo, MEXICO, Oshawhat, bananabutt
3*edwin, Oshawhat, babaloo, amt, hamlet1983
4*coolbreeze, pudder, gasman, babaloo, manyak99, Nicussi
2*Goodman, babaloo, napoleonmo, Redwood, dodes59
2*sqarygary1, babaloo, agapanthis, handjob, casavus, TP_knighty
6*domblondje, knuffie66, gerfop, werkeloos, PussyWhipt, babaloo
4*caos, oom, seen, babaloo, balls
5*seen, Edwards7, CAOS, mr0, babaloo
3*atila1uno, trilveen, babaloo, Ubbo28, katiegirl, Ultionem
1*babaloo, Schwitzebo, k2, vrede_nu, manyak99, megadom
3*gerfop, colzizo, babaloo, Irma
2*Reetpel, babaloo, MARINE66, snowball, BasedDvl
5*kill4peace, PussyWhipt, vrede_nu, caos, babaloo, ProudClod
3*km_n, fidel, babaloo, xxspbyxx, snowball, Schwitzebo
4*kill4peace, colzizo, KingVegeta, babaloo, 1fater, fastrrrrrr
5*ThugLife, remspoor, TT1, rembot, babaloo, Ax23
6*kill4peace, koolfloss, Amerikaan, Bobthomas1, dozer911, babaloo
5*sqarygary1, BillThemas, _Chronos, MARINE66, babaloo, Reetpel
6*fidel, weedmaster, HankTheTan, manyak99, my7777, babaloo
4*fidel, HankTheTan, manyak99, babaloo, wimpee, coolbreeze
5*DeKraker, Reetpel, olegblokin, Napoleonmo, babaloo
3*wimpee, handjob, babaloo, Batian, xxspbyxx
3*MEXICO, wimpee, babaloo, Batian, handjob
6*Ding_Dong, pizzagate, nightc, TT1, felixxxxx, babaloo
4*wimpee, MEXICO, 2b, babaloo, pizzagate, MarekL19
3*rogue, Wizkid, babaloo, MEXICO, MarekL19, koolfloss
*) Rated game

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