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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
Tord1 1474 1573 1406 2 33

Game started Pos Game result
3*pudder, bad, Tord1, hamlet1983, wimpee
3*sal4m4nd3r, kefkiller3, Tord1, leeuwarden, Vagamundo, lokvee
6*Vagamundo, knuffie66, Uwilldie85, angelo72, Aer0babe, Tord1
1*Tord1, obiwan, Attack, aise88, Xplosive
5*aboulayla, Schwitzebo, Pedrolino, Karl_XII, Tord1, aise88
1*Tord1, earthone, Karl_XII, wimpee, aise88, pizzagate
4*diflsvn, Stevenaars, wally, Tord1, TOAST, colzizo
2*wimpee, Tord1, RAGE2000, El_pinche_, anthonyngu, TNATIRRI
4*thelarster, Karl_XII, Luka2016, Tord1, proust, anthonyngu
5*adamastor8, RAGE2000, earthone, Bulletje83, Tord1
4*OG1, nizzlenar, aise88, Tord1, anthonyngu
1*Tord1, 1fater, aise88, MARINE66, StonedCat, Wrakertje
3*laker, Tiffany, Tord1, wolt, aise88, robin
2*newjersey, Tord1, aise88, knuffie66, hamlet1983
3*aise88, wolt, Tord1, dodes59, Wellington
4*Druifke, Bulletje83, newjersey, Tord1, Oshawhat, Schwitzebo
3*AFCA020CBS, knuffie66, Tord1, newjersey, eibmwfanai, Wellington
1*Tord1, adamastor8, MADALIST, colzizo, Wellington
2*seen, Tord1, pudder, Schwitzebo, earthone
4*TomYum, colzizo, amt, Tord1, wolt, coolbreeze
2*Zmago1, Tord1, pizzagate, Oshawhat, bob_barker
3*jolani, newjersey, Tord1, aise88, pizzagate, Oshawhat
2*zedavisbac, Tord1, knuffie66, pizzagate, madre, Bulletje83
3*Bulletje83, knuffie66, Tord1, wolt, zedavisbac
6*CAOS, zyxw, Zmago1, DeKraker, andy11, Tord1
2*vrede_nu, Tord1, BATIAN, aise88, Schwitzebo
4*MADALIST, TOAST, pizzagate, Tord1, aise88, Oshawhat
3*aise88, TOAST, Tord1, Oshawhat, wolt, diflsvn
3*alexde, knuffie66, Tord1, hamlet1983, SGTStone, Karl_XII
6*TheBlueOx, MADALIST, zedavisbac, alexde, kefkiller3, Tord1
3*MEXICO, robin, Tord1, Martim, laker, colzizo
2*colzizo, Tord1, robin, -Player-1-, laker, RalphBot
2*laker, Tord1, snowball, coolbreeze, pizzagate, robin
*) Rated game

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