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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
Atrox 1562 1967 1196 3 803

 Cheating or teaming in a game + with Exoltes

Game started Pos Game result
3*Player, Dominator, atrox, weedmaster, burkemac, GolfPro
1*atrox, HankTheTan, Reetpel, MARINE66, coolbreeze, manyak99
6*Aceventura, NinjaSK, seen, kill4peace, Sproc, atrox
2*devill63, atrox, loppol, dougbotha
3*Dominator, rembot, atrox, pizzagate, PoohBear3, TT1
2*weedmaster, atrox, km_n, StonedCat, Reetpel, pizzagate
4*Denobr, sammy, caos, atrox, CONQUISTAD
1*atrox, Denobr, sammy, felixxxxx, 1fater
2*Reetpel, atrox, Economist, caos, unfaker
5*KingVegeta, nuria22, manyak99, Toffay, atrox, conquista6
4*sammy, HANNIBAL56, wooooody, atrox, MEXICO, MARINE66
3*patrick, colzizo, atrox, OldMan2, manyak99, NinjaSK
3*MOCKBA, Reetpel, atrox, halte, Karl_XII, SGTStone
4*mr0, tron, griemeldie, atrox, pizzagate
6*mr0, coolbreeze, mrfreak, Dominator, ABSF, atrox
5*mrfreak, patrick, Dominator, OldMan2, atrox, wimpee
2*nuria22, atrox, UncleBenny, colimori, caos, cobalt60
6*stephanie9, wimpee, knuffie66, tron, megadom, atrox
3*stephanie9, wimpee, atrox, whupemwild, pizzagate
5*nbk, Amerikaan, fidel, bounce-b, atrox, tron
6*patrick, caos, Dominator, bounce-b, 'wwijk, atrox
1*atrox, bounce-b, caos, Mister_VWP, israel
1*atrox, Kariboo, patrick, knuffie66, MOCKBA, fidel
5*tron, Jennifer, MarekL19, Gabrielle, atrox, angelo72
5*stephanie9, caos, Edwards7, Wellington, atrox
5*colzizo, ginagriffi, Dominator, patrick, atrox
5*kill4peace, HANNIBAL56, fidel, yeray75, atrox, SGTStone
2*SGTStone, atrox, yeray75, Sebastien, tron
2*colzizo, atrox, Irma, aboulayla, yeray75
5*caos, yeray75, atothee, Suicide, atrox
4*Mex, BrainElf, katiegirl, atrox, netbio, griemeldie
*) Rated game

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