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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
andy11 1153 1542 1153 2 18

Game started Pos Game result
6*master, Rebecca, PussyWhipt, MADALIST, Rafter, andy11
6*vrede_nu, 1fater, coolbreeze, bob_barker, Ax23, andy11
5*CAOS, zyxw, Zmago1, DeKraker, andy11, Tord1
6*MarekL19, Gabrielle, newjersey, Aise88, OG1, andy11
6*CharIesVlI, wooooody, colzizo, Plasmaboy1, TP_knighty, andy11
6*xvxvx, Muis1, earthone, OG1, MARINE66, andy11
5*GolfPro, handjob, Aise88, OG1, andy11, goodnight1
6 Aise88, robin, Tiffany, laker, andy11
6*Dominator, wooooody, MarekL19, MEXICO, andy11
6*Aise88, Mex, remspoor, Halloween2, andy11
6*OG1, thelarster, Aise88, alexde, Dominator, andy11
1*andy11, Stevenaars, Aise88, pincelito, modominate
4*thelarster, -Player-1-, ert, andy11, wooooody
1*andy11, GREGLH02, MEXICO, Ladyblond, zedavisbac, doctornono
5*Stevenaars, bedsoaker, -Player-1-, TP_knighty, andy11, MEXICO
5*edwin, DDLLOOPP, fidel, Dominator, andy11, hamlet1983
2*Flatlands, andy11, edwin, hamlet1983, Aise88
1 andy11, TheBirdsA, TheBirdsE, TheBirdsD, Irional
5 TheBirdsC, TheBirdsA, TheBirdsB, Irional, andy11
6 TheBirdsC, TheBirdsA, TheBirdsD, TheBirdsE, Irional, andy11
4 Flatlands, edwin, burkemac, andy11, MADALIST
4*joe01599, MARINE66, andy11, StonedCat, colzizo
5 wally, shahanshah, Bulletje83, mozzie, andy11, fastrrrrrr
2*Iwilfakuup, andy11, earthone, edwin
*) Rated game

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