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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
agapanthis 1639 1700 1406 2 80

Game started Pos Game result
1*agapanthis, MARINE66, ABSF, manyak99, TheBlueOx, cobalt60
3*GolfPro, megadom, agapanthis, Schwitzebo, snowball
2*megadom, agapanthis, manyak99, GolfPro, Dominator
5*nuria22, MARINE66, IQTY, imaxlevel, agapanthis, snowball
2*imaxlevel, agapanthis, snowball, IQTY, nuria22
3*nuria22, jhonts48, agapanthis, nizzlenar, earthone
1*agapanthis, Dominator, bedsoaker, werkeloos, batian, AvdB93
2*werkeloos, agapanthis, batian, alex
2*Muis1, agapanthis, BruceW, Liwwadden, wolt
2*Ax23, agapanthis, alex, Toffay, Nicussi
2*DeZoE, agapanthis, TheBlueOx, davetrifle, Reetpel
2*katiegirl, agapanthis, Tnatirri, Thomas, Ax23
3*knuffie66, Karl_XII, agapanthis, DeZoE, davetrifle, colzizo
4*MarekL19, Gabrielle, Nicussi, agapanthis, wooooody, handjob
2*HUGEBALLS, agapanthis, G5, wooooody, griemeldie
3*gerfop, Token, agapanthis, herte777, KENWOOD
2*newjersey, agapanthis, gerfop, nostyle, 2b
4*SGTStone, djart, Nicussi, agapanthis, batian
1*agapanthis, Player, batian, Ax23, GolfPro, xxspbyxx
3*G5, Dominator, agapanthis, Schwitzebo, davetrifle
4*nuria22, 2ne1, wimpee, agapanthis, amt, davetrifle
2*coolbreeze, agapanthis, Bolo, wimpee, amt, modominate
4*Warmonger, Rubberduck, davetrifle, agapanthis, MEXICO, handjob
5*Karl_XII, weedmaster, wimpee, comodino, agapanthis, TheBlueOx
4*MEXICO, lkpr0624, G5, agapanthis, Player
3*leeuwarden, patrick, agapanthis, diflsvn, pudder, bleedgreen
5*CharIesVIl, modominate, sqarygary1, wimpee, agapanthis, Reetpel
5*BillThemas, hughsy, Schwitzebo, nuria22, agapanthis, wimpee
1*agapanthis, nuria22, coolbreeze, TheBlueOx, sqarygary1, dodes59
3*sqarygary1, babaloo, agapanthis, handjob, casavus, TP_knighty
1*agapanthis, Redwood, Goodman, weedmaster, mozzie, Thomas
3*seen, wooooody, agapanthis, hamlet1983, napoleonmo
2*wooooody, agapanthis, napoleonmo, Allesgut, manyak99
3*taptckk, snowball, agapanthis, dog_farts, GeneralMie, MCXX
3*KENWOOD, ms2dft, agapanthis, TP_knighty, Bobthomas1, kill4peace
1*agapanthis, oom, TP_knighty, ms2dft, StonedCat, kill4peace
3*wooooody, Toffay, agapanthis, hamlet1983, ms2dft
4*MEXICO, balls, napoleonmo, agapanthis, pudder
4*MARINE66, mufasa69, Reetpel, agapanthis, hoodlegend, Astarte
2*herte777, agapanthis, DeZoE, Reetpel
2 korat99, agapanthis, DeZoE, imaxlevel, pudder
1*agapanthis, ginagriffi, snowball, Irma, rist6, Plasmaboy1
6*sqarygary1, diflsvn, Reetpel, amt, rizla1973, agapanthis
1*agapanthis, wimpee, Gabrielle, MEXICO, MarekL19, sqarygary1
4*gak, Irma, TP_knighty, agapanthis, hamlet1983, ginagriffi
2*SGTStone, agapanthis, seen, cupafeel, napoleonmo
2*MEXICO, agapanthis, seen, wolt, Edwards7
2*StonedCat, agapanthis, kartan, handjob, hamlet1983, klieroh
6*mr0, T_l1b_n, Reetpel, Token, diflsvn, agapanthis
3*Reetpel, Schwitzebo, agapanthis, oom, colzizo, Vagamundo
2*GetALife, agapanthis, napoleonmo, gerfop, snowball
1*agapanthis, wooooody, Morgan420, Suuns, fiddleed65, amt01
2*Token, agapanthis, knuffie66, DeKraker, CrashU
4*Schwitzebo, mr0, HUGEBALLS, agapanthis, caos
5 kimjungun, mr0, SGTStone, Schwitzebo, agapanthis
2*caos, agapanthis, wooooody, SGTStone, hamlet1983
5*thege0rge, weedmaster, Tentacles, beta, agapanthis, Irma
4*Morgan420, modominate, pequespequ, agapanthis, fiddleed65, bleedgreen
1*agapanthis, Denobr, katiegirl, MEXICO, E_Grainger, HankTheTan
3*Nicussi, Captain_Ch, agapanthis, fiddleed65, sjab, alfombra
4*buenaventu, 2ne1, MARINE66, agapanthis, manyak99, fiddleed65
1*agapanthis, buenaventu, HoDown, manyak99, MARINE66, yagoboy
4*diflsvn, sqarygary1, agapanthis, imaxlevel
5*wooooody, KENWOOD, thom234, snowball, agapanthis
4*sqarygary1, my7777, agapanthis, thelarster, jakooboo
5*SCP00, sander1989, halte, caos, agapanthis, CW19057
3*xvxvx, blasherke, agapanthis, Flatlands, anna, jasostitt
1*agapanthis, southbound, caos, Morgan420, Dominator, G5
1*agapanthis, Dominator, Morgan420, Economist, griemeldie
4*MARINE66, Lvsitano, Economist, agapanthis, Schwitzebo, megadom
5*thelarster, MarekL19, fiddleed65, Gabrielle, agapanthis, yeray75
1*agapanthis, clangunn, Rossija, RAGE2000
2*MEXICO, agapanthis, Xpv, bounce-b, goodnight1
3*domblondje, caos, agapanthis, kasino91, kartan
3*caos, thelarster, agapanthis, Dominator, Diamond
2*Dominator, agapanthis, LordFriezA, MEXICO, caos
2*MCXX, agapanthis, MARINE66, Vagammundo, DeZoE
2*goodnight1, agapanthis, Flatlands, yeray75
5*nuria22, hyrolium, MARINE66, colzizo, agapanthis, wooooody
2*RingoStar, agapanthis, griemeldie, MEXICO, vrede_nu, atothee
6*TrickyBoy, RonnieD, MEXICO, remspoor, agapanthis
2*MEXICO, agapanthis, Flatlands, herewego, THEPUNISHE, yeray75
*) Rated game

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