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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
Viet_Cong 1670 1670 1452 4 17

Game started Pos Game result
1*Viet_Cong, rembot, Michelle, Mex, Kariboo, fulgidus
1*Viet_Cong, remspoor, Mex, thelarster, rembot, Xplosive
3*6ix6ix6ix, DianaT, Viet_Cong, fokker, Wellington, hoodlegend
3*robin, diflsvn, Viet_Cong, amt, MARINE66, laker
1*Viet_Cong, remmetje, Mex, remspoor, amt, GolfPro
1*Viet_Cong, CharIesVlI, colzizo, Domblondje, earthone, devill63
2*Mex, Viet_Cong, newjersey, beta, Aise88, remspoor
4*Aise88, LadyBlond, OG1, Viet_Cong, hughsy, TP_knighty
1*Viet_Cong, Mex, Aise88, kefkiller3, MEXICO, Dominator
4*kimjungun, fidel, colzizo, Viet_Cong, Aise88
4*fulgidus, edwin, thelarster, Viet_Cong
6*Mex, rembot, AFCA020CBS, mozzie, ww111, Viet_Cong
2*CharIesVlI, Viet_Cong, hamlet1983, wooooody, edwin, nuria22
1*Viet_Cong, 1fater, AvdB93, Nummer02, colzizo
6*Rebecca, master, mozzie, remmetje, PussyWhipt, Viet_Cong
2*Shamrocks, viet_cong, Plasmaboy1, napoleonmo
2*ThugLife, viet_cong, napoleonmo, mozzie
1 viet_cong, Cappy1
4 Cappy1, Cappy2, Cappy3, viet_cong, CapMaster
3 Cappy3, Caappy5, viet_cong, Caappy6, Cappy1, Cappy2
6 rogue, rembot, remspoor, remmetje, Mex, viet_cong
*) Rated game

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