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Birthday: 1984 January 21
Member until: Not a member
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On-line: Redwood is not online

Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
warmonger 1482 1752 1301 3 265

Game started Pos Game result
5*seen, Smidesang, caos, manyak98, Warmonger, wooooody
5*vrede_nu, Liwwadden, wimpee, Smidesang, Warmonger, Bedsoaker
2*adamastor8, Warmonger, aldoco, Bedsoaker, 2ne1
3*DianaT, Liwwadden, Warmonger, StonedCat, Goodman, wimpee
1*Warmonger, Seraphis, goodnight2, MEXICO, Bedsoaker
2*Bedsoaker, Warmonger, Muis1, adamastor8, QWERT
4*lokvee, amt, aise88, Warmonger, TNATIRRI, Cool_Cat
2*bedsoaker, Warmonger, aise88, pkslim1000, anthonyngu, StonedCat
1*Warmonger, Xplosive, Facesitter, toast, OG1, Muis1
5*PussyWhipt, Facesitter, TP_knighty, toast, Warmonger, TheBlueOx
4*atreyu, OG1, pequespequ, Warmonger, wooooody, Muis1
2*atreyu, Warmonger, Goodman, knuffie66, ikweetjemo, aise88
1*Warmonger, Goodman, pequespequ, MARINE66, TheWall, dupplo
2*Goodman, Warmonger, mrt91, manyak99, Muis1
6*Goodman, Domblondje, Flatlands, adamastor8, denniis, Warmonger
4*Goodman, Zmago1, zedavisbac, Warmonger, Dominator, alexde
5*aise88, newjersey, Schwitzebo, ikweetjemo, Warmonger, Goodman
1 Warmonger, aAaAaAaAa5, aAaAaAaAa2, aAaAaAaAa1, aAaAaAaAa3, aAaAaAaAa4
5*manyak99, hyrolium, bedsoaker, Flatlands, Warmonger, TP_knighty
5*CharIesVIl, Token, bedsoaker, Moon, Warmonger, ulisse
4*CharIesVIl, ladyblond, T_l1b_n, Warmonger, felixxxxx, bedsoaker
5*bedsoaker, Dominator, MEXICO, joe01599, Warmonger
1*Warmonger, bedsoaker, joe01599, Tentacles, Edwards7
4*Ax23, Dominator, bedsoaker, Warmonger, werkeloos, snowball
5*MEXICO, Rubberduck, dan, colzizo, Warmonger
2*Rubberduck, Warmonger, davetrifle, BruceW, zyxw, Toffay
4*Love-to-ki, xvxvx, Rubberduck, Warmonger, 2ne1, Prune411
3*davetrifle, Rubberduck, Warmonger, amt, aboulayla, Prune411
1*Warmonger, Rubberduck, MEXICO, Love-to-ki, sqarygary1
4*davetrifle, Rubberduck, gerfop, Warmonger, Player, hamlet1983
1*Warmonger, Rubberduck, davetrifle, agapanthis, MEXICO, handjob
1 Warmonger, aAaAaAaAa1, aAaAaAaAa4, aAaAaAaAa2, aAaAaAaAa3, aAaAaAaAa5
6*Schwitzebo, wimpee, refugees, lkpr0624, blasherke, Warmonger
4*krak, 2ne1, NineLives9, Warmonger, Reetpel
1*Warmonger, weedmaster, master, CharIesVIl, refugees
4*Love-to-ki, Ladyblond, modominate, Warmonger, amt
3*wolt, Rubberduck, Warmonger, colzizo, master, wimpee
2*master, Warmonger, GetALife, Domblondje, Rubberduck
1*Warmonger, Rubberduck, MEXICO, SGTStone, Schwitzebo
2*xvxvx, Warmonger, km_n, carla1989, batian, GolfPro
1 Warmonger, _I_BOT_F_
1 Warmonger, aAaAaAaAa2
5*xvxvx, cordyceps, Irma, gerfop, Warmonger
6*Irma, knuffie66, manyak99, batian, Dominator, Warmonger
6*weedmaster, cobalt60, sqarygary1, colzizo, Rubberduck, Warmonger
3*gerfop, retardino, Warmonger, Schwitzebo, Player
5*uriahheep, Dominator, seen, Rubberduck, Warmonger
3*manyak99, Thomas, Warmonger, Rubberduck, earthone
2*Dominator, Warmonger, Rubberduck, pizzagate, uil, colzizo
2*Goodman, Warmonger, bubbarowde, Oshawhat, hamlet1983, sqarygary1
4*xvxvx, sqarygary1, Goodman, Warmonger, Reetpel, Muis1
5*Goodman, xvxvx, knuffie66, CONQUISTAD, Warmonger, whupemwild
6*sqarygary1, coolbreeze, gerfop, Goodman, modominate, Warmonger
1*Warmonger, Goodman, bubbarowde, Reetpel, Xpv, pizzagate
3*CAOS, Cool_Cat, Warmonger, nuria22, seen, snowball
3*seen, Warmonger, caos, wooooody
5*caos, beta, seen, Warmonger, justden79
3*koolfloss, Tentacles, Warmonger, Goodman, Edwards7, hamlet1983
3*alexde, Warmonger, manyak99, Cool_Cat, thelarster
4*loppol, manyak99, alexde, Warmonger, Cool_Cat, ww111
1 Warmonger, aAaAaAaAa4, aAaAaAaAa5, aAaAaAaAa3, aAaAaAaAa2, aAaAaAaAa1
6 03, 04, 01, 02, 05, Warmonger
1*Warmonger, wooooody, Cool_Cat, crocodile, sammy
*) Rated game

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