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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
alexde 1413 1766 1308 5 285

Game started Pos Game result
2*CAOS, alexde, Schwitzebo, fastrrrrrr, dougbotha
4*edwin, dodraugen, mozzie, alexde, aise88
4*manyak99, wimpee, Ax23, alexde, jhm
4*devill63, jhm, KaiserFran, alexde, 8898888, wimpee
2*gakk, alexde, plop3223, KaiserFran, ww111
5*CAOS, manyak99, fastrrrrrr, TOAST, alexde
6*PoohBear2, mozzie, Mex, rembot, CAOS, alexde
4*KaiserFran, Stevenaars, ww111, alexde, dougbotha, pizzagate
4*lerner, KaiserFran, dougbotha, alexde
6*master, Rebecca, PussyWhipt, remmetje, Angrymidgt, alexde
4*CAOS, edwin, w3cko, alexde, pizzagate, tampeloeru
5*Mex, GBtest3, tampeloeru, mr0, alexde, Stevenaars
3*master, Rebecca, alexde, remmetje, PussyWhipt, ginagriffi
1*alexde, OG1, AFCA020CBS, ulisse, Plasmaboy1
5*PussyWhipt, strammamax, Mex, mr0, alexde, TOAST
1*alexde, xvxvx, cancan, tampeloeru, pizzagate
2*Ax23, alexde, fokker, lerner, Vagamundo, FlyinHigh
4 Nykstukas9, 00RULES, 3bbot, alexde, 00THE, 00GAME
4*caos, wallenstei, wolt, alexde, RedDragon, ljubae
1 alexde, zzz4, ragnarok, Tiffany, TheBirdsD, lemonbot
4*devill63, Rehoboam, fulgidus, alexde, modominate, Vagamundo
1*alexde, Mex, wallenstei, ljubae, fulgidus, jhm
1*alexde, Mex, wallenstei, fulgidus, TOAST, manyak99
1*alexde, kefkiller3, wimpee, Vagamundo, Wellington, Zmago1
3*stephanie9, CuteAmy, alexde, CAOS, thege0rge
3*MarekL19, caos, alexde, Gabrielle, herte777, aise88
2*Mex, alexde, knuffie66, usa, tampeloeru, alex
2*Unibomber, alexde, Dominator, Steppdaddy, andypandy5, wimpee
6*Mex, StonedCat, Michelle, Unibomber, remmetje, alexde
3*civas978, Ax23, alexde, leeuwarden, Schwitzebo, Stevenaars
3*Mex, Nykstukas9, alexde, thege0rge, rembot, aise88
1*alexde, Vagamundo, felixxxxx, newjersey, akimity, colzizo
2*obiwan, alexde, knuffie66, pizzagate, master, Uwilldie85
1*alexde, wimpee, ms2dft, aise88, xvxvx, Zmago1
1*alexde, Rebecca, PussyWhipt, Stevenaars, master, goodnight2
4*strammamax, gmoney, alex, alexde
1*alexde, PussyWhipt, Rafter, fulgidus, Rebecca, master
4*bigTex, OG1, aise88, alexde
1 alexde, zzz2, jack, xWingBotx, nojd, DianaT
4*mozzie, DianaT, Stevenaars, alexde
1*alexde, Mex, remspoor, Unibomber, mr0, Zmago1
6 Mex, TP_knighty, TOAST, mozzie, aise88, alexde
4*edwin, Facesitter, wimpee, alexde, xvxvx, stephanie9
1*alexde, wimpee, Bulletje83, stephanie9, TOAST
5*wimpee, Schwitzebo, CAOS, thelarster, alexde
1*alexde, Mex, Stevenaars, ljubae, TOAST, ms2dft
2*devill63, alexde, pizzagate, ms2dft, TOAST, dougbotha
2*murti, alexde, pkslim1000, beta, aise88, wimpee
3*pizzagate, devill63, alexde, Stevenaars, aise88
1 alexde, ww111
3*xvxvx, Ax23, alexde, TOAST, Oshawhat, TP_knighty
1*alexde, OG1, fulgidus, aise88, nostyle, edwin
1*alexde, Zmago1, xvxvx, thelarster, massfrenzy, modominate
4*master, Rebecca, PussyWhipt, alexde, Rafter, pizzagate
6*Goodman, Zmago1, zedavisbac, Warmonger, Dominator, alexde
3*colzizo, zedavisbac, alexde, B_O_X_E_R, fokker, Oshawhat
1*alexde, nostyle, devill63, Goodman, Stevenaars
3*AFCA020CBS, edwin, alexde, CAOS, loppol
5*edwin, nostyle, 1fater, modominate, alexde
1*alexde, knuffie66, Tord1, hamlet1983, SGTStone, Karl_XII
4*TheBlueOx, MADALIST, zedavisbac, alexde, kefkiller3, Tord1
2*Romeo123, alexde, pizzagate, modominate
1*alexde, ww111, Ax23, snuitkever, TP_knighty, wolt
5*fastrrrrrr, ''Sjaak, Ax23, modominate, alexde
3*edwin, modominate, alexde, rist6, Romeo123
2*aise88, alexde, FD5, kat, FD4, iqtidar
3*Dominator, Romeo123, alexde, IWGYB, murti, dougbotha
3 PussyWhipt, master, alexde, Rafter, Rebecca, aise88
1*alexde, GolfPro, stfu_punk, edwin, xvxvx
4*knuffie66, bedsoaker, CAOS, alexde, master, edwin
1*alexde, nostyle, pincelito, xvxvx, alex
3*-Player-1-, xvxvx, alexde, Stevenaars, Aise88
3*master, Rebecca, alexde, Bertje, PussyWhipt, stfu_punk
2*CAOS, alexde, fulgidus, IWGYB
1 alexde, fulgidus, 3bbot, Ahmed, 2bbot
2*OG1, alexde, Aise88, MARINE66, saxman9690, fulgidus
1 alexde, Rebecca, PussyWhipt, remmetje, Rafter, master
2*loppol, alexde, TP_knighty, colzizo
2*fulgidus, alexde, dougbotha, OG1, fidel, edwin
4*OG1, thelarster, Aise88, alexde, Dominator, andy11
1*alexde, 1fater, Mister_VWP, caos, fulgidus, beta
6*Unibomber, remspoor, rembot, Mex, newjersey, alexde
3*Unibomber, alexjones, alexde, Aise88, vrede_nu
3*Dominator, thelarster, alexde, SA_Mullet, fulgidus
4*fulgidus, TP_knighty, thelarster, alexde, Romeo123
1*alexde, edwin, ''Sjaak, seen, hamlet1983, thelarster
1*alexde, killerbas, GolfPro, pudder
1*alexde, Dominator, SA_Mullet, mfd906, batian
1 alexde, 00WORLD, 1bbot, ww111, 3
4*NickyW, colzizo, player1256, alexde
4*Ax23, fulgidus, thelarster, alexde, rist6, massfrenzy
1*alexde, seen, wolt, ww111, newjersey, manyak99
3*newjersey, manyak99, alexde, wolt
5 beta, 00WORLD, 4bbot, 00THE, alexde, A_Monger
1*alexde, jantinus, GolfPro, mozzie
1 alexde, 00RULES, 00THE, 00GAME, 00DOMINATE, af100
4*manyak99, TP_knighty, thelarster, alexde, ulisse
4*manyak99, felixxxxx, TP_knighty, alexde, ulisse
4*devill63, CharIesVIl, Dominator, alexde, Skapatoria
4*Ax23, colzizo, alex, alexde
1*alexde, colzizo, Robber, Moon
1*alexde, wimpee, GolfPro, BruceW, alex
2*SA_Mullet, alexde, waasabi, Romeo123
2*Romeo123, alexde, thelarster, colzizo, alex, fastrrrrrr
1*alexde, ww111, Moon, fulgidus, Ax23, TP_knighty
1*alexde, Romeo123, Thomas, leeuwarden, sirmny, saxman9690
2 Moon, alexde, Zmage, _I_BOT_A_, Toeter, Testgk
2*devill63, alexde, MARINE66, batian
2*nice, alexde, leeuwarden, MARINE66, kasino91, thelarster
1*alexde, edwin, Thomas, Dominator, stfu_punk, TP_knighty
6*Stevenaars, Rehoboam, thelarster, edwin, AvdB93, alexde
1*alexde, Dominator, Thomas, TP_knighty, CharIesVIl, reggio_e
2 ww111, alexde, 00THE
2*TheBlueOx, alexde, Dominator, AvdB93, doedelpoe
1*alexde, Stevenaars, gerfop, edwin, ''Sjaak, doedelpoe
3*xvxvx, Dominator, alexde, Edwards7, lerner
1*alexde, thelarster, wooooody, kartan, waasabi
2*Edwards7, alexde, gerfop, kasama, batian
3*stfu_punk, Edwards7, alexde, maldito, dougbotha
1 alexde, PussyWhipt, GBtest3, doedelpoe, km_n
4 PussyWhipt, doedelpoe, GBtest3, alexde
5*AvdB93, nuria22, Ultionem, wooooody, alexde
2*thelarster, alexde, leeuwarden, heretowin, 3lvis
4*5999565, wimpee, dodraugen, alexde, thelarster
1*alexde, km_n, angelo72, Reetpel, LIUIQI, loperto
4*saxman9690, km_n, davetrifle, alexde, AvdB93
3*don, seen, alexde, Nicussi, saxman9690
2*AvdB93, alexde, Dominator, Edwards7
2*Thomas, alexde, davetrifle, hhanger, master, saxman9690
3*GolfPro, Ax23, alexde, Rubberduck, crimsonw
3*thelarster, xvxvx, alexde, weedmaster, Reetpel, alex
1*alexde, Reetpel, TH3, amt, heretowin, patrick
6*amt, heretowin, patrick, cancan, modominate, alexde
5*CharIesVIl, patrick, turtIe, wimpee, alexde
4*Dominator, OB1, joe01599, alexde, 2b
5*CONQUISTAD, Schwitzebo, Dominator, wimpee, alexde, Tnatirri
1*alexde, PussyWhipt, master, remmetje, Rebecca, wimpee
5*wimpee, colzizo, G5, nostyle, alexde
2*colzizo, alexde, Dominator, agamennone, wimpee
6*MarekL19, Gabrielle, colzizo, Jacinda, dougbotha, alexde
1*alexde, mozzie, Dominator, thelarster, Edwards7, plop3223
4*Edwards7, wimpee, TheBlueOx, alexde, JovkeBG
2*mozzie, alexde, thelarster, Edwards7, fastrrrrrr
2 Edwards7, alexde, fastrrrrrr, mozzie
3*StonedCat, agamennone, alexde, colzizo, CharIesVIl
1 alexde, wooooody, JovkeBG
4*wooooody, diflsvn, Edwards7, alexde, wimpee
3*gerfop, wimpee, alexde, wooooody, GolfPro
1*alexde, uriahheep, snowball, earthone, StonedCat, manyak99
4*agamennone, mozzie, batian, alexde, fastrrrrrr
3*esse, Sebastien, alexde, wolt
2*cordyceps, alexde, seen, Sebastien, thelarster, colzizo
5*cordyceps, batian, colzizo, wooooody, alexde, plop3223
2*edwin, alexde, Domandlo, Captain_Ch, manyak99, cordyceps
3*manyak99, sqarygary1, alexde, agamennone, dougbotha
4*manyak99, sqarygary1, dougbotha, alexde, agamennone
3*manyak99, felixxxxx, alexde, rist6, Stevenaars, bleedgreen
5*MEXICO, CONQUISTAD, Edwards7, mozzie, alexde
1*alexde, thelarster, seen, mitiox
1 alexde, Caappy4, sparrow, snowball, GBtest2
5 Thaurer, GBtest2, Cappy1, snowball, alexde
1*alexde, colzizo, snowball, seen, 1fater, Toffay
1*alexde, snowball, colzizo, Goodman, seen
3*Goodman, edwin, alexde, colzizo, vrede_nu, TP_knighty
4*sqarygary1, seen, CHICKNSHT, alexde, manyak99, Toffay
4*Rebecca, seen, PussyWhipt, alexde, master, wooooody
1*alexde, ww111, manyak99, seen, Toffay, bleedgreen
3*colzizo, vrede_nu, alexde, hhanger, HANNIBAL56, fastrrrrrr
3 PussyWhipt, master, alexde, mozzie
1*alexde, devill63, GetALife, colzizo
4*devill63, vrede_nu, ulisse, alexde, Pahn
2 fastrrrrrr, alexde, colzizo, dougbotha
1 alexde, SpreadBot, TeamBotA, snowball, evil, testbot25
1*alexde, Goodman, snowball, rist6, Edwards7, Redwood
5*seen, Reetpel, nuria22, snowball, alexde
3*GetALife, seen, alexde, devill63
2*thelarster, alexde, Reetpel, 200JKR, Schwitzebo
6*werkeloos, Jacinda, Gabrielle, snowball, MarekL19, alexde
3*nuria22, Edwards7, alexde, snowball, generalmie
5*nuria22, Prisbi, Edwards7, dougbotha, alexde, werkeloos
1*alexde, seen, MARINE66, justden79, hamlet1983, Prisbi
1*alexde, tentacles, Junkdeluxe, dodraugen, manyak99
4 Player, TP_knighty, Irma, alexde, Junkdeluxe
2*casavus, alexde, justden79, Oshawhat, pequespequ, Irma
2*pincelito, alexde, StonedCat, edwin, Junkdeluxe, Irma
5*Edwards7, napoleonmo, plop3223, KENWOOD, alexde, hamlet1983
3*GeneralMie, nuria22, alexde, mr0, Player, fastrrrrrr
3*nuria22, rist6, alexde, whocares, fastrrrrrr, GeneralMie
4*colzizo, felixxx, Sebastien, alexde, ww111, fastrrrrrr
3*Token, seen, alexde, colzizo, Sproc
1*alexde, Irma, Edwards7, gak, felixxxxx, napoleonmo
1*alexde, TheBlueOx, wolt, manyak99
4*master, Rebecca, PussyWhipt, alexde, manyak99, Sebastien
1*alexde, Rafter, Rebecca, master, PussyWhipt, fastrrrrrr
2*caos, alexde, colzizo, thelarster
1*alexde, caos, franz44
1*alexde, colzizo, seen, pizzagate, franz44
1*alexde, Irma, caos, Stevenaars, 2b
1*alexde, Irma, dougbotha, caos, snowball
5*RAGE2000, Stevenaars, km_n, snowball, alexde, fastrrrrrr
6*devill63, mr0, franz44, caos, felixxxxx, alexde
3*Morgan420, HALL0DRi, alexde, dougbotha, Denobr, Stevenaars
3*mozzie, Pasqanel, alexde, Edwards7
3*E_Grainger, devill63, alexde, franz44
4 ABSF, manyak99, franz44, alexde
2 devill63, alexde, Morgan420, ABSF
4 caos, tc1980, pizzagate, alexde
5*hhanger, Player, fiddleed65, colzizo, alexde, Schwitzebo
5*caos, tc1980, Player, Nicussi, alexde, snowball
5*LittlePony, TT1, Rebecca, remspoor, alexde, franz44
5*Jacinda, beta, Gabrielle, alexde, MarekL19
4*pincelito, Gabrielle, Jacinda, alexde, MarekL19, caos
5*fiddleed65, caos, Tentacles, colzizo, alexde, zyxw
5*franz44, thelarster, 200JKR, caos, alexde
1*alexde, anton, thelarster, franz44
3*seen, anton, alexde, my7777, CW19057
3*gerfop, Qwertyu123, alexde, Junkdeluxe
2*herte777, alexde, thelarster, wooooody, Stevenaars, toxic
2*caos, alexde, Edwards7, Ax23, ginagriffi, kill4peace
3*Stevenaars, dougbotha, alexde, km_n
3*seen, Stevenaars, alexde, HankTheTan, Edwards7
3*seen, hyrolium, alexde, Ax23, xone, Edwards7
1*alexde, MARINE66, Sproc, Edwards7, vrede_nu, SGTStone
4*caos, xone, Edwards7, alexde, Stevenaars, dougbotha
5*pizzagate, KingVegeta, Ax23, MarekL19, alexde, thelarster
1*alexde, Edwards7, devill63, dougbotha, tc1980
2*tc1980, alexde, CW19057, franz44, pizzagate, dougbotha
4*coolbreeze, morgan420, napoleonmo, alexde
1*alexde, Charless, caos, seen, Denobr, dougbotha
4*sammy, patrick, the, alexde, shamrocks, unfaker
1*alexde, Warmonger, manyak99, Cool_Cat, thelarster
3*loppol, manyak99, alexde, Warmonger, Cool_Cat, ww111
5*Ding_Dong, stephanie9, Nicussi, mudbone, alexde, ms2dft
1*alexde, koolfloss, coolbreeze, conquista6, Oshawhat
2*coger, alexde, CW19057, MARINE66, samerzod, BillThemas
4*koolfloss, MARINE66, unfaker, alexde, B_O_X_E_R, CONQUISTAD
4*Morgan420, TT1, remspoor, alexde, AirBiscuit, jasostitt
1*alexde, kill4peace, patrick, MARINE66, Ax23
4 crollie3, Jimmy, Atax_None1, alexde, Jennifer, SHAQ2
3*Economist, colzizo, alexde, caos
3*Sebastien, manyak99, alexde, ABSF
4*caos, tc1980, Saxbuddy, alexde, Domino, manyak99
1*alexde, Edwards7, manyak99, Nicussi, franz44
1*alexde, Irional, ABSF, patrick, cannas123
2*patrick, alexde, umamoti, franz44, TT1, cannas123
3*felixxxxx, mrfreak, alexde, StonedCat, SGTStone
5*Logan, remspoor, remmetje, TT1, alexde, loppol
6*PussyWhipt, mr0, master, BasedDvl, Rebecca, alexde
4*Ax23, zyxw, Life, alexde, jasostitt, wimpee
3*bananabutt, thelarster, alexde, franz44, StonedCat, wooooody
3*kill4peace, Madness, alexde, Ax23, thelarster, ModdaFokka
1*alexde, thelarster, Ax23, caos, manyak99
2*RAGE2000, alexde, thelarster, caos, fiddleed65
1*alexde, Ax23, devill63, NinjaSK, rist6
2*Stevenaars, alexde, Sebastien, Edwards7, Jebber, caos
2*1fater, alexde, Edwards7, fiddleed65, fastrrrrrr
4*mrfreak, caos, Sebastien, alexde, dougbotha
1*alexde, Carros287, yeray75, kartan, UncleBenny
5*RAGE2000, Jennifer, patrick, Jimmy, alexde, john
4*superrito, darlingorc, TT1, alexde, leeuwarden, hyrolium
2*mrfreak, alexde, Edwards7, clangunn
2*Edwards7, alexde, pizzagate, Dominator, Explore, bounce-b
2*Toffay, alexde, thebork, pincelito
1*alexde, franz44, kill4peace, ProudClod, PussyWhipt
4*caos, Dominator, Schwitzebo, alexde, Edwards7
4*raygun5, pincelito, Mex, alexde, Edwards7
1 alexde, zyxw, raygun5, Edwards7
1*alexde, DUTCHHAT2R, Token, RAGE2000, atezcan, pudder
5*LoneCat, manyak99, Stevenaars, master, alexde, devill63
4*Rebecca, PussyWhipt, master, alexde, felixxxxx, Rafter
1*alexde, LordFriezA, caos, 2b
2*caos, alexde, ww111, yasin_mila
3*sander1989, caos, alexde, devill63, vrede_nu
1*alexde, patrick, herte777, 2b, Dominator, HankTheTan
1*alexde, hardy, CuteAmy, manyak99, xvxvx, devill63
4*devill63, caos, Suicide, alexde, ww111
2*bolliebier, alexde, caos, stephanie9
3*caos, Irma, alexde, Suicide, sander1989
5*MARINE66, colzizo, hhanger, domblondje, alexde, griemeldie
2*NlCKNAME, alexde, thelarster, TheBlueOx, CW19057
1*alexde, Kariboo, brunbj_rn, Token
1*alexde, davidavand, Kariboo, BasedDvl
4*caos, SGTStone, tron, alexde, zyxw
2*bastard, alexde, master, PussyWhipt, MARINE66, Rebecca
1*alexde, bounce-b, caos, UncleBenny, seen
*) Rated game

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