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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
UncleBenny 1414 1965 1245 2 1124

Game started Pos Game result
1 UncleBenny, mr0, Dominator, Buenaventu, tron, caos
5*alexde, Carros287, yeray75, kartan, UncleBenny
2*pequespequ, UncleBenny, knuffie66, koolfloss, kman
4*bananabutt, MarekL19, OldMan2, UncleBenny, bubbarowde, HANNIBAL56
3*nuria22, atrox, UncleBenny, colimori, caos, cobalt60
5*seen, wimpee, Suicide, 2b, UncleBenny, Schwitzebo
6*caos, SCP00, Goodman, thelarster, devill63, UncleBenny
4*kman, caos, MARINE66, UncleBenny, Dominator
3*bananabutt, caos, UncleBenny, Dominator, ms2dft
4*Flatlands, Domblondje, kartan, UncleBenny, wooooody
2*caos, UncleBenny, Flatlands, griemeldie, ArchElf
5*caos, hyrolium, _CrashU_, wimpee, UncleBenny
2*Dominator, UncleBenny, _CrashU_, wimpee, caos
4*wimpee, felixxxxx, Dominator, UncleBenny, stephanie9, caos
2*caos, UncleBenny, Dominator, yeray75
1*UncleBenny, Dominator, angelo72, KENWOOD
2*bounce-b, UncleBenny, Dominator, colzizo, yeray75
2*caos, UncleBenny, HANNIBAL56, Sunsh1ne, Muis1, hyrolium
5*Lvsitano, RAGE2000, Unibomber, ladyblond, UncleBenny, vrede_nu
4*Lvsitano, resistent, domblondje, UncleBenny, chikiml, lothario
2*PussyWhipt, UncleBenny, ProudClod, kill4peace, caos, katiegirl
4*colzizo, TheBlueOx, caos, UncleBenny, CW19057
5*MCXX, blasherke, KENWOOD, LoneCat, UncleBenny, clangunn
1*UncleBenny, homer, pizzagate, my7777, Liwwadden
2 nostyle, UncleBenny, dougbotha, thelarster
2*SGTStone, UncleBenny, BasedDvl, RingoStar, bubbarowde
3*SGTStone, caos, UncleBenny, MARINE66, Edwards7
2*franz44, UncleBenny, Irma, caos, atila1uno
2*caos, UncleBenny, pizzagate, thelarster, franz44
5*kill4peace, Edwards7, knuffie66, colzizo, UncleBenny, Toffay
4*alexde, bounce-b, caos, UncleBenny, seen
2*steppdaddy, UncleBenny, caos
3*caos, steppdaddy, UncleBenny
*) Rated game

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