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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
anthonyngu 1358 1500 1130 2 112

Game started Pos Game result
5*yagoboy, adamastor8, MADALIST, wimpee, anthonyngu, Wellington
2*wimpee, anthonyngu, gerfop, colzizo, j_k3r, CAOS
5*herte777, fokker, Wellington, 2ne1, anthonyngu
1*anthonyngu, nuria22, mozzie, diflsvn, wooooody
5*Rehoboam, remmetje, Mex, El_pinche_, anthonyngu, hoodlegend
1*anthonyngu, Oshawhat, amt01, El_pinche_
6 Mex, PussyWhipt, rist6, jhm, knuffie66, anthonyngu
4*Toffay, alex, pincelito, anthonyngu
6 pincelito, Mex, kefkiller3, jhm, alex, anthonyngu
6*Mex, tampeloeru, wooooody, aldoco, Schwitzebo, anthonyngu
6*jhm, Mex, wooooody, Schwitzebo, master, anthonyngu
6*wooooody, Mex, adamastor8, PussyWhipt, tampeloeru, anthonyngu
3*Liwwadden, flaviousss, anthonyngu, OrdoAbChao, Oshawhat
6*obiwan, aise88, Liwwadden, CuteAmy, flaviousss, anthonyngu
5*bedsoaker, Warmonger, aise88, pkslim1000, anthonyngu, StonedCat
4*newjersey, CONQUISTAD, Goodman, anthonyngu, colzizo
4*Mex, wimpee, jhm, anthonyngu, HOTROCKS, TripleJ
6*Vagamundo, nostyle, knuffie66, Ultionem, wolt, anthonyngu
6*master, Rehoboam, nostyle, Mex, modominate, anthonyngu
4*TheBlueOx, DianaT, nostyle, anthonyngu, wooooody, nuria22
4 pincelito, nuria22, StonedCat, anthonyngu
5*caos, edwin, Schwitzebo, OG1, anthonyngu
4*Dominator, hamlet1983, Redwood, anthonyngu, Facesitter, Zmago1
4*pudder, wooooody, 2ne1, anthonyngu
4*MADALIST, MARINE66, NineLives9, anthonyngu, stephanie9
5*99coolbree, Xplosive, thelarster, uil, anthonyngu, cupafeel
4*MEXICO, andypandy5, pizzagate, anthonyngu, Xplosive
6*NineLives9, pudder, andypandy5, master, pizzagate, anthonyngu
1*anthonyngu, wolt, OG1, Goodman, xvxvx
5*mozzie, xvxvx, amt, nizzlenar, anthonyngu
4 mozzie, xvxvx, MARINE66, anthonyngu, El_pinche_
6*iqtidar, RedShark, gerfop, yagoboy, manyak99, anthonyngu
3*Oshawhat, MARINE66, anthonyngu, wooooody, adamastor8
6*Oshawhat, mozzie, rist6, Wellington, MARINE66, anthonyngu
1 anthonyngu, jakooboo, MARINE66, Wellington
5 alomont12, Wellington, imaxlevel, El_pinche_, anthonyngu
6*Rune6ix, remmetje, Mex, Wellington, remspoor, anthonyngu
5*alomont12, Wellington, adamastor8, El_pinche_, anthonyngu, MarekL19
6*stephanie9, AngryDwarf, Wellington, alomont12, MADALIST, anthonyngu
5*wimpee, Tord1, RAGE2000, El_pinche_, anthonyngu, TNATIRRI
6*Pedrolino, aise88, El_pinche_, wooooody, zedavisbac, anthonyngu
1 anthonyngu, zedavisbac, jhm, Pedrolino, aise88, Luka2016
5*gerfop, TP_knighty, jhm, Mex, anthonyngu, aise88
4*newjersey, wolt, aise88, anthonyngu, toast, colzizo
4*Luka2016, wimpee, obiwan, anthonyngu, newjersey, pudder
6 Stevenaars, TheBirdsC, Ahmed, Tiffany, TheBirdsD, anthonyngu
2*2ne1, anthonyngu, earthone, MARINE66, TOAST
1*anthonyngu, Tiffany, robin, earthone, MARINE66, laker
5*AngryDwarf, TOAST, nizzlenar, 2ne1, anthonyngu, 6ix6ix6ix
4 nizzlenar, 2ne1, TOAST, anthonyngu
4 mfd906, 2ne1, imaxlevel, anthonyngu, wooooody
3*zedavisbac, wimpee, anthonyngu, capercdn, AA12345, adamastor8
5*CAOS, Dominator, Bulletje83, mr0, anthonyngu
6*thelarster, Karl_XII, Luka2016, Tord1, proust, anthonyngu
5*OG1, nizzlenar, aise88, Tord1, anthonyngu
6*nizzlenar, OG1, aise88, hhanger, adamastor8, anthonyngu
5*laker, Tiffany, robin, iqtidar, anthonyngu
6*coolbreeze, wooooody, hoodlegend, OG1, iqtidar, anthonyngu
4*coolbreeze, wooooody, hoodlegend, anthonyngu, Wellington, nizzlenar
6*Schwitzebo, MARINE66, diflsvn, bubbarowde, MADALIST, anthonyngu
6 aise88, 04, gmoney, 1, 01, anthonyngu
6*nostyle, Karl_XII, aise88, Kosty, Ultionem, anthonyngu
2*stephanie9, anthonyngu, CAOS, fidel, aise88
6*DeKraker, Pablo221, Karl_XII, aise88, OG1, anthonyngu
6*master, remmetje, remspoor, Mex, Boogeyman, anthonyngu
4*wooooody, 99coolbree, Schwitzebo, anthonyngu, aise88, OG1
6 aise88, _I_BOT_A_, 69bot, 3bbot, 04, anthonyngu
4*nuria22, xvxvx, MADALIST, anthonyngu, nizzlenar, Luther73
2*ww111, anthonyngu, imaxlevel, nuria22, Bolo
4*nostyle, aise88, usa, anthonyngu, modominate, Oshawhat
5*Luther73, wooooody, FatAssFred, pkslim1000, anthonyngu
1*anthonyngu, Mex, Luther73, AngryDwarf, earthone, rembot
6*Wellington, DeZoE, Mex, angryDwarf, BruceW, anthonyngu
2*Vliegende_, anthonyngu, Goodman, Oshawhat, petrinnit
5*laker, 2ne1, robin, Tiffany, anthonyngu
5*xvxvx, 6ix6ix6ix, Nuria22, QueenVolup, anthonyngu
5*earthone, MARINE66, El_pinche_, bob_barker, anthonyngu
6*fokker, USA, Nuria22, MARINE66, rist8, anthonyngu
6*MADALIST, earthone, diflsvn, USA, rist6, anthonyngu
6*DeKraker, newjersey, AFCA020CBS, coolbreeze, Oshawhat, anthonyngu
6*CAOS, coolbreeze, bob_barker, vrede_nu, Karl_XII, anthonyngu
6*colzizo, GolfPro, GREGLH02, zedavisbac, 2ne1, anthonyngu
1*anthonyngu, edwin, 99coolbree, mrt91, zedavisbac, madre
5*DeKraker, theflyingd, domblondje, zedavisbac, anthonyngu
5 wooooody, MARINE66, Oshawhat, aise88, anthonyngu
1*anthonyngu, manyak99, OG1, MADALIST, MARINE66, The_hut
5*diflsvn, Hostess, nuria22, Oshawhat, anthonyngu, MADALIST
6*robin, ljubae, RalphBot, laker, Oshawhat, anthonyngu
6*ljubae, Karl_XII, colzizo, DeKraker, nizzlenar, anthonyngu
5*diflsvn, mozzie, felixxxxx, StonedCat, anthonyngu, batian
4*RedShark, Milton, youngblood, anthonyngu
3*pkslim1000, nostyle, anthonyngu, MARINE66, Oshawhat, dog_farts
6*TOAST, xvxvx, nizzlenar, yagoboy, MARINE66, anthonyngu
6*germ_attac, Oshawhat, TK_imperso, mufasa23, MADALIST, anthonyngu
4*nizzlenar, nuria22, RedShark, anthonyngu, Oshawhat, OG1
5*MARINE66, OG1, Wellington, aise88, anthonyngu
5*nizzlenar, OneTwoWin, Wellington, MADALIST, anthonyngu
6*TP_knighty, manyak99, colzizo, Goodman, OneTwoWin, anthonyngu
6*Goodman, colzizo, TP_knighty, Fokker, earthone, anthonyngu
2*earthone, anthonyngu, Muis1, Erythraea, Attack, Liwwadden
5*BruceW, Dominator, Erythraea, Liwwadden, anthonyngu, earthone
1*anthonyngu, nostyle, colzizo, Stevenaars, CAOS, Attack
3*loppol, Stevenaars, anthonyngu, Attack, martim, Bismarck51
6*coolbreeze, wrecker, imaxlevel, angelo72, pizzagate, anthonyngu
4*nostyle, Flatlands, uriahheep, anthonyngu
5*angelo72, Schwitzebo, loppol, Attack, anthonyngu, BillThemas
1*anthonyngu, iqtidar, 2ne1, MARINE66
2 Hussar2, anthonyngu, Jebus2, Aise88, IceBot_Cap, CharIesVlI
6*2ne1, robin, laker, RalphBot, modominate, anthonyngu
4*Aise88, riktoven, 2ne1, anthonyngu, MARINE66
6*2ne1, robin, MagicBot3, laker, Aise88, anthonyngu
6*modominate, robin, MARINE66, laker, the_dude, anthonyngu
1 anthonyngu, wolt, diflsvn, wooooody
5*nizzlenar, BruceW, 2ne1, MARINE66, anthonyngu
3*master, amt, anthonyngu, gerfop
6*xvxvx, TP_knighty, 2ne1, gerfop, PaulKleur, anthonyngu
5*19robroy, PaulKleur, Jennifer, Gabrielle, anthonyngu, -Player-1-
5*BruceW, earthone, burkemac, davetrifle, anthonyngu
4*manyak99, MARINE66, 2ne1, anthonyngu, wooooody, alexjones
5*the_dude, 2ne1, MARINE66, imaxlevel, anthonyngu
6*amt, CharIesVIl, wimpee, Vastas, StonedCat, anthonyngu
6*CharIesVIl, devill63, nice, wolt, anthonyngu
5*ABSF, demterpz, G55, 2ne1, anthonyngu
5*wolt, lerner, djhky, anthonyngu
6*zyxw, nice, wooooody, DarthVader, anthonyngu
5*colzizo, wooooody, fidel, lerner, anthonyngu, pizzagate
6*xvxvx, wrecker, newjersey, mfd906, wimpee, anthonyngu
*) Rated game

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